Cheney Chen: “People from Divorced Families Can Give Happiness to Spouse”

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Cheney Chen: “People from Divorced Families Can Give Happiness to Spouse”

Cheney Chen defends himself and people from single parent families against claims of being unable to provide happiness for partner.

A Mainland Chinese article recently claimed that actor Cheney Chen (陳學冬) would be unable to provide happiness for his future partner because he grew up in a single parent family. Supporting this based on his guest appearance in My Little One 2 <我家那閨女>, the article stated that despite possessing respectful attitude and manners, the fathers of the four daughters in the show were not interested in him being their son-in-law, because he was from a dysfunctional family and therefore will lack the ability to provide love and happiness.

The 28-year-old actor gained recognition and fame after starring in the film, Tiny Times <小时代>. Continuing to participate in several notable projects, he is considered as one of the most sought after young male actors in China. Although Cheney may appear to have an idol baggage, he is actually an easy-going person who is mature and filial.

His potential in being a good partner was claimed to be recognized by the fathers in My Little One 2 in the article, however it analysed that the main reason why the fathers weren’t interested in him is because Cheney’s lonely childhood caused by his parents’ divorce will mean it’ll be difficult for him to provide happiness for their daughters. It noted that all the fathers desired a son-in-law with the same social status and family background, and many fathers who do not wish their daughters to marry into a broken family.

Seeing these prejudicial comments, Cheney couldn’t help but respond on his social media, “Marrying a person is supposed to be about sincere love, and not about their family background.” He also made it clear that he got along very well with all the fathers on the show, but most importantly emphasized that people from divorced families does not mean they are unable to provide happiness or be negative towards love. He said, “Rather, it’s because of growing in this environment that I matured a lot faster than my peers, understood better how to love someone, and cherish people beside me. [I know] how all of that does not come easily.”

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      I will happily marry him to my daughter….If he really loves her.

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      Having seen him in Let Go of my Baby, Cheney would make a great father and by extension a great husband…He has great parenting skills so whoever his future wife is she would not bear the brunt of child-rearing by herself.

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