Cecilia Cheung to Appear in Hollywood Action Movie!

Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) has been offered to star in a big-budget Hollywood action movie! With her beautiful looks and superb acting skills, the HKFA Best Actress attracted the notice of even Hollywood. The male lead star was rumored to be either Nicholas Cage, Russell Crowe, or Hugh Jackman!

It was known that the rumored movie will be filmed in Beijing, China and the United States at the end of the year. Featuring explosion, car racing, and even airplane scenes, the film’s action direction will resemble the thrilling feats found in James Bond movies.

Cecilia’s management company, New Asia Entertainment Group (AEG) confirmed that they were currently negotiating a Hollywood movie offer for her. Since both parties signed confidentiality agreements, the AEG representative indicated that further details cannot be disclosed at this time.

In recent years, Hollywood productions have increasingly featured more Asian stars. It was a foolproof strategy to appeal to the rising box office power of mainland China, which was the world’s second largest after the United States.

Super Mom and International Star

Cecilia’s personal life and professional career were tested over the last year. After getting divorced from Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), Cecilia has juggled filming projects along with the duties of being a mother to two young sons, Lucas and Quintus. She often maximized on filming breaks to fly back to Hong Kong and take whisked her sons away on short vacations.

Cecilia Cheung’s new film, Dangerous Liaisons <危險關係> will be premiering at the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 24th, which also happened to be Cecilia’s 32nd birthday. Dangerous Liaisons also starred Korean actor, Jang Dong Gun and Zhang Ziyi (章子怡). The Cannes Film Festival’s organizational committee has also invited Cecilia to serve as a guest presenter.

Celebrating Quintus’ 2nd birthday on May 12th, Cecilia was often a “super mom” who thrilled in involving herself in her son’s milestones. Although she wished to have Lucas join her at the Cannes Film Festival, Cecilia will have to stay there for one week due to various work arrangements. Thus, Cecilia will not be traveling with her sons.

Source: Oriental Daily

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Jayne: There should be a high chance that Cecilia lands the role in this big-budget Hollywood movie. If they sought her out based on her acting and looks, they likely find her suitable. Very interested in finding the outcome of the negotiations and who the male lead will be! I do not find Nicholas Cage, Russell Crowe, or even Hugh Jackman to be a good match with Cecilia though!

It’s interesting that we first speculated that Nicholas Tse might make a foray into Hollywood following his high-profile appearance on “America’s Next Top Model,” but Cecilia may actually star in a major Hollywood movie first!

After reading the description of this action movie they have in mind, I cannot help but imagine Cecilia touting some big guns and doing some action stunts. I can also see her in a Transformers type of movie, where she plays a sassy sidekick similar to Megan Fox. Cecilia has attitude and she will not take those demure roles in Hollywood!

The recent news of Chinese and Hollywood collaboration efforts in films are incredibly exciting. Fan Bingbing has supposedly set her sights on entering Hollywood as well! Karen Mok would be a good fit too, but she seems set on her music career recently.

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  1. Cecilia is a step up from Lucy Liu and she has nude pics already. That will definitely help her in America.

    1. Oh, she has more than nude pics. She has pics of her and EC engaging in some hot seeeeex. She’s famous online for having one of the hairiest bushes of famous HK actresses. But then, she’s probably one of a few that has shown off her bush so explicitly……….hahaahahah

      1. She definately have more than nude pics, I had seen pics of her scandal with Edison where she give him blow job, she really can suck, haha!
        I don’t like her voice btw

    1. I agree with Funn that can Cecilia handle her english if she’s to take up the offer..

      Or hollywood can always get someone to dub her voice, not sure.

      1. Hollywood doesn’t do dubbing. So I assume she will speak chinese with subtitles OR she will have to learn English just enough to deliver her lines. Shouldn’t be hard. Zhang Ziyi did it. But of course Cecilia is ermm… not that smart up there.

      2. She speaks English. She speaks it to her sons.

    2. But her Wiki said she lived in Australia at age 14…I would think her English would be alright.

  2. She spoke English, I mean broken English in some of her HK movies if I recall correctly, and it was not good, unless her character was meant to spoke it the way she did. Lol @ Ekin Fan, I know it’s not nice to laugh at other miss fortune, but your comment to me was funny kakaka. Anyways I don’t think she will make it big, it will fade out like how Shu qi did in transformer, not many will remember.

    1. correction, it’s Transporter, not Transformer

  3. She will appear in a Hollywood movie not necessary be the female lead so she does not need to match with the actors listed above.

  4. Hollywood seems desperate these days i.e wants the Chinese market share.

    I suppose the producer haven’t heard of her nickname aka “box office poison” even though it’s prolly a 2 min role, LOL.

  5. Yeh maybe she’s not the first female lead. could be just a cameo. I mean Bernice went to Hollywood, but noone watched it and her role was small. and now she’s back in hk again.

    It’s not easy for Asians to break into the Hollywood market. Even for those that speak good English like Daniel Wu, Nic Tse, Eason Chan, Karen Mok, Stephen Fung etc tried but their success rate hasn’t been high.

    Depends on what the role is. If its action (typical cast role for Asians) then i think Maggie Q may be a good candidate. Maggie Q has this sexiness in her and she loves to wear skimpy clothes in her films which may appeal to the male market. That’s only if its action. If its some drama with substance then maybe Cecilia could fit. They may have to dub her. Or maybe she just speaks Chinese and they use subtitles.

    1. Maybe Maggie made it because she’s half white. Still looks Asian but more relatable to the average American.

      1. yes, maggie Q is def americanized and shows it. she does not mind taking it all off for films either. she is good looking for sure but sometimes way to bony hahah or thats the trend.

    2. yes, there are many fluent speakers that makes cameo’s and does not mean they can easily break into hollywood just like that. so many ppl, NOT EASY. i personally think that zhang zi yi is lucky b/c of ang lee’s directing or else she wouldnt be so famous esp when she spoke ZERO english back then.

    3. Maggie Q may be right for the role but does she have time for other projects, when she’s already starring in Nikita? I guess it depends on when production is going to start…but rarely do American tv stars have time or energy to go on other project once they wrap up filming the season of their shows.

  6. So some think her ex hubby would have beaten her out on the road to Hollywood. LOL!!!

    It seems many are still ignorant of the fact that Hollywood has been traditionally kinder toward Asian female actresses than their male counterparts.

    I guess the “white men’s fetish” a la Suzy Wong still prevails.

  7. Karen Mok is filming Tai Chi Master with Keano Reeves this is her big Hollywood role.

    As for Cecilia , she did study in Australia
    so not sure how good is her english…

  8. looks like hollywood wants to portray cecilia as the dragon lady

  9. I never realized that Cecilia looked so beautiful as in the photo above and could grace any Hollywood film. Cannot comment on her acting prowess as I’ve not seen her act though in action pictures I don’t think you need to be a very good actress as you are kept busy running and jumping most of the time. As for speaking English if she’s serious enough to learn the language I’m sure she can find a competent English speaking teacher in HK to help her master the language, enough for her needs. Best wishes to Cecilia in her new undertaking.

  10. Cecilia is pretty, sexy and can act so why not. Yes, agreed that she need to improve her english.

  11. I don’t think the project will pull off and if it did. good luck!…lol!

  12. She like an other hong kong version of Kim Kardashian which is got sex tape n make it in Hollywood hahhhaa go gal..

  13. Her acting sucks! Also her voice!!! Hollywood what are u thinking?!

    1. limited budget? all they could afford?

      I agree that Cecilia is not a very good actress and her voice is irritating but maybe they won’t make her talk too much lol

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