Jennifer Yu’s Secretive Husband Revealed

Earlier this week, 27-year-old Jennifer Yu (余香凝) and 40-year-old husband Tim Luk (陸政渡) held their wedding at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. Before their marriage was announced, there were rumors that this is a shotgun marriage as she is pregnant. Continuing to dodge these claims on her wedding day, Jennifer only indicated that she would work hard to conceive.

As baby announcements are expected shortly down the horizon, attention has now turned to the groom’s background. Since Tim is not from the entertainment industry, Jennifer guarded their relationship prior to their engagement in order to protect Tim’s privacy. She was also reluctant to reveal details about his job or background. Even after their engagement, photos of Tim on her social media were carefully chosen to only reveal his side profile. However, a quick glimpse of his face can finally be seen in their wedding video.

Since their marriage, details about Tim’s mysterious background are now surfacing. It is said that Tim works in the financial industry, but he comes from a wealthy background. His family owns a successful textile business for over 50 years, and has expanded their business to the real estate sector. It is estimated that the Luk family assets are worth over $160 million Hong Kong dollars.

Despite the curiosity and speculations swirling around her husband’s background, Jennifer refuses to disclose further details and continues to maintain his privacy.

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Jennifer Yu Holds Low-Key Wedding

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  1. It amazes me how, the media always turns to how much the guy’s family is worth whenever they marry a woman in the entertainment industry………..To all you guys out there,……… there are a lot of non-entertainment industry women out there, that are more attractive, more classy and sophisticated, so non need to turn to these gold-diggers.

    1. @yuaida
      It seems to be a bit of a ‘thing’ for successful / wealthy men to marry Ms Hong Kong’s or starlets. And these girls in turn seem to seek to marry upwards into a life of comfort. When the couple looks like a pretty good match in terms of age and looks (sorry, purely superficial of course), it seems like a win-win to me and it feels good. Everyone is happy and I look forward to reading about them producing beautiful kids! It doesn’t quite feel as good when a twenty-something girl marries a man in his sixties or older…… I remember reading about a Ms Hong Kong who married and recently divorced a sixty something man. Hmmm……..

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