Carman Lee Took Care of Eliza Sam on Set of “Never Dance Alone”

Eliza Sam (岑麗香) was both anxious and excited when she first heard that she would be acting opposite the veteran stars of TVB’s latest drama, Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部>. Knowing that she would have the most onscreen interactions with her seniors among the younger cast, she was worried about committing outtakes and felt incompetent. To her relief, the stars of Never Dance Alone took care of her and mentored her throughout the duration of the filming.

Never Dance Alone stars Carman Lee (李若彤), Rachel Lee (李麗珍), Gloria Yip (葉蘊儀), Flora Chan (陳慧珊), Angie Cheong (張慧儀), Fennie Yuen (袁潔瑩), and Elvina Kong (江欣燕) as seven former best friends who grew apart over the years and are looking to mend their old relationship. Eliza called the ladies her godmothers, expressing that they took great care of her on set.

Eliza praised Carman for being a good role model and sees her as her goal. She said, “From her, I’ve learned what it means to keep focus. When I film with her, she would even memorize my dialogues. I really hope that I would be able to do the same thing in the future.”

For her role, Eliza trained long hours, tried to keep fit, and attempted to control her diet. During filming breaks, the studios would supply junk food for the cast and crew, but Carman, understanding her situation, would watch over Eliza and warn her to not give in the temptation for food. Eliza said, “I love eating. [Carman] would always try to lure me to eat food. She was testing me, hoping that I would stay determined. When I do try to eat, she would actually hit my hand and would tell me to hang on.”

Eliza also described Carman to be extremely attentive. “She knew that I had edema. She read a section in the newspaper about how to treat it; she cut off that section of the newspaper and gave it to me. She took care of me a lot.”

The 29-year-old actress also said she really admired Rachel Lee’s versatile acting. “Rachel plays a very greedy and selfish person in the drama. She is bad, but also very cute. I also want to try out these types of roles. It’s a good opportunity for more development.”

Source: Oriental Daily 

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  1. Eliza Sam has the worst acting of all the young actresses in this series. Can’t believe she is so heavily promoted by TVB.

    1. I thought she was cute and effective. I quite like her. Her body in this series is amazing, and she looks youthful for her age.

      1. Don’t get me wrong; I like her, and I have nothing against her, but her acting is still pretty bad. She is pretty and cute though.

    2. Jeannie Chan’s acting is nothing to write home about either, imo, she’s the worst.

    3. I havent seen it but I live Eliza Sam. She is just too cute to dislike lol.

    4. Out of the 7 girls, I think 95% of them are not on management contract with TVB. How can TVB promote them?

  2. She is likable. I hope her acting improves tho

  3. even the girl who plays the younger version of angie cheong has done better than her, with no acting experience at all

    1. yesss true …. the way eliza talk and shake her head anoy me

  4. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!m club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! carman lee is okay in filming but i like the girl who filmed in the younger version a part from her-carman lee and not have that much acting experience of acting>.<

    1. Yh same I like her best out of all the M club teens. I think she’s called Anjaylica Chan or something.. 🙂

  5. ELIZA SAM is okay she is cute and pretty………….always
    but she needs to improve more with her acting skills but still like she acting as well and the other people that is part of the M CLUB TV FILM!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think Eliza is good in M club, her character is likeable and nice to watch. Carman is such a nice lady!

    1. Carman is a tooooooooooo nice person. It is hard to believe that there is such a person on earth.

  7. Any article about Eliza always comes down to her acting ability -_-

  8. Eliza as Carrie was an enjoyable performance. She can act because you could see her sometimes hopeless, at times carefree and that admirable look she gives to Carmen (thinking it’s her mom). Maybe it’s the repetitive innocent cute role she gets all the time that viewers think she’s not good, but I think she’s doing a gob well on these types of roles nevertheless!

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