Carmaney Wong Thinks Hong Kong Men Are Stingy

Miss Hong Kong Carmaney Wong‘s (黃嘉雯) relationship with her Swiss-native boyfriend, Matej Tomic, became the focus of the media once she won the beauty pageant. They met through mutual friends while traveling, and have been together for over a year. Although she did not deliberately choose to date a foreigner, Matej is her second foreigner boyfriend. Carmaney pointed out that biggest difference between foreign men and Hong Kong men are their “mouths.”

She elaborated, “[Matej’s] mindset is very positive. He gave me a lot of encouragement, and he likes to give praises. If he sees that you’re pretty, he’ll praise you directly. Chinese men are stingy when it comes to praises.”

He Was Unhappy for Her

Despite Matej’s simple nature and open-mindedness when it comes to her work, he felt heartache when netizens dug up Carmaney’s love history and criticized her. “I take the initiative to tell my boyfriend everything; we’re both very frank, so he trusts me a lot. But he used Google Translate to read the criticisms, and he was unhappy for me,” Carmaney said. “I had to cheer him up.”

She continued, “I already expected that some people would not like me, and some people would attack and criticize me, but I didn’t do anything wrong, so I wasn’t afraid.”

After winning the crown, the couple celebrated with sushi and made plans to go hiking once they’re both free.

Kelly Gu (古佩玲) Feels Worthless

On the other hand, Fei Wong (王菲), who won first runner-up and Miss Photogenic, is not worried about her love history being publicized because her first love is her current boyfriend. He was a senior at her school and they have been dating for three years.

She believes she was remembered throughout the pageant because of her name, which has the same characters as superstar Faye Wong (王菲). “I accomplished more than I expected,” Fei shared. “I really want to thank my mom for naming me.”

As for 19-year-old second runner- up Kelly, she hopes to return to Canada to visit her boyfriend later. Although she’s young, she said the competition allowed her to become more mature and braver. Still, she hopes to prove herself, so people won’t say she won because of her “rich dad.”

Source: Yahoo

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