Jennifer Yu Celebrates Daughter’s 100th Day

Becoming a new mother in May this year, actress Jennifer Yu (余香凝) threw a 100-day party for her baby daughter Clare on August 23! The pastel-themed party had a fairy tale vibe to it, complete with unicorn balloons, a castle backdrop and a two-tiered customized cake. Jennifer invited friends in the industry including Xenia Chong (莊韻澄), Fish Liew (廖子妤) and Poon Choi Ying Chi (盤菜瑩子) to share the joy. 

Postpartum Mom Body is Worthwhile

Both Jennifer and her husband Tim Luk (陸政渡) were dressed in pink for the special day of celebrations. Describing her feelings as a new mom, Jennifer penned a long reflection on social media, “Princess Luk turns 100 days today, which means it has been 100 days since Mommy had you. Although Mommy’s belly skin is loose, and I have Mommy shoulders and arms and I am often aching all over and lacking sleep, but every time I see you growing up day by day, from frequently crying to not [crying] on this 100-day occasion, [you’re] gazing around curiously. Slowly, you smile when I chat with you, and make sounds like you want to reply. Slowly, I get to sleep for longer. You no longer have to be swaddled when tucked into bed. You can now raise your head and keen to turn over. Every little growth milestone feels like it is only natural, but I am really touched and grateful. I look forward to your every milestone in the future. [Here’s wishing] you will continue to grow healthily and happily as a curious little toddler.”  

Friends such as SuperGirls member Jessica Tsoi (蔡明思) commented that “Moms are really awesome and noble.” Elva Ni (
倪晨曦), who is also a mother, praised Clare for being adorable. Singer Kaki Sham (岑珈其), who recently became a father himself, said both Jennifer and her daughter looked “very beautiful.”  

Source: Eastweek

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