Cherie Ying Threatens: “Do Not Flirt With My Husband, Jordan Chan!”

Married for only two years in Las Vegas, Cherie Ying (应采儿) and Jordan Chan’s (陈小春) marriage may be threatened by a third party!  It was rumored that Jordan’s costar in film 3D Sly Marriage <3D诡婚> had sent suggestive text messages and photos to Jordan’s cell phone while filming in Beijing earlier. The suggestive messages were discovered by Cherie, who did not retreat in fear, choosing to boldly expose the flirtatious woman’s actions instead!  

In a Weibo blog post, Cherie wrote angrily,”If that woman dares to send more strange text messages or photos to Mr. Chan, I will reveal your name and phone number online! Do you understand?!”

Cherie’s threat in putting an immediate stop to further flirtatious messages sent to her husband, Jordan, drew wide support from the Weibo community. One netizen remarked, “Mrs. Chan’s dominance marks her as the legal wife! She is my idol!”

Regarding the nature of Cherie’s blunt message, her manager stated, “Cherie possesses a straightforward personality and will say whatever is on her mind. This incident obviously made her very angry, prompting her to write such a message on her blog.” Asked whether Jordan Chan was being harassed with the flirtatious text messages, Cherie’s manager replied, “You cannot concretely say that he is being harassed. Cherie did not tell me about this incident, but she has her reason to act this way.”

Identity of Flirtatious Costar Revealed?
Although both Cherie and Jordan have remained silent on the identity of his flirtatious costar, it was understood that 3D Sly Marriage star, Julia Jiang (江雨霏) had uploaded an intimate photo with Jordan on January 6th, while writing, “Thank you Jordan for treating me to the lovely lunch!”  On February 19th, Julia wrote, “I hope to be a good wife and mother, but where is that man?” 

After increased speculation that Julia was the indeed the fliratious woman who had sent Jordan the suggestive messages, Julia wrote in a February 27th Weibo entry, “I will not explain myself, but instead let my friends describe what type of person I am…. Although my temperament is good, that does not mean I can be stepped upon!” Afterward, Julia wrote, “Due to my poor health, I will officially resign from the entertainment industry starting today…. I will encroach upon a new beginning in life.” As a result, Julia became the prime suspect as the allegedly flirtatious woman who had sent Jordan suggestive messages and photos.

Jordan Loves Cherie

The day before, Jordan and Cherie took a vacation together to celebrate their wedding anniversary while attempting to conceive a baby together. Regarding the entry of a “third party,” Cherie said, “I will not respond further, as I have already issued my stance in my Weibo post! I would like to thank everyone who have shown their support.”

As a man, perhaps being pursued by many woman was a dream come true. It was apparent that Jordan still possessed the charm to attract other women despite being married. However, with Cherie’s strong personality, he may be faced with temptation but unable to act upon it. Asked whether there was an actress who threw herself at him, Jordan replied, “I did not say so, but the only thing I can say is: I love my wife very much!”

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Jayne: Kudos to Cherie for putting a stop to the fliratious woman overstepping the line. If you discovered someone sending suggestive messages to your boyfriend/ husband, would you call her out in Facebook?

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  1. She does indeed have a quite interesting way to deal with this kind of problem.

    Anyway, I was very emotional when hearing the vow of Cherie to Jordan.

  2. Wow, I thought the person in the picture was a guy. It’s pretty obvious that she’s the guilty party just by her response.

  3. Unfortunately naming and shaming on social networking sites only works if the “3rd party” has shame otherwise it wouldn’t make an ounce of difference

  4. “Jayne: Kudos to Cherie for putting a stop to the fliratious woman overstepping the line. If you discovered someone sending suggestive messages to your boyfriend/ husband, would you call her out in Facebook?”

    Helll YEAH!

  5. Cherie should be happy Jordan is still getting some attention from females after starring in Dragon Pearl.

  6. If the guy is married or in a relationship, leave the guy alone!!! Even if he tries to flirt with you, you walk away.

    1. Fully agree with you P,
      I’m Chinese, so I can say that “face” is very important to Chinese family.
      I don’t want walking around having people pointing figers at me saying I am a third party or wrecking someone marriage.
      And more important, I don’t want see any women take away my husband, so I don’t want to take anyone husband. ‘What goes around comes back around’ some people might think this is not true, but I can tell you is true, I have witness it with my own eyes.

      1. LeilaFan,

        I am not trying to be racist but I have seen many Taiwanese girls who wreck other people’s relationships thinking they can steal the boyfriend from the other girl. They even confront the girlfriend and tell her to leave the boyfriend. The worst thing is that they dont feel shameful! I guess their definition of cheating is only when the guy is married.

      2. @P,
        Really?? I don’t know many Taiwanese girls so I can’t say, but one of my Vietnamese friends said that it ok to go after someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend since they are not married yet… She also believed that it is only cheating if they are married…

      3. To P,
        I didn’t write Taiwanese in my post.
        I write Chinese, I just speak myself since I am nothern Chinese. I’m not Taiwanese so I cannot speak for them.
        But here even in my homeland China, there many girls do that too, not just only Taiwainese. In facts this can happen anywhere.
        And if a guy is in a relationship, better off leave them alone. I wouldn’t want any girls go after my boyfriend, so I don’t go after their boyfriends.
        Anyways, I’m old and I’m married, LOL! This is for you single people to decided whether you want to wreck someone family or relationship.
        I just would not do it, I just cannot do it. My morals and ethnic doesn’t allow my conscience to do such things.

    1. Yeah, she’s got a very “don’t mess with me” thing about her. Sassy lass for sure.

  7. Cherie Ying.. Isn’t she the pretty girl who acted in Kung Fu mahjong II ?

  8. Well… if Jordan Chan has such flirtatious women around him, just imagine Nic Tse.

    1. I dislike flirtatious women who go after married men. I want to choke them, but I won’t. I think I’ll take the Cherie route.

    2. Jordan is funny while nic is brooding and handsome, so they both attract lots of women.

      Nic used to like mature girls until Cecilia. I hope he goes back to the mature taste. Maybe like a Michelle Ye could be a possibility.

      1. Michelle and Nic would make a good looking couple. But I’m not sure if their personality would be compatible.

        On that note, I would like to see a collaboration of them sometime in the future.

    3. Is Nic Tse really that attractive? :S i dunno maybe if he cuts his hair id think differently lol
      When i think of “Hot HK Men” i think of Shawn Yue. I suppose Edison WAS hot but now that his older his not (Like Aaron Carter, he looks like a druggie nowadays)

      Nic Tse is eh… i find him and his dad amusing i call them “The sunglasses Fu Zi (Father Son)” i dunno he comes across arrogant to me.

      But i wont deny his a good father, same goes with CC shes a good mother (IMO anyways)

      On Topic: Man i wan a friend like Cherie, love her fierceness haha

      1. At least more attractive THAN Jordan. By the way I must admit Jordan since his marriage looks healthier, fatter and no longer that drug addict look. This woman is good for him. Hopefully he is good for her.

      2. I don’t find Shawn Yue hot.

        So, comparing Nic and Shawn, I find Nic hotter.

      3. Everyone’s taste is different. nic has the youthful look which makes him appealing. ed has the pervy look and shawn is….just shawn.

  9. It takes two to tango. Jordon can and could tell the person to stop flirting with him. I think it is not fair the wife has to stand up and tell the wh-ore to stop flirting with her husband. Some females are so pathetic they need to play or chase a married men in order to increase their self esteem.

    1. But there will always be some woman who don’t even used their brain or their conscience to think that when the guy they are pursuing try to no offend them(ie; tell them he’s married).
      They think they are so damn pretty/sexually attractive(most common) to even capable to grab your hubby/bf.

  10. Jayne, I don’t know where to post this but for the past few days, it has been excruciatingly slow when accessing your site. I do not think it’s a problem with my internet, as I can browse facebook and other websites just fine. Is there a problem at your end?

    1. Nicole,
      Our site is a bit slower during peak evening and early morning periods. Certain pages such as “Recent Comments” are slower to load as well due to the page attempting to load 500 comments from its cache.

      By excruciating slow, do you mean it takes longer than 1 minute to load the site? And this is the main index page? Also, accessing via cell phone is also slower since we currently do not have a simplified mobile version of the site. However, if you access from a fast broadband connection via a regular computer, the loading speed is generally acceptable.

      1. Yes, it took about a minute to load this page (which has 30 comments currently). I am using a fast broadband connection on a laptop. Other sites that I visit only take a few seconds to load.
        And it only started happening several days ago. Before, it was loading fast too. (:

      2. Nicole,
        We will look into the ways of increasing the loading speed for our site. I do not have any problems with the current loading speed for this site via broadband connection.

  11. I actually very much agree with Cherie’s technique. However, I wouldn’t be able to employ it myself since I am tracking towards academia.

    Still, it’s pretty awesome. Stake your claim girl. Besides, unlike weibo, my FB is private and unsearchable, and I am only friends with people I know and like. There would be no point in airing out my affairs if it won’t reach the intended party haha.

    But if I were Cherie, I’d do it lol

    1. Iampheng,
      While I do admire Cherie for staking her claim on her husband, I believe Jordan should have played a larger role in rejecting such overly flirtatious behavior to begin with. He should still have the underlying responsibility to act and behave in a manner so as not to give his female costars any false hope, letting them know he is a committed husband who will not cheat on his wife.

      The wife needing to step in to say, “Stay away from my husband or else…!” signals that it is already late in the game and perhaps Jordan was not clear enough on rejecting Julia’s advances. “One hand cannot clap” so to say.

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