CG Brings Back Sean Lau and Nick Cheung’s Youth

Starring Sean Lau (劉青雲), Nick Cheung (張家輝), and Karena Lam (林嘉欣), crime film, Integrity <廉政風雲 煙幕>, opened with good box office results. Not only does the movie boast a talented cast and exciting storyline, netizens were in for a surprise when they saw young versions of Sean and Nick in the film. These “young versions” of the male leads were not body doubles or look-a-likes. Rather, the director spent months searching for the right company and having them develop molds of Sean and Nick when they were younger in order to film the scene more realistically.

When contacted about the amazing achievement, director Alan Mak (麥兆輝) shared, “This scene is very unforgettable.  We got to see the two actors during their college days and the younger versions of them. When filming these types of scenes in Hong Kong movies before, the easiest way is to find two people who resemble the actors to do the scene. However, I didn’t want to do that. I initially wanted to seek out a CG company in Hollywood and have them develop the CG effects of the actors’ younger selves. But after doing some calculations, it would cost $1.5 billion HKD for two minutes of the scene.”

Due to the extravagant costs, Alan instead found a company in Hong Kong to develop moldings of Sean and Nick. With the help of various professionals and experts with CG, lighting, facial muscles, skin, and many other components, the scene took nearly six months to complete. “Although the results are not as ideal, it still accomplished what I wanted to do. We successfully brought the Police Cadet ’84 (新紮師兄) version of Sean and the ATV version of Nick back on screen and to the viewers’ eyes.”


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    1. Ditto………..Kinda sick of always the same few guys in these HK flicks……….Louis Koo, Nick Cheung, Sean Lau, Francis Ng…………I lost interest years ago in seeing any HK movies cause it’s always these same few guys and it’s always these extreme acting that just makes them seem like they are so good on the big screen when it is simply just a re-hash of similar characters over and over and over again…………Are there no other decent actors out there other than these few guys?

  1. They for sure didn’t use Marvel’s CGI tech; both Nick and Sean look like freaky wax figures.

  2. It looks garbage. Waste of money and time to even attempt this. If they really cared, they should’ve hired an American production company, but they are too cheap.

  3. Lol! They do not look younger but more like those 50yo artist that is bloated with Botox in an attempt to achieve youth xD those photos are like a bad job at photoshop, whoever did them need to be fire xD

  4. Whatever happened to giving new/ lesser known actors a chance? Remember Infernal Affairs 1 and 2 they got Shawn Yue and Edison Chen and it worked fine in my opinion. This CG nonsense doesn’t help anyone… it’s a waste of money because it looks like crap. Nick Cheung and Sean Lau doesn’t need anymore screen time.

  5. I cracked up watching this particular scene in the theatres. Especially when young Sean giggled. Looked nowhere as good as something you see in the MCU

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