Andy Lau and Sean Lau Headline “Shock Wave 2”

The second addition to Andy Lau’s (劉德華) series of Shock Wave <拆彈專家> films is set to premiere this year. Featuring a brand new story, the film stars Andy Lau and Sean Lau (劉青雲), in their first collaboration in 18 years.

The first Shock Wave film, released in 2017, is directed by Herman Yau (邱禮濤) and follows bomb disposal officer Cheung Choi San (Andy Lau) who takes down a wanted criminal who has a vendetta against him. Shock Wave will feature similar themes, but will tell a completely different story.

The Rise of Phoenixes <天盛長歌> actress Ni Ni () stars as the female lead. The film co-stars Tse Kwan Ho (謝君豪), Philip Keung (姜皓文), Marc Ma (馬浴柯), Kenny Wong (黃德斌), Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Timmy Hung (洪天明), and Chang Chun Kit (張竣傑).

Check out the exciting teaser trailer below:


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  1. Thank you for having the trailer posting the Canto language version…Looked up on youtube and could only find the mando language…why’s that…

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