Charlene Choi Has Positive Influence on Rich 3G Boyfriend

Charlene taps on her celebrity influence to promote her boyfriend’s new business.

In a stable relationship with “mahjong parlor prince” Anthony Shek (石恆聰) for over three years, Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) moved out of his luxurious mansion and back to her apartment at Redhill Peninsula, leading rise to speculations that their relationship was hitting a tough patch. The alleged reasons for the relationship cracks were due to Anthony not being ready for marriage, while Charlene was becoming clingy. However, the TWINS singer and actress promptly denied the rumors, calling them unfounded. It turns out that Charlene has been silently supporting her boyfriend’s new health food business behind the scenes and publicizing the brand to fellow celebrities.

As heir, Anthony had been helping out in the family’s mahjong parlor business in recent years, though his laid back stance failed to impress. After dating Charlene, he seemed to have changed and become more motivated. She encouraged him to change his chill, frivolous ways and concentrate on building up his career and establish his own credentials beyond his family’s successful business.

With Charlene’s encouragement, Anthony collaborated with a friend to start a health-based company  and successfully researched and developed his own products. Anthony also appeared to have won over his girlfriend’s family, as he was present at her father’s birthday celebrations last year.

Lent Her Full Support

At the opening launch of Anthony’s company recently, Charlene stayed for two and a half hours. Since the ceremony was kept private without press members, Charlene was visibly at ease and accompanied Anthony with formalities such as cutting the roast pig and entertaining guests, with the couple finally taking their leave in separate cars to proceed with their respective work commitments.

According to a close friend of the actress, Charlene would also recommend Anthony’s products to her celebrity friends, hoping to help promote greater brand awareness. However, she took care not to mention that it was her boyfriend’s business so as to avoid giving the impression that she was helping to push his brand overtly.

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