Chilam Cheung to Compete for Colleagues’ Votes at TVB Anniversary Gala

Despite being the public’s favorite for TV King, Chilam Cheung (張智霖) must also convince his colleagues of his worth as they vote for their Best Actor pick at the upcoming TVB Anniversary Gala.

To create a unique experience, TVB has introduced a new segment for this year’s Anniversary Gala. Over 400 TVB artists will gather to vote for their TV King, TV Queen, and The Most Talented Actor award. The result of the live vote will be announced at the end of the show’s broadcast, and the winners will receive a pair of diamond glasses worth over $100,000 HKD. The winners of the colleague-vote at the Gala celebration will not influence the outcome of the official Anniversary Awards in December.

TVB has also thrown in an abundance of prizes for artists participating in tomorrow’s Gala celebration. In addition to the usual housing and cars, the company is offering company stock and one ton of gasoline this year.

Under the threat of the two new free-to-air TV stations and burdened by its inability to retain its top talents, TVB has been making various attempts to improve its company culture. Despite the large turnout during last year’s public poll, TVB has decided to determine Anniversary Award winners this year with its own panel of judges, freeing up the platform to reward its most popular, promoted artists.

Although he does not have a management contract with TVB, Chilam is still very valuable to the company since his success in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄 II> has generated additional income streams and re-ignited the fan fervor so rarely seen in recent years. With a confirmed invitation to precursor show, TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013, Chilam has a very good chance to sweep this awards season. It is unlikely that tommorow’s live vote will dampen his TV King buzz, and given Chilam’s friendly disposition and wide social network, the results may further propel his hot contender status.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. This will show who is the most popular artiste among TVB artistes and staffs.

    I guess Kenneth will win this since everyone keep saying about how humble and nice he is. Linda may win the TV Queen counterpart because every artiste keep saying Linda is nice and friendly to everyone.

    Francis definitely not since he has a history of being too stiff and borderline arrogant to costars and crews.

  2. It hard to predict who will be the winners; let’s wait and see.

  3. I agree that this is about the most popular artiste among TVB artistes and staffs.

    Linda definitely will not win tv queen. Look at her acting in BK, Kristal even outshined her. She really need to improve on her acting.

    These awards are based on their acting, giving to the TVB employees to vote is BS.
    Their judgement will definitely be bias.

    1. nope. they aren’t bias since kristal win. they voted sincerely for ma ming and kristal deservingly. good job tvb artistes! great judgement!

      1. that is still bias to, voting for friends and not on acting is still bias

    2. Actually, artists would probably be less bias than TVB. I hope Ma Ming gets Best Actor and Chilam/Ruco for favourite male character. Chilam isn’t the best actor- he’s only in a few series. Only his character is well-received. Linda was terrible and I hope she won’t get any awards. I want Tavia to get another award but she’s already won last year so probably won’t.

  4. such an obvious ‘pork-dividing’ segment! but after thinking, it’s good news. hopefully the actual ceremony next month will be a fair one! anyone knows when will they release the official nominations? this week?

  5. After this all the actors will go out all the way and try to be nice to one another!Kenneth Ma should have no problem garnering most of the votes. As for the ladies maybe Linda?

    1. Linda definitely will not win tv queen. Look at her acting in BK, it’s just poor, I mean really poor

  6. Everyone ends up voting for themselves… all way tie ! LOL

    1. nope. they voted sincerely for ma ming and kristal deservingly. good job tvb artistes! great judgement!

  7. “The winners of the colleague-vote at the Gala celebration will not influence the outcome of the official Anniversary Awards in December…” Wow they really think audiences are dumb.

  8. The segment is basically asking artists’ to vote for either 1) themselves or 2) their colleague friends. what Tv King and Queen? They should have just called it ‘My favourite colleague’ and not confuse people lol.

    1. Actually I feel this best represent the TV KIng and Queen, as voted by peers. But you’re right; it is favourite colleague. But does Kristal strike you as the friendly colleague? Call it Congeniality award also can. All I know is TVB just slapped themselves unless the eventual winners of TV King and Queen is the same here.

    1. The TV King and Queen voted by their TVB colleagues have been revealed.


  9. look like the artists have very good eye sight. Kristin Tin win . Happy for Kenneth Ma.



    happy for kristal too for tv queen win! deserving! this results is wayyyyyy better than tvb trying to award chilam, moses and linda at the real awards night!

      1. Oh Most Talented? I thought the best of the best. Law Lan. By the way correction; not TV King and Queen. This has no bearing on the eventual award so I suppose you can call it Mr and Miss Talented Congeniality award.

      2. Please, let’s have some respect….the ‘Most Talented Artist’ winner was veteran actress Helena Law (no, she’s not just ‘a veteran’)…she’s also an HKFA Best Actress winner and very much respected in the industry. Absolutely well-deserved win in my opinion and I’m glad to see others in the circle recognize her talent as well! Congrats! (sidenote: sorry if I sound a bit harsh, but I kind of took offense to Helena being ‘dismissed’ as merely ‘a veteran’….she started in the industry before most of us were even born and has been able to maintain her high standard acting and humble attitude for decades – to me, that alone deserves the utmost respect).

    1. TV KING top 2- ma ming, wayne
      ma ming win!

      TV QUEEN top 2 – kristal, linda
      kristal win!

  11. I think the votes were for:
    1) Artiste with best acting
    2) Best colleague with good acting.

    Anyway, I am happy for Kristal Tin (Actress with BEST acting) and Kenneth Ma (BEST colleague with good acting) in 2013.

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