Jennifer Yu Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Jennifer Yu (余香凝) has just added a baby boy to her family! She shared the good news on social media yesterday with a heartwarming photo of four pairs of hands resting upon each other.

She wrote, “Welcome to our family; we all love you very much. Your sister thinks you’re beautiful and she plans to always sing for you. Please be prepared to hear ‘Let It Go’ and ‘A Whole New World’ all the time.” As Jennifer hashtagged the post with #916, her son was speculated to have been born on September 16.

Jennifer was more relaxed during labor this time. “Since it is my second baby, I wasn’t as nervous. I was even talking to my husband and the two doctors during the process. I was surprised to find out that my son came out weighing 7.7 pounds. [In my first pregnancy], I tried to gain a lot of weight and I ate until I threw up. This time, I let nature take its course and the baby turned out to be much bigger! He also has a lot of hair. I’m very happy that he’s been cooperative and has already begun drinking breast milk at the hospital. This is very touching for moms who breastfeed.”

Jennifer disclosed her husband cried more this time compared to the arrival of their first child. As pandemic restrictions have lifted, her husband was able to hold their newborn son right after birth. “Once he held the baby in his arms, his eyes started to turn red and he looked like he wanted to cry. I immediately asked the nurse to help me film this because it was a really touching moment.”

The moment the baby came out, the surgery room was playing Kay Tse’s (謝安琪) “Marriage and Romance” <成婚破浪> which made the situation even more romantic. Jennifer’s daughter is in love with her new baby brother and has not been jealous at all.

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