Charmaine Sheh Supports Linda Chung and Myolie Wu to Be TV Queen

Ever since Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼)  broke away “biological” relations with TVB, chances of reprising her past position as TVB Anniversary Awards’ TV Queen doesn’t look too optimistic this year. In reply to this, Charmaine self-professed that she understands the rules of the game thus she will concentrate on filming dramas in mainland China. As for the TV Queen award this year, amongst the hot contenders, Charmaine looked highly upon Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) while for the TV King award, Charmaine, of course, thought highly of her long-time good friend, Michael Tse (謝天華).

*Warning: Possible spoilers for new drama 4 In Love ahead*

Although Charmaine was no longer under a TVB management contract, she has in recent days been busy filming TVB new drama, 4 In Love. Yesterday night, the drama team were filming an outdoor scene on a building’s rooftop in Mongkok’s Sai Yeung Choi Street. Charmaine Sheh donned a 60’s image for the drama and proved to be extremely eye-catching in it. She then started filming with Florence Kwok (郭少芸) and more than thirty temporary actors, some of whom were people of other nationalities.

As it turned out, the scene was about Charmaine (who portrays an actress in this drama) filming a science-fiction thriller in Hollywood. Thus, Charmaine was required to wear white contact lens from time to time. Charmaine continued, “Your vision will turn blurry with these white contact lenses on. Thus, it was rather tough (filming in these).”

Highly Praised Michael Tse for TV King

When mentioned of TVB’s Anniversary Awards ceremony at year-end and how viewers were starting to look out for signs of the hot contenders for the TV King and Queen awards respectively, Charmaine was also asked for her predictions. In reply to this, Charmaine responded, “For TV King, there is no need to ask, I would surely pick Laughing-Gor Michael Tse! Since we (Michael and I) are friends, of course I will support him first! I also know that the viewership ratings for Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊> has been great. If there is a need to pick, I think it would be hard on us.”

When asked about the selection for TV Queen, Charmaine noted, “Linda Chung’s performance in Yes Sir Sorry Sir <點解阿Sir係阿Sir> and Myolie Wu’s performance in The Rippling Blossom <魚躍在花見> were both good.” (What about yourself? Do you have any confidence?) “For me, I really don’t think I have the chance lahs! Because I might not be able to attend the ceremony as I need to rush back to mainland in September to film Mainland drama, The Legend of Yuan Empire Founder <建元風雲>.”

In other news, filming outdoors in such a humid weather has proved to be an extremely difficult task for the cast and crew. However, Charmaine still acted with professionalism and responded that shooting at night wasn’t considered that tough already (as compared to filming in the day).


Source: Oriental Daily

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. lmao isn’t it obvious LOL. Charmaine is besically listing the award winners for the night. Actress: Myolie, Actor: Michael, Fav Female: Linda

    1. Yes Charmaine is hinting about the very evident award placement this year. Michael Tse, Myolie and Linda are getting the prizes. I still think Myolie deserves it whether rigged or not 🙂

      1. @lol: 😛 I also think this year Myolie is the best fish in the pool. However, I’m kinda afraid that someone will get mad and bash Myolie after this winning. You know, even a rumour with no name mentioned like the kelefe allows them to bash.

        So good luck to Myolie.

      2. Yes I also predicted that even if Myolie won this year desrervingly there will be some crazy fans or kelefes who will come up and bash Myolie. Now the awards is still 3-4 months away and this kelefe come up and they already bash.

        Myolie is a graceful woman so she won’t lose to these crazy fans of other female artistes 😛

      3. It’s unavoidable. These “kelefes” are too busy recently, lol. I’m more curious of what’s next.

        Haha, I think she’ll provide a good comment. She has good humour sense.

      4. Yeah. Unfortunately, she still has a lot of haters so she will be bashed for winning and they will be saying how it’s tvb rigging the award even if/though she may deserve the award. At the moment, she is in the lead for the award, she just needs another good performance in “Queen of All”. Hopefully, her evil role will be well written unlike Kam Ling was in Beyond.

      5. Yes and I’m not surprised if those haters are fans of another actresses in her batch :P. I hope Myolie will be striking in her QOA evil role too and it’s a new experience for her but yes I hope not another BTROC Kam Ling disaster.

      6. Yeap agree that there would be TONS of haters bashing her if she won it but if I was Myolie I would smile even wider and thanked the haters for if they did not bash me and critique me I would not have the strong determination to prove them wrong and now when I’d succeeded I shall rub this trophy in every haters face and laugh out loud that I just scattered their idol’s dream! LOL just a joke 😀

      7. Whatever they say, she wins means she wins. Bashes can’t change that.

    1. U think “pretty woman”, I think “Austin powers” go-go dancer.

      BTW, charmaine really does have a “snake” waist.

  2. Actually, I think just by looking at Charmaine’s photo, it certainly reminds me of a science fiction movie. Strange but I can’t see the “call-girl” side of it at all or as a “go-go dancer”!!

  3. I’d rather call the Sharon Chan in Ghetto Justice than call Charmaine Sheh

    1. Yes! Myolie is the most deserving out of the candidates this year 😀

  4. Interesting, I don’t remember the predictions coming this early in previous years? I haven’t seen any of the performances that have been much-talked about, but I like both Linda and Myolie so wouldn’t mind if either of them win. Am kind of glad that Charmaine is no longer in the mix b/c I was getting bored of her.

  5. Since the awards are probably rigged, does it mean anything to win one???

  6. Whats up with the wig and that dress? It reminds me of gaga. Charmine looks way more prettier then that fake hair and ugly dress.

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