Cecca Xu Walking Away from Miss Hong Kong 2022 Runner Up Title?

After winning Miss Hong Kong 2022 runner-up, Cecca Xu (許子萱) has rarely attend TVB promotional events. The reason is being reported that Cecca is unable to stand the pressure of being in the entertainment industry and is in negotiation with TVB to break her contract.

Once considered a hot favorite to win the pageantry, Cecca was accused of making a sour expression when she accepted her runner-up award. Although Cecca insisted that she was happy with the result, she stopped appearing in public events since November and did not appear in the Lunar New Year Gala.

As Cecca had difficult time since the pageantry, the beauty queen had been taking frequent trips to destress and asked TVB to terminate her contract. In response, TVB allegedly approved her absence as long as Cecca fulfills her runner-up duties and pass off her crown in this year’s pageantry. According to insiders, TVB did not want to find a substitute for the coronation event as it may hurt the pageantry’s image.

Cecca allegedly already made up her mind to cut off ties with the pageantry and is looking forward to regaining her freedom. A rumor is circulating that Cecca is heading to Mainland for a project and TVB is compelled to respect Cecca’s decision. As a result, Cecca and TVB agreed that Cecca is only required to attend lucrative events otherwise, she is not required to show up.

Cecca and Netizens Had a Heated Exchange

Many netizens have noticed Cecca’s absence and left messages on her social media page, “Why are you missing from TVB events when all the other three Miss Hong 2022 winners are there? Are you taking a long vacation?”

Some netizens criticized Cecca for her poor work ethics and chided her inability to fulfill her Miss Hong Kong runner-up duties, “Poor character! TVB was right to not crown you as the champion.”

Cecca did not stay silent and gave a sharp response, “Anti-fans are not welcome here. If you don’t like it, you can leave.”

Unfortunately, Cecca’s response only fueled netizens’ energy and they responded, “Hahaha, did I hit the target? You failed your obligations. Such poor character!”

The media tried to contact Cecca and TVB for a response but neither responded to the request.

Source: Yahoo News

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.


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  1. Lol, bigger fish to catch in China…. The pageant was a good debuting event to market herself.

  2. She seem Fake & Hypocric for me… She was looking for fame, so TVb is not for her…

  3. Aight aight, she’s hawt and thinks she’s got potential. Why waste it at TVB. Can’t argue with that

    1. Their youth only last afew years especially in China… she might as well go first if she has offers… Hope she place the right bet for her own sake.

  4. I don’t know why tvb has to put up with this chick. It’s not like replacing a former winner has never happened before. Even if they replace her, don’t think anyone would notice since nobody watches anymore.

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