Cecilia Cheung Wants a Daughter

Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) is blessed with two filial sons, and even though taking care of two active boys is stressful, the 34-year-old actress said she has not felt so blissful and at peace in her life.

To experience motherhood with all of its joys and hardships, Cecilia decided to not hire a nanny or maid. Cecilia personally takes her Lucas and Quintus, 7 and 4 respectively, to school and other extracurricular events. When they are in school, Cecilia would stay at home to do housework. She spends a lot of time cooking, hoping to give the boys a pleasant surprise during meal times. Taking her sons to places can also be a hassle, as Cecilia is also in charge of carrying extra gear for her two sons, adding more weight to her bag.

Lucas is already a reliable older brother for Quintus. “Lucas would get water for Quintus.” said Cecilia. “If Quintus spills his drink, Lucas would help him wipe the mess. Sometimes when we would bring takeout back home to eat, Lucas would set the chopsticks on the table for us. At night, Lucas would help me massage and tuck me to bed.”

Cecilia refuses to show her temper or cry in front of her sons. She hopes for her sons to develop their own individual characteristics and personalities.

However, two sons are not enough for Cecilia. She also expressed her wish to have a daughter.

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I wonder how long Cecilia’s experiment going to last? She is setting herself and the boys up for failure as their is no nanny but personally rearing the boys as a single parent, and still wanting to participate in the entertainment business as well as her side business(mentioned in an earlier article about one month ago not listed above in the related articles). Definitely, a publicity ploy when the old saying “2 heads will not reach shore”.

    1. What’s the problem with that?

      A mother taking care of her own children upbringing is better than an outside nanny anytime. And why can’t she has a career at the same time?

      Women who can juggle both are known as ‘superwoman’. You understand?

      Maybe you have been look after by a nanny, hence your lack of broader view.

    2. You do realize that having helpers is only a recent phenomen and it is only common in Asia and maybe in MIddle east but in most of the world , there are single moms who hold down a job and raise their kids by themselves. Your comment only shows your ignorance and how sexist you are. I think no one can criticize a mom and her parenting methods when it is none of your business.

    3. at least she is doing hands on and spending so much time with her kids.

  2. She needs to find a husband to fulfill her wish then.

    1. Sperm donor is an option. She can prolly have it done in US.

  3. She cannot handle those two boys, how could she handle more kids? And that’s one thing, with whom does she want to have a kid with? Nic? Edison? Oxide?

  4. A lot of ppl likes having children. But some ppl are not aware the difficulty of having a child. It’s not just the pregnancy, the morning sickness etc etc. It’s more of how to take care of them, guide them from right and wrong, give them love but not to overdo it in case we spoil them, ah, it’s not easy.

    The ideal is one thing but whether we can really do the role and take the responsibility is another thing.

    Hope she’ll be meeting the right person soon and hope she can do it.

  5. cecilia dear, having a child requires two people

  6. i wouldn’t mind helping cecilia, hit it and quit it though or I’ll toot it and boot it

  7. ok…then that’s is quite a good idea to have a Daughter
    and i really know she is a very good and caring for her children and i’m sure is a good thing as well…<3 🙂

  8. I remember vaguely one famous hong kong fortune teller once said Cecilia and Nic will get back together and they will have a daughter before they call it quit again

    1. So, maybe it’s a indirect hint from her to Nicholas

    2. oh really? oh wow, and quit again? i once thought marriage was once in a lifetime

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