Cecilia Cheung Angrily Cried, “I Want A Divorce!”

With the recent outbreak of Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝)and Nicholas Tse’s (謝霆鋒) marital crisis, rumors circulated that Nic’s lawyer issued a letter requesting the couple’s separation.   It turned out Cecilia had pushed the stakes too far this time. Despite realizing that her recent photo collaboration with ex-flame, Edison Chen (陳冠希), caused Nic to lose face, Cecilia was without remorse after the incident. On the other hand, she angrily texted Nic, “I want a divorce.” After years of being patient in the relationship without fruition, Nic was forced to severe the final cut-off.

Last month, Cecilia did not tell Nic that she took a photo with Edison at the airport. Afterwards, Edison revealed the incident before the Taiwanese press. Hidden in the dark, Nic’s rage burst forth. Originally, Nic already took leave in advance to celebrate Cecilia’s birthday. However, Nic decided to remain in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to rest instead. This brought to light the couple’s marital crisis.

Since marriage, Nic has been very patient with Cecilia, including her nude photo scandal several years ago. He was willing to hand over his hard earned money to Cecilia. Unexpectedly, someone became arrogant and spoiled, constantly asking Nic to hand over his full financial assets. Willing to tolerate Cecilia’s demands due to his love for his two sons, Nic transferred his property ownership titles to Cecilia’s name. When Cecilia’s photo collaboration with Edison was revealed, Nic saw thetrue face of his beloved wife. Nic could not withstand the situation any longer.

Since their marital crisis became public, Cecilia was immersed in filming in Shenzhen, China. Yesterday, she mysteriously returned to Hong Kong and appeared at an insurance company at the AIA Tower, leading to additional doubts. Cecilia’s manager, Ms. Chow explained that Cecilia appeared at the building due to work reasons.

In addition, Cecilia and Nic were both spotted without their wedding rings since filming their current movies.

Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: It does sound as if Cecilia and Nic are in the middle of a marital crisis. However, the media may be playing up the importance of the photo with Edison Chen. When they took the photo together last month, it didn’t appear as a big deal at the time? It just appeared that both had moved on.


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  1. I’m sorry but I find it too much for Cecilia to take pics with Edison on the plane. WTH is she thinking? I give Nic props for putting up with the sex pics, yet, her recent (if true) incident with Ed is just weird to me. I don’t think I will be OK if my husband behaves like Ceci esp when his *AHEM* pics with that person are over the net. ERH

  2. Erm wait, how did they get hold of her message to Nic? Or is someone* in the family secretly tipped the media again?

    This is getting too big on the media. There must be some truths in the reports but some might just be exaggerated.

    1. I wonder about that as well… How would they get the message that Cecilia sent to Nic??? That is something pretty private. I don’t think they would be able to get a hold of their phones and view the text messages. However, due to all of these reports whether they are all 100% or not, I feel that there is some truth to the rumours of their marriage being on the rocks at the time being…

    2. Masaharu & HeTieShou,
      If Cecilia did threaten divorce, then many family members likely heard of the big argument. Normally Deborah Dik would have already spoken to reporters already. Perhaps she is talking to her friends who are talking to press.

      If Cecilia and Nic are both filming and Cecilia is on bad terms with Deborah, then who are Lucas and Quintus staying with?

      1. Yea, that’s true. I have a feeling that this report may not be 100% true. Doesn’t Cecilia really love Nic and wants to tie him down? If so, then I don’t think she would suddenly just demand a divorce like that. If she did, then other people would speak up as you have mentioned.

        If they have so much money, then they can easily employ a babysitter or have some close friends or family members look after the kids. I don’t think that is a problem for them.

      2. Jayne, it’s safe to “speculate” that Deborah has already spoken to Cha Siu Yan from the beginning, considering their BFF relationship 😉

  3. Ok so there is some truth to the “rumours” regarding the marriage of Nic and Cecilia being on the rocks. It also seems that most of the reports really put Cecilia in a very bad light. I wonder if she will come out to defend herself and give her side of the story or not? However, IF this and other reports are true, it seems like it is more of Cecilia’s fault if they do divorce. I wish that she can learn to accomodate and be more considerate to Nic and others rather than always having other fulfill her needs. I was reading this other report about her and her diva attitude and if it was true, that shows have selfish, spoiled and arrogant she is… If it does come down to divorce, then I do hope that the kids will be ok because they are innocent.

    1. I also want to add that hopefully Cecilia will try to change for the better and maybe they can save their marriage. One of the most importants aspects in a marriage is if you are able to solve problems or not. Hopefully they can both work something out for themselves and their children.

    2. When will Cecilia come out and tell her side of the “story”? Is she just assessing the situation first while contemplating the best way to counter-attack all these rumors? Hmmm……….

      1. I have been wondering about that too. Nic already said something even though it wasn’t much, but it seemed to sort of hint that he and Cecilia’s marriage is not that happy at the moment. I guess Cecilia just wants to hide from all this. Maybe it is better that way because she may make things worse by speaking up. Who knows what she is up to??

      2. If we move back to her EdisonGate, she sorta took her time first before taking her action. Gillian moved first, didn’t she? Cecilia moved later, but her move is better planned 🙂

  4. whats gonna happen is it turns out nick was cheating on her behind her back. Then finally all the ladies will stop saying hes a “great” husband. YESSSS!

    1. Some people at asianfanatics were saying that that may be a possibility due to Cecilia’s recent behavior and insecurity. If Nic did do something, then that would be a big twist to this whole thing.

      1. Didn’t he cheated on Faye Wong with Cecilia?

      2. I honestly don’t know.. I thought that he broke up with her first being with Faye? Then he dated Faye and then after he broke up with Faye, he got back together with her and now they are married…Not sure what really happened in the past.

    2. Nic cheated on both Cecilia and Faye in the past. When he was with Faye in 2000, he had a fling with Cecilia. When he and Cecilia became an item in 2002, he went back to Faye. Nic was very inconsistent with his feelings, and Faye finally found a better man.

      1. Perhaps he was young with an unstable rebel mind at the moment. Most men mature late 😛

  5. why why did she even take a picture/pictures w/ edson in the fast place??? & sat w/ him on the plane?! dont get it, she is something.

  6. She may have moved on but maybe Nic haven’t? If true I find her incredibly naive. She should have just ignored Edison. Again Edison revealed something about her that could tear her life apart. This is it isn’t it?

    1. She probably took a pic with him cause of all the good memories they had in bed together. He is probably better than Nick…. =)

      1. Ha ha, this is too funny. I did say in the other post that I suspect Cecilia still has a little crush on Edison or else why would she want to make the first move on the plane. I don’t get this woman’s motive. The only words that I could think of to describe her are clueless, brainless, egotistic and attention seeker.

    2. What happen if she intentionally took pix with Edison, maybe to let Nic jealous?

      1. Probably to let bygones be bygones. Some people can be very forgiving BUT like I always said, Edison may be a jerk and a creep but what he did he did it with consent so frankly I can see why Cecilia isn’t really angry with him.

        And I don’t think he is better than nic. Anyone who has seen the pictures, and I am sure everyone here has can agree he is an incredibly selfish lover. Someone who is more keen on photos and letting the lady do all the work than really paying attention to the lady is a selfish lover. And please don’t remind me of Cecilia’s pictures. I had nightmares. I would think she of all could have invested in some grooming… shudder..

      2. Nic should’ve dumped her a long time ago. I was quite surprised that he chose to stay with her after the “scandal” i mean seeing your wife with another man is quite different knowing that she has been fooling around with just anybody.

      3. @ exoidus

        Cecilia did not commit adultery, did not cheat on Nic. Those pictures were taken before she married Nic. What she needed at that time was support. If Nic has dumped her at that time, he would be a heartless man.

      4. They weren’t married then but wasn’t that during their courtship as well?

      5. @ Funn

        Wasn’t it taken at the time when Cecilia was dating Edison?

      6. Fox, that would be a very stupid move.

        The nude photos that Cecilia took was in 2003.

      7. Weren’t there were outcries of the pictures, some suspected she was seeing both men at the same time?

      8. I mean the pic in the airport, not the sex pix my dearests.

      9. @Funn, the general consensus from the media is that those photos were taken in 2003 judging by her hair, weight, and a missing tattoo. Nic courted Cecilia in late 2005, and she was chubbier then.

  7. That guy can’t keep his mouth shut for nothing. I can’t imagine why Cecilia is acting this way. Isn’t she pregnant again and that’s why all the diva demands on the set of her new movie? I know Cecilia is hard headed and impulsive but come on a picture with Edison she’s really pushing it.

    Nic must be really upset at that plus He knows if they divorce Cecilia keeps the kids. He must be really torn and regretting all the I love Cecilia more than my children comment right now.

    Cecilia really screwed up this time, with her attitude during filming her movies and this screw up the public is going to turn on her and loose all respect she has gained since the scandal. She owes her career starting back up to Nic maybe thats why she’s pushing to get his assets she knows her career is going to nose dive after this.
    I hope all this is just a phase their going through and comeback stronger in their relationship like they’ve done in the past. I hope is just speculation.

  8. Does anyone have the link to the picture that Cecilia took with Edison on the plan?

    1. There really no actual picture of the two on the plane together. Edison said the photos are on Cecilia’s phone. So, unless someone steal the phone we’ll never see it.

      1. If that was the case, then I wonder which photos Cecilia was referring to when she threatened the reporters to delete the photos taken of her?? I am guessing they were photos take of her at the airport.

    2. @HeTieShou

      The news article about Cecilia making threats were the airport photos that the paparazzi snapped while her son was there with her. I think that was during the time when Edison admitted that he and Cecilia exchanged friendly chats.

      1. Thanks for reminding me since I completely forgot which photos she was referring to.

  9. I guess some people really never change. Once a sl*t always a sl*t. It’s kind of obvious now that Cecilia takes everything for granted, be it with her family or the production crew/colleagues in Shenzhen. If the rumors are true, it did be better for them to have a divorce.

    1. Right on! Once a mirror is broken it is hard to mend all the pieces back together. It is better for them to get a divorce. I am sure when they have arguments, the scandal incident would be brought up during their disagreements. You can’t pretend that the scandal never did happen. It will always be on their minds. You cannot sweep it under the carpet no matter how forgiving a person is.

      1. While it is true that it is hard to forget the bad things that have happened in the past, but I don’t think that anyone can live a happy life if they just lament about the past. It is great to treasure past memories since it brings joy to our lives. However, the bad memories of the past should be forgotten(I know that is easier said than done but you got to try) if you want to move forward. YOu should treasure the present and the coming future.

      2. @HTS, I disagree. I don’t think it’s really possible to just forget complete, no matter how hard you try. There would always be those triggers that bring back old memories. With time and compassion, one can forgive not their actions, but to free us mentally and emotionally. I personally feel that no matter how hard I try, I cannot forget the incident completely as something/someone around me will always remind me of the incident. However, because it’s important to maintain a positive mindset and attitude to function normally in our daily lives, I do not like getting angry. Like you said, it’s difficult to live a happy life when one’s not happy. Life is too short to stay unhappy.

      3. @Chriselle,
        I know what you mean but I think if your mind is really set on forgetting something, you can forget it.Who said that there has to be constant reminders of it? It also depends on what it is and what the person has done to you. Also, what relation are you with that person? IF you have not forgotten it then it means that you have not forgiven the person yet. One of my friends would tell me that she would forgive but not forget. My other friend thought that if you can forgive then why nor forget?? If you still remember something, it means that you have not forgiven that person yet. Forgiving and forgetting are tied together…

      4. @HTS, I agree with your other friend who believes “I forgive, but don’t forget.” Sometimes, I also believe that if you do forget and they know that, they will take advantage of it and do it to you again. And it can’t be tolerated. Some people just need to be trained.

      5. @Chriselle – what you said is true. Sometimes it is easy to forgive but hard to forget when events bring back old painful memories. Sometimes, the pain is way too deep for one to easily forget and unfortunately, this latest news with Cecilia is just way too painful for her husband to wipe the slate clean.

      6. Chriselle,
        Your comment about time and compassion freeing us mentally and emotionally, while not technically forgetting the actions, is an inspirational one. I think this statement applies to all relationships, especially closer ties with family, friends, and romantic relationships. While the people close to us have the capability of hurting us, it is ourselves who do not let go of the past that is hurting us the most. The key to our own happiness truly lies in ourselves.

        True forgiveness is about settling all skeletons hanging in the air. Otherwise, the smallest reminder will instigate flashbacks to the same incident. It is not about forgetting the action, but rather how we emotionally react to the matter. I do think that time will force everyone to move on, whether they want to or not.

        IMO, I think Nic and Cecilia have many other issues in their relationship. The media and public just choose to focus on the photo collaboration with Edison. The press claim that this caused Nic to lose face. If he accepted Cecilia right after the photo-scandal, then he can deal with the public ppressure and not care about face.

        Rather, I sense it is how the couple communicate and resolve problems that is at the crux of the problem. Surprisingly, couples may deal with death in the family, scandals, and problems of bigger scope better. These situations usually sound alarms and they will pass. But when it comes to daily communication and everyday conflict resolution, couples seem to collapse. It is the small things, which if remain unresolved, can cause continual drifting apart and emotional separation.

        Each person resorts to being the same “me” in our own comfort zone, especially a long relationship and we continually fight in the same manner and over the same issues. Over time, the small things magnify into a level of frustration that makes the marriage become a battleground.

        Allegedly, Cecilia is known for her passionate fights and she threatened divorce first, thus making Nic lose belief and very, very tired of the situation. Today’s news said she realized she pushed Nic too far and is now sending love text messages trying to reconcile the relationship.

      7. @Chriselle,
        Like I have said, it also depends on what they have done to you and what your relation with the person is as well. If it was someone that you did not like much in the first place, then you are less likely to forgive and of course forget. But if that person meant something to you then you may more likely forgive them and maybe forget depending on what they did.

        You can completely forget if what they did was not a big deal. It also depends on how many times it has been done as well. I tend to forgive and forget too easily. However, if it was something really really serious or if it is something that they do over and over again, then I do agree that you may forgive but not forget. I do agree with you that with certain people, you can’t completely forget or else they will take advantage of it and do it to you again. I have had that happen to me way too much so I learned the hard way…

      8. @Jayne,
        THanks for your message and I agree that if you don’t forget, then you are just hurting yourself since it is sign that you refuse to let things go and move on. I believe that life is short and I have seen many people around me just dwell over painful past issues that are long gone. Those people seem to constantly live in the painful past and they also allow it to hurt the present life and maybe even the future. I used to forgive and not forget and do admit that there are times that I find things hard to forget. But with time, you should eventually forget it because if not then you cannot be completely happy. You are just hurting yourself and wasting your time on past issues when you should be focusing on the present and the future. I can understand how in some cases that it is hard to forget since it is important for you to remember so that whoever did something back to you will not do it to you again…

  10. I think someone already said this but I also think Cecilia is more insecure than she is a gold digger.

    1. yeah but she is prolly both however still more insecure maybe. Ok she was kinda hot back then but her voice is ugly and i don’t get why she still get paid so much for her roles.

    2. I think she may be both, but more on the insecure part as Exoidus mentioned. I am also shocked that she still gets paid so much after being away from the circle for awhile…

    1. I still think Edison should not be blamed. He didn’t take the pics without consent, so the girls should know that there’s a risk of the pics leaking. If you don’t want trouble, then stay out of it. The plane pics are a bad judgement from Cecilia. I can understand Edison wanting to be nice to her because he thinks he caused her so much trouble. Again, not his fault.

  11. Is Edison a moron? when he had slept with tons of famous and pretty girls? or those girls such as Gilian, Cecilia, bobo and etc are the real moron?

    Edison is probably moron when he sent his laptop to get it fixed and let those intimate photos exposed. But what about those girls? who willing and were awared of Edison’s action and still let Edison to filmed and take photos of their nudity?

    Cecilia in another hand seems to be a carefree woman who doesn’t care how the public, press or even her own family view her! She probably was trying to get Nic jealous like one of the poster said earlier and she could be plain slut. No one knows except Nic himself.

    As for Gill, I won’t believe her now when she said she won’t reconcile with Edison after the incident but how true was her word to her fans and public? She was labelled a hypocrite when her indecent pics were exposed. I don’t really trust or look at Gill the same as she first joined the show biz anymore…

    Back to the topic on Cecilia wanting a divorce…I hope Nic will just divorce and take custody of his children rather than letting them to learn about Cecilia’s dark true later…

  12. I think we should give Edison a break. It was not entirely his fault for those leaked pictures. I’m sure he felt embarrassed with people knowing and making fun of his genitalia size.

    1. If there really isn’t anything to show off about his size, I really wonder why he takes those photos in the first place. It just seemed like a dumb move. As a celebrity, they have to be extra careful with these photos because leakage of them can ruin their careers. Edison and Cecilia are quite lucky to be able to get back on track with many jobs.

      1. I think they can get back on track because after their scandal, ppl found out too many similar scandals so it leads ppl to a think: “Everyone is black, so why need to care for black or gray.”

        Personally, after EC’s scandal, my belief that no Yuk Lui 😛 is really “Yuk” is totally confirmed.

    2. Chriselle,
      The sheer size of Edison’s private photo collection indicates his obsession, a voyeuristic one. Allgedly, he also shared his private collection with his friends. It was definitely his trophy.

      It was a given that the tech people repairing Edison’s laptop would see the photos, but he took that risk because he treaured the photos too much. Perhaps he didn’t think that the tech guys would upload his photos online.

      1. Supposed to be password protected. Sometimes when you’re that obsessed you tend to be very very careless at some point.

      2. I guess technology can be good and bad. Technology like the net, digital photos,etc.. have made our lives easier but also harder as well. I am just wondering if it was back in the days when we just used film and a normal camera. I wonder if Edison would dare to get those pictures developed??

      3. Jayne,

        I heard the same story too that Edison likes to share those nude photos with his friends to show off his conquests. Its like carving notches on his bedpost with each woman that he has successfully conquered. I also heard that his mom had to leave her community to move into another city after the photos were displayed on the internet. I am not sure if this story is true or not.

    3. For someone who lost virginity during early teens and dated a minor he’s showing how proud he is to have a photo collection of many famous HK starlets! rofl

      1. It is trophy collection. What to do? The girls throw themselves at him or he may have some influence on their decision to sleep with him. Entertainment world is self serving and ugly.

      2. That’s why hard to sympathy at these ladies. They willingly threw themselves at him and pose for the camera!

      3. Read the latest news on those celebrity expose? Blake Lively. That is why never ever ever ever ever ever take such photos. It will always come back to haunt you. Always.

      4. She and her rep claimed it’s fake and will take legal action. Let’s see who’s telling the real truth IF we ever get to know

  13. she is hk paris hilton and not perfect wife, break nic heart.

  14. I used to dislike Cheung Pak Chi but now I absolutely hate her. I think she is nothing but a greedy little …. and she is also a selfish and don’t give a damn about anyone but herself. I myself am a very happily married woman and dislike divorces immensely. However I think considering what she has done to Nic, I think he would be better off with someone else. Someone a thousand times nicer and not go around giving her husband grief on this and that. Someone said on the site that he has been very patient regarding the nude photos etc. yes, I quite agree. If the roles had been reversed, I bet she wouldn’t like it either. My last words are: the sooner they split the better and good riddance to her! I just hope the two kids find a better mum. What kind of a mother is she and what kind of example would she give to her children? What the hell does he want to hang on to a woman like that for?

  15. Not sure if the money grubbing rumours are thru , but the sex scandal for a fact did happen . For Nick to take her back , I thought that was very big of him !! Till today , if anyone innocently goggle for Cecilia cheung, might still be able see ‘”remnants”of the scandal… semi nude or pictures of her in compromising positions from the sacndal. Imagine what the kids will think when they grow older and have internet access to things like that . Isn’t it sorrowful to have a mother like that . She;s lucky it’s she didnt do this during older times … else she will be drown by pig basket “zhen zhu long ” lol

  16. the loyal wife will always stay with the husband, nice not nice it is their life.

  17. If what the tabloids and Cha Siu Yan said about Cecilia is true, then I believe that she may be the one to blame for the possible divorce. Nic has really been a forgiving and caring husband, and I will be disappointed if the incident is more than what is revealed, such as him cheating. But now the media seems to be pointing the blame at Cecilia and not at Nic at all, claiming that he would let her do what she wants for the sake of his sons. I think he has probably tolerated long enough. Many people applauded him for sticking by his wife, supporting her and not leaving her, but honestly, I think even if he did leave her at that time, it’s understandable for him to do so and people won’t blame him. Perhaps he wanted to keep his sense of pride for himself and for his family because it he did, the media would just blow things out of proportion and the scandal and Tse family would have become the HK entertainment’s biggest joke and embarrassment. The family sticking together and united together was probably the best way to handle the “embarrassment” and scandal.

    1. Maybe he also doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of his parents since they also divorced. It would be sad if he did have to divorce because it would feel like history is repeating itself. But if his marriage gets so bad then he may have no choice. I don’t feel that it is healthy to stay in an unhappy marriage.

  18. Their relationship is so rocky… I hope they take care of their children.

  19. I read another version of this news. It said that Cecilia and Nic were having some argument. Cecilia, wanting Nic to apologise first (like how a girl always expect the guy to give in first and initial reconciliation), texted him a message saying ‘I want to a divorce’ and ‘ask you lawyer to talk to my lawyer’. Unexpectedly, Nic really did sent his lawyer to talk to her lawyer.

    It was just to scare Nic but she pushed the stake too far this time.

    That’s what the article said.

    So far, all the news articles have been showing Ceci in a bad light while Nic is still not much tainted. Why such a big bias?

    1. This is reminding me of the Moses and Bernice breakup rumors. One side comes up first and issue statement, while the quiet side gets negativity from the media. I’m looking forward for any clarification from Cecilia’s side now.

    2. I guess because Ceci has the scandal with EC
      while Nic is praised like best man in the world to stay with her after the scandal. After that, Ceci is the black sheep and Nic is the god and you know, god dun have bad light.

      1. “Nic is the god and you know, god dun have bad light.”

        Laugh die me..hahaha 😀

    3. Maybe not bias but maybe there are some truth. If she was that unreasonable, I don’t see how she can be packaged in a good light. Another lesson learnt; never ever threaten a guy with divorce unless you absolutely mean it. Cecilia seems to be breaking every single rule and causing herself much misery.

      1. There are some women in the world who thinks they’re everything and pressing their men to the wall without realising their mistake. My sis in law is one of them. LOL pity my bro.

        If the allegations are true, then Cecilia is definitely digging her own grave with all the tabloids not favoring her action by publishing bad news of her.

      2. If this news is true, then I think Cecilia is still immature and doesn’t know how to solve her martial problems. I remember once that a speaker on TV was saying that if you want a marriage to last then you had to be able to resolve problems. However, Cecilia seems to want to use divorce to either threaten or blackmail Nic. She should not do that or else she will regret it if he does take it seriously.

    4. Kidd,
      I read the latest account of the news too. From the sound of things, Cecilia and Nic seem to be using divorce as a barter, rather than trying to resolve the situation in a mature, adult fashion.

      This sounds like a very public, ugly sparring between Cecilia and Nic. Although neither are talking to press, their family is and their marital arguments have become very public.

      Is Deborah Dik satisfied now? She’s a manipulative mother. Mother-in-laws should never get involved in their son’s marital issues!

  20. I think the table has finally turned. The media is finally writing bad articles about Nic. They’re accusing him of hiding a mistress in Beijing for 2 years. This is getting intense.

    1. Aigooo…the media is really having fun doing their “cooking” on this rumor now don’t they

    2. There’s worse news. I read in yesterday’s paper that a chinese paper said Edison has AIDS and many female celebs who have been involved with him have gone for checkup. The paper even said this is the ‘fire crossing line’ (straw that breaks the camel’s back) that caused the breakup of the couple.

      1. Kidd,
        Somehow I doubt the news about Edison having AIDS. A Beijing paper also ran big headlines that Nic Tse has a mistress in China, leading to his marital strife with Cecilia. Both these headlines sound too extreme to be true, especially Edison’s case. Sounds more speculation…were there photos of him or actresses visiting doctors?

        Since everyone is eager to find out what caused additional strife between Nic and Cecilia, the press is capitalizing on this aspect and going off in various tangents. If Jason Chu is making headlines, everyone involved in Nic and Cecilia’s former love life are sure to be featured. Edison is still the press’ favorite though.

      2. So they’re implying that Cecilia has AIDS?

      3. I tend not believe rumours if they sound too ridiculous to be true. I highly doubt that Edison has AIDS but then again, who really knows? If that is true, then he and all of the other actresses are in deep water. Nic and his kids would be in deep water as well… If Nic has a mistress in China then I honestly don’t know if their marriage will last… However, I agree with Jayne that both of those pieces of news sound too extreme and out of the blue to be true…

      4. This bit of news abt Edison and other actresses having aids sound too far fetch to believe. I think it is all hype just to add more fuel to the couple’s possible impending breakup.

      5. Didn’t the main chac in AIDS rumour is Shawn Yue, not EG?

      6. I doubt Edison Chen has Aids but not surprised since from the pics he doesn’t seem to use protection with the actresses. About Nic having a mistress I doubt it also he’s been to involved with Cecilia. Trust me Cecilia would’ve killed him and the girl. She wouldn’t have stayed shut about that to gain sympathy with the press. Regardless of what happened Cecilia is going to get screwed in this the public knows her reputation and she’s not helping her case with her stupid actions with the kids, Edison and for asking for Nic’s assets.

        I feel sorry for Quintus. I just read his with Deborah while Lucas is with Cecilia in her new rented house. She never seemed to care about Quintus like she has for Lucas actually neither her or Nic they both
        tend to favor Lucas plus Cecilia looks like the type of talking crap to Lucas about Nic to turn him against him. What a mess!!!!

  21. The story about Cecilia favoring Lucas over Quintus I believe have some truth to it. Cecilia constantly take Lucas everywhere with her while leaving baby Quintus at home with his Grandmom. There are also news reports claiming Nicholas wants to sue for full custody of Quintus and leave Lucas with Cecilia since they inseparable.

    1. Cecilia has showed Lucas off since the day he was born. They celebrated his 100 days celebration together his 1yr celebration and stuff it’s pretty obvious that his favored over Quintus which is a shame neither Cecilia or Nicholas weren’t at his 100 day celebration and his birthday was totally different from Lucas. But I could be wrong which I hope.

      1. Why does Ceci favor Lucas over Quintus? Both are her sons.

        Btw, Lucas is like the cutest boy ever! We’ll have to see how Quintus looks like when he’s a bit older.

      2. I think Quintus is cuter he looks like a little Hug a bunch doll. He’s so chubby you just want to cuddle him. I found this article and felt like Deja vu!!! Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse’s love woes in Year of Rabbit
        Oct. 22, 2010
        Credits: xin.msn

        Four famous Hong Kong Feng shui masters look into 2011, year of the Rabbit, and predict that both Andy and Nicholas will face troubles in love
        Following the sudden influx of celebrity marriage news i.e. Miriam Yeung, Leon Lai and Andy, the Feng shui masters have come together to look into the celebrities’ fortune for the Year of Rabbit.
        Looks like 2011 is going to be a rough year for both Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse in the love department.
        According to Hong Kong’s four famous Feng shui masters, Master So, Mak Ling Ling, Ng Pui Fu and Kan Bing Nam, it will be a turbulent year for the Heavenly King as his love life will be bugged by disputes.
        As for Nicholas, they predict that he will go through the trials of love as he spends more time away from his wife due to work.”

        And found this one also, that’s why the reports of him cheating on Cecilia to me are lies remember he
        Cheated on Fay Wong with Cecilia not the other way around.

        Nicholas Tse’s announcement of love “get real love in exchange for my life”
        Source: Mingpao | Translation by: Nicholas-Tse.net

        Nicholas Tse has had his 30th birthday, this year he has decided not to celebrate, it’s enough to have his wife Cecilia Cheung by his side. Earlier when Nic, who has always had a cool exterior, was interviewed by a Mainland China magazine, to Cecilia’s words of love, in the interview Nic said: “Gold is really bad for my life, every physiognomist has said that Cecilia belongs to heavy gold, if we are together there’s be court cases, and if serious one of us will die; when I first went out with her, I crashed and went to jail, she felt it was because of her giving me bad luck, but I don’t have any regrets! I’m willing to gamble for love! To get real love in exchange for my life, I’ll give you my life, if you want it take it.” This “announcement of love” from Nic, how can Cecilia not be touched.

        If he was cheating on her he wouldn’t say things like this. Nic is too guarded with his feelings for him to declare his love for her constantly it shows he really loves her. He never spoke about Fay Wong this way. If it comes out he really did cheat on her
        he deserves an Oscar!!! And about Quintus just read like someone said Nic really wants custody of him and Cecilia Lucas because their inseparable . Nic calls Quintus his little Buddha because when he’s upset Quintus makes him feels calm and at peace when his with him. I think Cecilia knows Lucas is more charismatic and she can mold him and also he likes the media attention like she does while Quintus has been starting to be mold by Deborah which craves privacy for him just like

      3. I don’t think I ever want to believe in horoscope or anything related to Feng Shui anymore since I have been scammed before… I believe that certain aspects of our lives are in our hands as well…

        I think Lucas and Quintus are both cute and hopefully they both become good people and have a happy life. It would be sad if they both divorced because it would affect both of their innocent kids. There were some rumours saying that Cecilia is pregnant with their 3rd child. If that is true, then this situation will be even more complicated…

    2. I also think it is because Quintus is too young to taken around everywhere. They are both her sons so I don’t think that she should love one over the other.

  22. Found an article that mentions the interview were he says Cecilia is very insecure and also says about Cecilia being scared Nic was cheating on her. Don’t know if it was posted here before but I’ll copy again also the comment made after the article is very good.
    Cecilia Cheung goes on an eating spree
    Mar. 11, 2011
    credits: xin.msn

    The nervy singer apparently gained 20kg after binge-eating the past month

    Filled with fears and insecurities of losing her hubby Nicholas Tse to another woman, Cecilia Cheung turns to food for comfort and gained 20kg the past month.

    Following Cecilia’s comeback into showbiz and the couple’s packed work schedules, it is said that both Cecilia and Nicholas have been spending a fair bit of time away from each other.

    When news reports of Cantopop Queen Faye Wong’s upcoming comeback surfaced lately, word has it that Nicholas’s missus is afraid that their relationship will be under jeopardy should he meet with Faye at her Hong Kong concert.

    To prevent her worst fears from materializing, the 31-year-old has been keeping a close watch over Nicholas by flying to-and-fro China and Hong Kong. The mother-of-two was recently seen sticking close to her husband when they went for a meal at Happy Valley and Chai Wan.

    Due to her anxious nature, Cecilia decided to turn to food for comfort and to help satiate her insecurities. She gained 20kg in a month and is now seen with a chubbier and fuller figure.

    Hmm… I don’t know what to really make of this news. Thinking back to past interviews that Nicholas has done, what the fung shui Master had said, and just Nic and Ceci’s relationship from the early days, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this report; although I haven’t seen Ceci’s latest pictures so I guess that would be the ultimate decider…. I remember I posted several months ago a report where the fung shui master So Man Fung said that Nicholas and Cecilia’s relationship will undergo some “tests” this year because of the time apart they will be spending, with Nicholas filming in China. This report has clearly highlighted that prediction he had made on the couple… Cecilia is sensitive and overemotional by nature. She herself has openly said that she is one with insecurities when it comes to relationships. She’s been like that as long as I can remember. Also in a past interview of Nicholas’s, he disclosed that Cecilia is someone that lacks security and often call’s him in tears when he’s away. And thinking back to the early days of their courtship, Faye Wong’s presence was always hovering over her. I’ve always wanted to know the real reason for their break-up and I’m convinced that it has something to do with Faye. I remember there were all these rumours of Nicholas and Faye reconciling around the time Nicholas and Cecilia were said to be at the end of their relationship. I don’t for one second believe that Nic would cheat on Cecilia, and that includes back in the day, despite his playboy image. I also recall Cecilia saying that she was the one that called it quits. I can’t help but feel her decision had to do with the pressure and stress of her fears about Faye interjecting herself – she didn’t want to stay and watch it happen (Those are my own thoughts). But you could tell her break-up with Nicholas affected her deeply. Her emotions went all topsy-turvy; her weight had plummeted drastically – Based off of all of that, I’d be a believer of this report.

    Despite the validity of these reports, I wish for Cecilia to gain more self-confidence in herself. She constantly needs reassurance from her hubby and that must get a little exhausting from both ends, right? Nicholas is an amazing guy and he’s faithful and proven time and time again how reliable and devoted he is to his wife; and it’s not because of obligation. He loves her. He really loves her with all his heart. Any thoughts she maybe harbouring of infidelity or potential threats to her marriage are silly in my honest opinion. I’m not saying those scenarios are impossible in a relationship because trust me, I personally know of several marriages that were affected because of flings; and also have heard of quite a few cheating scandals tied with some of my favourite celebrities… but not all men are scum. Nicholas is a perfect example that good men do still exist. Well, enough of my rambles.

    1. Kumary,
      Thanks for sharing the article about Cecilia. I don’t recall seeing photos of a very chubby Cecilia, except immediately after giving birth to Quintus las year. Since her comeback, she has appeared quite thin this entire year. 20 kg is a lot of weight gain!

      On a side note, emotional women tend to establish emotional assoications with many things. Food is an obvious comfort and provides immediate gratification.

      1. Just read this one Hope is true and I did read Cecilia was pregnant for a 3 time and it was confirmed by Nicholas back in April but haven’t heard anything else about it. Anyway here’s the article:

        Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi’s marriage has become a hot topic recently. The media split into two and went to Malaysia and Shenzhen to cover Ting Fung and Pak Chi at work. Pak Chi was rumored to bring their sons to see Ting Fung in Malaysia after her film wrapped. However, yesterday online news claimed that according to Ting Fung’s famous musician friend, they were already back together and in contact everyday. They absolutely were not headed for divorce.

        Yesterday to Sina, a certain famous musician and Tse Ting Fung’s good friend revealed that Ting Fung and Pak Chi had a minor scuffle over Pak Chi and Edison Chen Koon Hei’s photo on the plane, but actually they already made up and stayed in contact everyday. Divorce rumors were making something out of nothing. As for Pak Chi supposedly withdrawing over 100 million cash from their joint account and suggesting separation, the musician said that the news was false. However he knew Ting Fung was very upset over Pak Chi and Chen Koon Hei’s photo, though he has always loved Pak Chi. In the end he still forgave his wife.

        Earlier Cha Siu Yan revealed on the radio that Pak Chi was taking Ting Fung to the cleaners. Some said that Ting Fung’s mother Deborah Li was the puppet master behind the scene. The musician said that Lai Goo was very upset at the photo incident and blamed Pak Chi, but Lai Goo has forgiven Pak Chi as well. At first Lai Goo indeed complained to Cha Siu Yan, who of course did not let the opportunity to break the news on the radio go. After that, Lai Goo blamed Cha Siu Yan, who now chooses to handle the matter in a low profile. The musician pointed out that he spoke up mainly due to the current media’s nonstop speculation. The details that he discussed have been confirmed with people around them.

        Yesterday Ting Fung continued to work on THE VIRAL FACTOR. First the team blocked off the streets in preparation for a drug store scene. Ting Fung and Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) began work around 1PM. Both had injury make up.

        During the shoot, Chairman Chou in a gree coat first went to the drug store with bandage on his neck and blood stain on his left arm. Later he left the drug store and entered a white vehicle with a lot of medical supply. Chairman Chou also ran into two police officers on patrol.

        Yesterday Chairman Chou and Ting Fung did not have any scene together. After Chairman Chou completed his shoot, director Dante Lam Chiu Yin worked on Ting Fung’s scene. Ting Fung was luckier than Chairman Chou. In the heat he did not have to wear a coat. Only in a black tank top he worked with a tattooed left arm. Ting Fung often studied the script with the team next to the drug store while he waited for his shoot. He appeared to be in decent mood. With almost 200 pedestrians looking on, female fans went to the nearby restaurant to sit and watch Ting Fung and Chairman Chou’s shoot. Someone curiously screamed, “Would Cheung Pak Chi come?” Perhaps due to the distance Ting Fung could not hear.

      2. Kumary,
        Thanks for the additional news regarding Nic and Cecilia’s reconcilation. There seems to be signs that the news indeed is true, since Cecilia appeared in good spirits last week while filming in Shenzhen.

        I can only say if they indeed have a 3rd child coming, arguments should be settled in a better manner without divorce disputes in the future.

  23. I’m glad somebody came out and confirmed they reconciled so this whole mess can finally be off. Cecilia knows next time to stay the hell away from Edison. I know her intentions were good but the public viewed it as a insult to Nicholas and so did he. Hopefully, Gillian won’t reunite with Edison in the same matter. After all, she did take the heat worse that Cecilia.

    1. OMG what is going on with this two people are they or are they not together this just came out

      Cecilia Cheung rumored to be dating a rich businessman
      Updated: 2011-06-08Share this news?…Click box  
      Read more on: Nicholas Tse   Cecilia Cheung  

      Nicholas Tse’s friends however said that the couple had already reconciled.
      Is this the real reason for Hong Kong actors Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung’s split?
      A recent rumour claimed that a rich Chinese businessman had wanted to buy a billion-dollar mansion in Hong Kong on March 8. While he was very satisfied with the place, the businessman wanted his girlfriend to make the final decision.
      On March 15, the businessman’s girlfriend appeared. She was none other than Cecilia Cheung. The actress apparently brought her eldest son Lucas, her brothers and their girlfriends along with her to view the place.
      The businessman was not with them.
      Cecilia reportedly left after asking for the price of the mansion.
      The actress bought another mansion in the same area on Apr 27 under the name of Easy Jet Corporation, a company in which she owns 99% of the shares, and paid the deposit.
      It was later rumoured that Cecilia took a loan from a finance company because she did not have enough money to pay off the rest of the house by July 11.
      On the other hand, Nicholas’s friends from the music industry said that the couple had reconciled and would call each other daily.

      I’m so confused lol…… Too much drama this Nic should sell this and make a Tv documentary out of it.

      1. Their marriage is a mess right now that it sounds almost like an actual TV series drama.

  24. OMG! She’s got a reason to have a divorce, didn’t you hear about her miscarriage and Nicolas didn’t even like care! Seriously, he’s a git.

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