Cecilia Cheung Lost Her Sense of Self After Becoming a Mom

Cecilia Cheung’s (張栢芝) recent appearance on the second season of Sisters Who Make Waves <乘風破浪的姐姐> has generated a lot of attention and discussion. In addition to her coming face-to-face with Faye Wong’s (王菲) good friend, Na Ying (那英), Cecilia’s singing and dancing skills have also come under scrutiny.

Cecilia reflected on her poor performance in a recent segment of the show where artistes review their performance evaluations from the judges and comments from netizens.  “I honestly don’t know what I’m supposed to do on this show. After memorizing the beginning dance moves, I would forget the next steps that come after it.”

Upon hearing Cecilia’s confession, Na Ying candidly expressed, “It’s because all you can think about are your sons!” Despite the public’s suspicions that Na Ying may hold back because of her friendship with Cecilia’s former love rival Faye Wong, Na Ying gave her straightforward assessment. “I really hope you can open up. You work hard to earn money in order to give the best to your sons. Outsiders will not understand these things. You have to perform with your truest self. That is how netizens can understand what type of person Cecilia Cheung is.”

Admitting to have misunderstood Cecilia in the past, Na Ying is beginning to understand who Cecilia truly is after increased interaction. During rehearsals, Na Ying gave Cecilia a cookie. After trying one and stating that her sons would love it, Cecilia immediately packed a few more in her purse to bring home for her sons.

Recalling the incident, Na Ying said to Cecilia, “All you think about is your sons. You’ve lost yourself. Even when you are performing, you will not let others see you fail and feel the need to stay strong. This is not an easy feat. Honestly, my heart aches for you. Let others see and get to know the real you.”

Hearing these words, Cecilia was extremely touched and teared up. She expressed, “At first, I did not feel like I should continue with this show. But their words of encouragement have made me realize that I need to put it 100 percent effort, and put my heart into it.”

Source: HK01

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Seriously, i cant stand it when people trying to preach that mother lost themselves once they have children! What’s wrong with having children as their priority! Also, I don’t get this show, all of the winners got to cry once a contestant got sent home. You know damn well this is a competition, you’ll be happy if it aint you going home. I know some contestants got closer than the others and it’s sad if their friends have to be send home, but this show all of the contestants just seemed like they are not genuine. If you don’t cried, like Cecilia, you get criticized of by not showing your true self! What’s wrong showing the world that you need to stay strong strong once you fail. Her point of coming to the show as well as others contestants are boosting up their popularity to earn money. Cecilia lacks of dancing and singing skills because she is an actress, you can’t expect her to be like the others in a short amount of time. It is true that she needs to put more effort for her and her team, but it is not because all she thinks is about her sons.
    Anyway, if people don’t think she have the talents then vote her off!
    This show is more of performance than singing, all the performances were lip singing anyway.

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