Celebrity Weddings: 40-Year-Old Nnadia Chan Married 32-Year-Old Zhang Duo

Disappearing from the public eye for some time, Nnadia Chan (陳松伶) was invited to a book fair by good friend, Di Haoran (翟浩然)yesterday. Nnadia announced that she had married mainland actor, Zhang Duo (張鐸). The couple resided in Beijing and Nnadia rarely returned to Hong Kong. Becoming Mrs. Zhang, Nnadia appeared to have gained weight.

When Nnadia filmed in China several years ago, she met mainland actor, Zhang Duo, who was eight years younger than her.  Although the older-woman-younger-man relationship was not regarded highly by the public, Nnadia and Zhang Duo got married against all odds. As early as 2008, it was rumored that the pair traveled to Spain and got secretly married. Rumors claimed that their relationship changed, however Zhang Duo denied this and noted that they had a very good relationship.

Residing in Beijing

Until yesterday at the book fair, Nnadia admitted that she got married with Zhang Duo. Currently living in Beijing, Nnadia focused on caring for the family and cooking in her free time. She did not possess an urge to have a baby yet. Nnadia said happily, “I am in a semi-retired state. Since my husband did not want me to come home late at night and preferred that I entertain friends at home. He offered his advice regarding my current filming project. Right now we are just enjoying married life and not actively chasing a baby. We will let nature run its course.”

Returning to Hong Kong to Film a Series

Nnadia returned to Hong Kong to film an ICAC-based series produced by RTHK. “I have been hiding in Beijing for four years. I returned to Hong Kong two months ago. I found that the lifestyle here is very different than before and was not used to the filming process. Since I maintained contact with RTHK, thus I accepted their offer to participate in a program revolving around the ICAC. I portray a senior investigator in the show and the script is based on a true story.” Nnadia felt that filming a series can bring out a positive public message and contribute to the community. Nnadia claimed to be a “daughter of Hong Kong.”


Source: Ming Pao

Jayne: Not surprised that Nnadia has been married for years with Zhang Duo. She appeared to be ready to settle down. Due to her frenetic early career, guess the semi-retirement suits her current stage.

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  1. LOL, what’s up with the cross-border mergers?

    hk men and women finding their younger significant other in mainland hehe…

    1. THat is normal now and I think maybe mainland guys feel superior if they marry a woman from HK?? I have heard that mainlanders are often looked down on by the people from HK and Taiwan. Therefore, by marrying someone from HK may make them feel better about themselves.

      WOW, he is 8 years younger than her? That age gap is quite big but I guess once you are in love, the age doesn’t matter as much as long as it isn’t unreasonable. SHe looks great for her age and am glad to see that she is finally married… If she still wants to have kids, she should hurry up since she is already 40…

      1. im not sure i think it was true before. now i think it doesn’t matter as much since the people in mainland is getting richer compared to hk people.

      2. She followed Ada’s footsteps marrying mainland guys. While the HK guys now love to find mainland girls.

      3. gals in hk suffers from the princess syndrom while the guys from the soft rice and underachiever hypothesis LOL

      4. She did not just follow Ada’s footsteps.Other actresses married mainland guys too since there is a gender imbalance in China now. A lot of girls from mainland have the princess illness too so it is not just the HK girls. It just depends on the person.

      5. A lot of HK girls want to settle down late and focus on work. Look at Charmaine, Tavia, Myolie, Kate etc. They think early 30’s is still young ROFL. Maybe some HK guys aren’t patient and look for younger girls in mainland.

      6. and by the time these leftover HK girls are ready for family and marriage they’re already almost 40 and most HK guys are hooked up with younger mainland girls so these ladies have to find mainland guys who find it a prestige to have HK girls ROFL

      7. it’s different for artists because of their overobsessive fans LOL

        successful gals are more prone to be a “leftover” since they have requirements that the average hk guy can’t match.

        since they are earning alot compared to the average citizens the average joes won’t pursue them in fear of rejetion and being called a “emperor of soft rice” haha

        rich guys prefer younger and also maybe more educated depends on their own level of education since it’s more likely for two with higher education to share common topics.

      8. “They think early 30′s is still young ROFL. ”

        30 years-old isn’t old at all. I’ll rather these women focus on their career if they really aren’t ready to settle down. Myolie, Kate, and Tavia who are all in their early 30s are at their peak of their career right now. Why would they let go when success is right around the corner?

      9. A women is her thirties is still pretty young to me… nowadays in the US, many successful ladies don’t choose to settle down until the thirties and is quite common now.

      10. I don’t think superiority complex is the reason that mainlander males chose to marry someone from HK or Taiwan. Mainlander males are also marrying girls from Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, central Asia, Russia…basically anywhere due to gender imbalance in China. There’s this millionaire businessman from the mainland (quite handsome and young) who’s in a serious relationship with a 2nd-tier Russian model.

      11. @HeTieShou – HK social welfare and healthcare are much better than those in the mainland. A mainland spouse is also cheaper. I’m not surprised that a lot of people are doing cross-boundary marriages.

        @Vivien – Dude, you just barely started life at 30. Still very young to me. And still very capable of having healthy babies.

      12. Give it time and everyone is going to say they are from China. China is going to be the next Japan with lots of $$$$.

  2. 伶伶 still looks very good. Wish her all the best.

      1. Word on her still looking very good. I was always a fan, except for her Ekin duo. Those were some boring series!!!

      2. I like her but not Ekin. Ekin’s acting is lifeless.

  3. She looks.. different! How cruel time is. Pregnant maybe? Didn’t she had cancer scare, gave birth??

    1. :O
      she had cancer? or was that just a false alarm…

    2. Funn,
      I don’t think Nnadia was diagnosed with cancer. A few years ago, I think she had a surgery to remove a cyst from her uterus. Cysts are very common occurrence.

      1. cysts in uterus can be bad… at least her uterus is still there. but already 40, i don’t think she wants children.

    3. It was a malignant tumor in her uterus back in 06 when she promote TVB series: “Trimming Success”. She did suffer hair loss, though.

      Looks like she recover and her hair has grown….

      1. correct myself… it maybe benign tumor.

        Im getting old.

  4. “She did not possess an urge to have a baby yet.”

    Girl. You are already 40 years old. Don’t wait too long.

    I was a big fan of hers throughout my teenage years. Both her and Deric were my top fave female and male stars. Deric, I like both for his acting and singing. For Nadia, I was attracted to her singing. I became her fan after listening to one of her Songbird’s songs. I know her through voice first (I heard the song first before I watch the series). She has a rich and beautiful voice. Too bad. She followed the wrong teacher. After she followed Lau Ka Cheung, she changed her singing style. She didn’t make full use of her rich voice and instead sing in a chicken voice. I was so disappointed and hated Lau Ka Cheung for years. Nadia later regained some of her stronger singing style, but, never as good as her pre-LKC days anymore. I watch her sing a Sally Yeh song a few years ago in a music program hosted by Liza Wang and Ng Wai Kwok. Her voice thinned out during chorus. She would have aced that song pre-LKC. She won a Sally Yeh impersonation contest at 15.

    Anyway, still congrats to her for her marriage.

    1. Kidd,
      I was in love with Deric in the late 80s early 90s. I listened to a lot of Deric and Dave Wang music at that stage in life.

      My favorite stars at that time were Deric and Maggie Shiu. 🙂

      1. They should reunite don’t you think? Where is Deric Wan? What is that man doing?!

        Much like I wanna see Sunny and Charmaine together simply because I am sick of Moses-Charmaine combo which is Mo-Charm or rather More Cham for me!

      2. Funn,
        Deric is filming in mainland. I believe he reunited with his ex-wife. No children yet.

        I don’t think Sunny will pair with Charmaine anytime soon. Sunny is not among the top brothers favored by TVB. I’ll like to see Kevin and Charmaine work together again. If Kevin can work with Nikki Chow, I don’t see why he can’t film with Charmaine again.

        Charmaine and Roger Kwok would be good combination too.

      3. Deric Wan and Maggie Siu.

        My all time TVB Golden Couple. 🙂

        I feel it very strange that TVB never pair Nadia with Deric. They pair up a lot in music but never on TV. Nadia and Deric has dueted a total of 9 songs. Deric even has a solo song in one of Nadia’s albums.

      4. Please not Kevin and charmaine. No chemistry. Poor Sunny. When he paired with her he was at the top. Now, bottom. But he still looks good.

      5. Kidd,
        “I feel it very strange that TVB never pair Nadia with Deric. They pair up a lot in music but never on TV. Nadia and Deric has dueted a total of 9 songs. Deric even has a solo song in one of Nadia’s albums.

        Agree, loved Deric and Maggie together. Nnadia partnered with Ekin Cheng and was made an onscreen couple instead.

      6. Same… Deric and Nnadia were my favorites as a child. I fell in love w/ Deric’s character as Uncle Rain in Vengeance.

      7. I really enjoyed Deric and Nadia’s singing back then too. I loved the themesong that they sang for the Zu Mt. Saga. Deric is filming in CHina now and I really enjoy his performances. I guess for those of you who only watch TVB will not see him unless you watch China series.

      8. Deric and Nnadia were my fav’s too in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I loved Nnadia’s performance in Songbird and I believe I still have the CD soundtrack from that series somewhere! Deric had some great themesongs that he sang and was such a great leading actor and villain, too! I miss the both of their performances!
        Also, good luck to Nnadia. She seems very happy and content now. The big age gap between them surprises me, but maybe mainland men like more mature, older women because didn’t Catherine Hung marry a mainland man a lot younger, too? And yet, HK men like to seek younger girls in their early 20’s! I guess they both get a sense of freshness from the opposite genders from different places.

      9. Funn, very rare chance of Sunny & Charmaine collaborating again, not because of status (only), but also depend of the producers.

        Charmaine will only film one series per year, most likely either Chik Kei Yi (she likes filming his series) or Mui Siu Ching (who hogged Charmaine for 3 consecutive years). Mui Siu Ching doesn’t cast Sunny and the last time Chik Kei Yi cast Sunny was like… ATE1 ATE2?

      10. I think deric’s signature role was in “blood of good and evil.” I loved everything about that series, especially the theme song by anita mui and hui chi on.

        @funn: I think Kevin and charmaine had chemistry in Yummy Yummy and forensic heroes II but that was before they dated. It was obvious Kevin was uncomfortable in BTROC b/c of all the media attention. If Kevin could finally get over himself, I’d love to see them pair up again.
        I doubt niki would want to work with Kevin again…but if tvb somehow got all 3 of them to act in a love triangle, it would be a ratings bonanza!

        I guess we won’t see sunny and charmaine reunite unless Louis Koo finds the time to make DIF 5.

      11. “It was obvious Kevin was uncomfortable in BTROC b/c of all the media attention. If Kevin could finally get over himself, I’d love to see them pair up again.”

        I don’t know if it’s exactly the media attention. Personally, the couple was just BORING. And yes, very boring. Both characters who like flawless angels. C’mon TVB.

        If the news is true, Kevin and Niki will film Ghetto Justice II together. But the other party is Myolie, not Charmaine. 🙂

      12. Kevin, Joe, Moses, Bobby, Sunny, Steven… Charmaine has worked more than once with them already… some 3-5 times. TVB is really running out of TVB actor in their mid 30’s to 40’s.

        I’d like Charmaine to work with Sunny or Steven again, because it’s like so many years since they last collaborated. Missed chance of seeing her work with Ruco as she pulled out of FH3.

      13. “Missed chance of seeing her work with Ruco as she pulled out of FH3.”

        Woah ~ Ruco is in FH3 too?

        Charmaine still films one series per year with TVB so there is still a chance. That is, if Charmaine doesn’t only film Producer Chik’s series and if Ruco doesn’t only film Amy Wong’s dramas. 😉

        I think Ruco and Charmaine will be a good and fresh new pairing. Charmaine lacks chemistry with Moses and Kevin. The fact that both are not competent actors, IMO, makes it all that worse.

      14. @chriselle: I can’t imagine why niki would agree to GJ II unless she’s promised lots of scenes of her slapping Kevin!

      15. @Chriselle

        Since Charmaine’s acting is lacking if she get coupled with Ruco it might help her since Ruco has great acting.

      16. plz no, i can’t stand char. she can pair up with wooden ron they would made a great couple since both are lacking in acting skills so it won’t matter.

        i want ruco to pair up with linda that would be refreshing and great 🙂

    2. Maybe she does not even want to have kids???

    3. I remember her performance in the Song Bird. WHat a tragic series and I found it really sad that it was based on a real life singer.. What a sad life that that singer had. I enjoyed her performance in ZU Mt. Saga too. THat was my most favorite series of her… I really hope that she can be in another ancient series sometime since I thought she looked really pretty and nice in ancient style clothing.

    4. I havent got a real chance to hear her sing, but i fell in love with one of her stage performances. but i didnt know her voice has been battered down by lau ka cheung….
      can i have more details? 😀

      1. “but i didnt know her voice has been battered down by lau ka cheung….”

        That’s just my personal opinion. She said others told her that her singing has improved.

        Not much details actually. I just remember reading that Lau Ka Cheung took her as student. After that, she released a mandarin album and I found her singing style has changed.

    5. i remember hearing that she ran away from home at a young age and gone through some though times… anyone willing to explain to me 😀

      1. I believe she had a rough childhood until christianity came along if I am not mistaken.

      2. I just heard that her mom abused her and forced her to do things that she did not want to do. However, I heard that she still treated her mom well in spite of all that.

      3. 🙁 she had such a dreadful childhood…
        glad she found happiness at last.

    6. @ HTS @ Funn

      “Also some people may not like children.”

      “Maybe she does not even want to have kids???”

      I took note of the word ‘yet’ in her reply. That’s why I said she should not not to wait too long. If her reply is just ‘She did not possess an urge to have a baby’ , I wouldn’t have given that comment.

    7. @ Chriselle

      Yes, a supporting role in FH3 as female lead best friend (now female lead is Maggie). Hey but at least Charmaine escaped SPOILERS SPOILERS *marrying Wayne Lai* SPOILERS SPOILERS in series. I don’t think I could stomach romantic scene between them.

      Working with Ruco is not impossible, as long as Charmaine is not booked by Mui or Chik.

      But no more Kwan Wing Chung. Gawd I hate his works with a passion!

      1. @sehseh,

        Lol, you responded to the wrong thread, but anyways… 🙂

        Awww… damn, I read the spoilers. 😮

        I don’t think Wayne and Charmaine would make a good romantic couple either. Just like I can’t imagine Bobby and Charmaine together in any romantic scenes. He just looks more like a brotherly figure or a boss she respects, IMO. It took me a minute to recall Charmaine and Bobby in Witness to a Persecution II. Maybe because that was an ancient series so it was less obvious, but does anyone think Bobby and Charmaine looks good in a modern drama?

        Lol, may I know why you hate Kwan’s works with a passion?

        P.S. I hate his works too other than D.I.E. Again. 😉

      2. Lol, I only realized after I pressed ‘submit’. Too much reply thread around here 😛

        D.I.E was his only series I think was passable, though I did not finish the series (couldn’t get pass Siu Yee storyline, so annoying).

        He always produced series with crappy storyline and annoying characters. Total fail in character development. Hate hate hate hate hate hate.

      3. Oops, my mistake! DIE was not produced by him, DIE2 is… and I never gotten pass the initial episode.

        Which makes none of his series I can stomach, though I’ve watch some episodes of at least 70% of his works (but didn’t finish them).

      4. Wayne and Charmaine?! Wow! Wayne has moved up the ladder!!

    1. But what roles would she play and who could she pair up with?
      Once an actress hits 40, it’s hard to find a compromise. Especially since nadia isn’t that pretty to begin with.

      For instance, I used to love flora Chan. I liked her from the minute I saw her in FOJ 5 and she was especially good in professional roles like untraceable evidence. But I couldn’t bear to watch “suspects in love” b/c she looked so si lai (housewife). Though it might’ve helped if they paired her with bowie instead of Joe ma.

      1. I agree. Even though TVB dramas are going downhill, for the most part I still manage to complete a series I started. I never managed to finish My Sister of Eternal Flower, but Suspects in Love was one of those I had to stop halfway.

        Supporting stars Him Law and Mandy Wong were watchable, but Joe and Flora was just lame. Although I never had a chance to watch Files of Justice and Untraceable Evidence, I’ve heard that Flora delivers well in professional roles.

        Seriously, what appeal did TVB see in Flora’s housewife role?

        I don’t think Bowie would have helped the situation. The issue is the producer, plot, and characters. The cast was fine, but the best, but still watchable.

      2. Sorry, I meant to say I managed to finish MSOEF, but not SIL.*

  5. Another thing. I like her original name more. The new name sound the same as her original name, but, the character used is different.

    Her stage/new name is 陳松伶 while her original name is 陳松齡. I find 齡 more unique. I always translate it as ‘long life’ since a tree has long life and 松 mean means pine tree and 齡 means age.

    1. and she added an extra “n” to her name to mean “Never give up”
      she seems to be a quite creative and short of spiritual person?… 😀

  6. I actually think that for 40, Nnadia still looks better than the average women! She and her husband match and look like an elegant couple <3

    I always notice that when people are first happy because of love, they gain weight. I would not be happy if that happened to me. LOL

    1. She looks her age, except the better end of her age. Nowadays a lot of 40 year olds do not look 40. I actually thought she gave birth or was pregnant or whatever!!

  7. I miss her so much, but as long as she’s happy then Im happy. I will support Nnadia always. Wish you all the best.

  8. Was she in ZU MOUNTAIN SAGA TVB SERIES with EKIN CHENG? I watched this serial years back when I was still in school. If she’s the one, then, well, she looks so different now. I’ve never heard any of her songs. Can anyone tell me where I can download them? I want all her duet songs with DERIC as well.

    1. i think the themesong for zu mountain II is her in duet with deric…

      1. i stumbled upon this artist 羽翹AVA on youtube anyone familiar with her?

        her singing is not bad!

    2. Yea, that’s her and she even sang the themesong with Deric in that series. I really miss seeing her in series.

    3. Here’s the list of Nadia/Deric duet. Download, you search yourself.

      天涯歌女 album:

      月兒彎彎照九州 album:

      今生無悔 album:

      仙侶奇緣 album:

      夢境成真.迷惘的愛 album

      ? album

  9. I miss all the fadans of the 90s and their great acting. TVB now pushing extensively Myolie, Tavia, Kate, Linda, Fala to be the next big fadans of TVB but all their actings have problems. None of them can headline a series by their own.

    Charmaine was TVB’s most successful product but that was only after TVB spend years of extensive push behind her and even then her acting and onscreen feel never measure up the fadans before. MSOEF was a down low in Charmaine’s acting.

  10. i really miss her. glad she is back in hk. i really wish she can sing for us once again. but it seems like she gave alot to her husband and doesnt want to loose him; just to work so hard for the entertainment industry.

  11. Eight years is a pretty large gap, especially for an ‘older woman, younger man’ relationship. Men are known to mature slower than women. Zhang Duo must be a rather mature person in his twenties already.

    But I wish them happiness. 😀

    1. 8 yrs gap is ok to me, it’s not that Zhang Duo was in his early 20’s. Plus, too many instances of actors in their mid 40’s marrying 20 yrs old young wife…

      As long as they are happy and share the same mindset maturity, age is just a number.

    2. Yea, I think 8 years is a big age gap too, but it can work out…

    3. thats why she is the LUCKY one. she is never attractive to begin with n this younger dude looks way too handsome for her hahahah LOL..shes not even popular in HK anymore due so many mr hks.

  12. My Nnadia…Thanks so much Jayne for translating her news. I heard that she was married a few years ago and it’s true.

    I hope she will act in TVB serie again.

    To Michelle: “Was she in ZU MOUNTAIN SAGA TVB SERIES with EKIN CHENG?” Yes, she was in that movie serie with Ekin.

  13. Weird how all these hk stars are getting husbands up in the north. Is there a lack of men in hk? Lol

    1. lol theres a larger “variety’ up north, my opinion” because most hk men are either non mature, some are too b*****, or too business like and lack the love to care for their other part. thus their careless on whether they get a bride or not because they can always go get a brides to-go.

    2. yes, i think so certainly the trend right now huh??
      hahah LOL

  14. Nnyadia’s hubby actually give me the impression that he will stray around with younger girls lol. But Congrats to Nnyadia and her husband.

    1. Why? And isn’t it Nnadia?

      Anyway at first glance I thought he was the uglier version of Frankie Lam!!

      1. Probably because her husband’s looks that give me this kind of impression. LOL @ the ugly version of Franky Lam. I also have this feeling that Nnadia is the kind who will obey and go with her husband with decision after reading the interview on top. Nnadia seems to love her husband more than he loves her…just my own personal opinion. Not sure about others’ thought though.

      2. Ahhh you mean his good looks and you think he is attractive?

        Frankly I always believe men who say I don’t want children will in the end leave the wife for the knocked up much younger girlfriend.

      3. LOL~

        He does resemble Frankie Lam a bit, but I wouldn’t consider him ugly. Not even close to ugly actually. Maybe that isn’t the best photo of him, but he looks decent.

        Nnadia, on the other hand, looks okay. Lost her charm though.

      4. @Funn,

        What made you think men who doesn’t want kids will end up with younger girls? Sounds like a Vivian Chow’s relationship to me…

      5. @Funn,

        to answer your question. Not really good looks and handsome.. He’s not my cup of tea lol.. I prefer someone cool like Nic Tse, Jay Chau, Takeshi etc. Maybe its just me, Nnadia’s husband’s outlook looks similar to Vivian chow’s husband.

      6. Pregnant younger girls. It almost always is the case.

  15. I would be sad if she retired, i’ll certainly miss her so beautiful smile. Congrats to Nnadia. I wish you happiness, i’ll support you always.

  16. Wow, at first glance I thought that was Frankie Lam’s brother or something. 8 year gap is a big difference, but I suppose they are in love. Lots of congrats to Nnadia! Her most memorable thing for me was TVB’s Secret Heart (was that the name of the series?) where Chilam found her buried alive (literally). Oh, I also remember her cute performance as the princess in The Legendary Four Aces (paired with Gordan Lam). Oh the memories.

    1. The series is called “Cold Blood Warm Heart”.

  17. The pic of her in the striped shirt does make it seem like she’s gained weight. A little bit of her belly is showing lol

    I think it’s fantastic that she’s married, so happy for her. She still looks good and I love her with the long hair. Wish she sang more though….

  18. I liked Nadia a lot when she was acting in a lot of series, and love her voice as well (singing)…it does seem like a trend for younger guy/ older woman now 😀 8 years I guess is nothing compared to Katherine Hung’s marriage where her husband is I think 11 years younger??

  19. Looks like I was not the only one who thought “Frankie Lam lookalike!” on first glance! 😛
    But anyway, big congrats to Nnadia! ^^ She does seem happy, and that’s great for her.

    (Though I must agree with Veejay that I get the feeling that she seems to love her husband more than he loves her.)

  20. I actually thought her husband looks like a cross between Ekin and the older Alex Fong…

  21. There seems to be trend that HK girls marrying Mainland guy & HK guys marrying Mainland girls.

  22. I think all women wants to eventually get married. But, honestly it’s not easy to find the right person. I always feel those who met the person they love and can marry them is considered lucky.

  23. I enjoyed watching any of the Nnadia’s series, movies and music as well. She is still so beautiful. She has a natural beauty and very talent! I wish her all the best! 🙂

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