Jennifer Yu Doesn’t Think Her Pregnancy Will Affect Her Career

Jennifer Yu (余香凝) recently partnered with Nina Paw (鮑起靜) in the short film Company <日子總有我伴你走>, in which she was already pregnant during filming. As Jennifer’s opportunities were just beginning to rise in the film industry when she suddenly got married in November and announced that a baby is on the way, many wonder if this would cause her career to decline.

“If we are talking about importance, family should come first. We only have limited time in life, so we must save these precious moments with our family,” the 27-year-old said firmly. She does not mind prioritizing her family, even if this may affect her career in the short term.  

However, Nina believes that times have changed and Jennifer’s personal status will not impede her career, “In the past, celebrities would never tell the public that they are dating. Now, everyone is more open-minded, so we won’t view things this way anymore.”

Seeing Jennifer’s pregnancy, Nina took care of her like a daughter on the filming set. Jennifer shared, “I’m so happy that I was so well-protected. As the filming location was inside a house, Nina always reminded me to rest and she would often treat the cast to meals.”

The pair was enthusiastic about their collaboration, and Nina finds Jennifer to be a promising talent. “I really admire Jennifer. I watched her in Men on the Dragon <逆流大叔>  and I put all my votes for this movie in the Hong Kong Film Awards. I think Jennifer is very unique and is a shining star in the film industry. At the time, I also told my husband that there is hope for [new talent]. When I heard that I would be filming with Jennifer, I immediately said yes.” 

Filming During Pregnancy  

As to whether she will continue to work for the remainder of her pregnancy, Jennifer is not sure as there are definitely challenges.  Although she often exercises, which keeps her relaxed and healthy, she has experienced symptoms troubling many pregnant mothers. “I did notice that memorizing the script has become harder. I have also become more swollen, so I do need to consider these factors.” 


Source: HK01

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