Cecilia Cheung’s Nude Scenes Leaked?

Cecilia Cheung’s (張栢芝) new film, Dangerous Liaisons <危险关系>, is currently playing in theaters Asia-wide. In the last few days, two screen shots of a naked woman in bed surfaced on the web. As Cecilia and Korean actor Jang Dong Gun (張東健) have many sex scenes in the film, several netizens claimed that the naked woman in the screen shots is Cecilia.

The first screen shot shows the woman’s bare back, and the second screen shot reveals a shadow of her face. Although the woman’s face does not resemble Cecilia, netizens compared the woman’s figure to Cecilia’s figure, and discovered that the woman’s figure highly resembles Cecilia.

Those who have watched the film did not remember seeing a nude Cecilia; however, it is possible that a similar scene was shot but did not make it to the final cut of the film.

Cecilia and her manager could not be reached to comment regarding the nude photos.

Cecilia Still Believes in Love

Earlier, while accepting an interview in mainland China, Cecilia discussed about the hardships she had to endure in the past few years. From being involved in the Edison Chen (陳冠希) photo scandal in 2008, to going through a divorce with Nicholas Tse(謝霆鋒) in 2011, Cecilia said she has been living through days of tears and forced smiles.

Cecilia said, “Although my insight on life is ‘The world cannot defeat you; only you can defeat yourself,’ I always go through days where I cry at night and forced smiles at day. Many people see my road as a rocky one, but I’m okay with that.”

After years of failed romance, does Cecilia still believe in love? “Yes!” Cecilia immediately replied. “Very much so. I never gave up on believing love. I trust that love is arranged by the heavens, and it needs time and patience. I will not think whether or not love will be around forever. If it is believed, time and longevity will not be questioned. Those who ask those questions really don’t believe in love.”

Cecilia added, “On the outside, I look like a very strong woman, but I am actually very feminine in the inside. I need a man to take care of me, and I like it when he asks me things like, ‘Can you do this? Can you not do this? Where are you going and with who?’ I like it when he worries about me; I really enjoy that feeling!”

The same does not apply to her two sons! “My two boys are giving me a headache. Quintus is always asking me to carry him, and Lucas is always asking me to watch cartoons with him. One time, I cut Quintus’ hair, and Lucas immediately asked to get that same haircut! Yes, although there is a saying that ‘All is well with a son,’ I can’t really think of anyone who would want to get involved with life with my sons and I.”

Who is the Nude Woman in Leaked Photos?

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Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. too skinny. plus, we’ve already seen “everything” anyway 😛

    1. It s a body double because she had a tattoo on her left side abdomen

      1. Yeah I agree its her body double for sure.
        The woman in the clip above is clearly more healthier looking than Cecilia. Cecilia is so boney that she looks weird at certain angles. Its sad but that’s what a extremely stressful life does to you.

        It seems “Dangerous Liaisons” didn’t hit it big in China either. From my understanding it came in at #6 like most of her movies. Are all her movies after her comeback that bad?

      2. The girl who did the body double scolded Cecilia on her weibo. What the heck? Cecilia never said that was her body, why did she yell at CC for. Her name is Cynthia.

      3. Body double scolded Cecilia? Where is the professionalism? I thought body double is supposed to keep their identity secret.

    2. agreed, we’ve seen everything anyways. Hopefully this time she shaved that jungle.

      1. That is a forest to me but same thing! Totally agreed with you if not then trim at least. It scares everyone n theres animals jumping out form there:/

  2. Why cry over spilt milk** She’s hinting heavily and hope this will ‘move’ Nic. Another one of her tactics. Let’s hope Nic will stay strong.

    It could be a body double in that movie…or not.

    1. He was the one who visited her at her hotel in Shanghai recently, unless she seduced him to hop on the plane.

    2. They’re suppose to maintain a civil relationship for the sake of the boys. Perhaps just dropping in to say hello doesn’t mean he’s jumping into bed because any mistake (resulting in the form of accidental or not accidental babes) will put Nic back on the torturous road.

  3. The article made it sound like there were a lot of sex in the movie. I saw this film already and there was no sex scenes between her character and Jang Dong Gun. The sex scenes between Zhang Ziyi and Jan Dong Gun shouldn’t be called sex scenes as no one was naked.

    1. Thanks for the tip. For a moment I was thinking of watching it just because of JDG and curious and so disappointing! As for Cecilia, I think everyone has seen her fully and utterly naked so I see nothing new with her being naked on screen. I am not interested.

    2. We have seen nude Zhang Ziyi also… remember the bottom kissing by her boyfriend at a beach side?

  4. Too bad there won’t be much publicly regarding the nude scenes since we all saw everything already.

  5. My own experience with Hong Kong bred Chinese females leave me concerned (like “Danger Zone” concerned) because what is up with these bad signs from the Southern Chinese about ego and insecurity and demanding to be catered to (would Lai Ming really have had a song about being the chauffeur to an ingrate if not for the Southern Chinese culture?)

    What does this mean:

    “I like it when he worries about me; I really enjoy that feeling!”

  6. Omg – a “news” story about nothing again. Is there nothing more interesting to talk about?

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