Chilam Cheung to Be a Monk? Admits He Fights with Anita Yuen

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Chilam Cheung to Be a Monk? Admits He Fights with Anita Yuen

Chilam Cheung (張智霖), who is a devout Buddhist, attended the anniversary and exhibition event for Thrangu Vajrayana Buddhist Centre and shared he participates in Buddhist activities as much as possible when he has free time. The actor also revealed he thought of becoming a short-term monk before.

“But my heart is not steady enough,” Chilam expressed, “it is not time yet. I’ve thought about going on a retreat for seven days, or even not speaking for three days, but I don’t think I can do that yet. Not touching your phone for three days is also considered a retreat, I need to try not playing for one day first.”

He added his wife Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) would be willing to cooperate if he wanted to try it. In fact, she attended the Thrangu Vajrayana Buddhist Center before. They also went to Nepal with their son, Morton Cheung (張慕童), when he was only three months old to see a Rinpoche. Chilam said, “[Morton] really has fate with Buddhism. When he went with us, he sat quietly and listened.”

Reporters also took the chance to ask Chilam about the news of him fighting with Anita at the airport. Chilam denied that they were fighting and explained she was just walking ahead. “People usually ask me if I was the one who chased Anita or vice versa, but how can I chase her if she walks so fast?” he expressed. “So now you know I’m not the one who chased her.”

However, he stressed they do fight as a couple, usually over small things. “I think it’s really normal to,” Chilam said. “Two people who are together cannot always be on par with one another. There would definitely be happy times as well as disagreements.”

Although, he hinted that he has a sharp tongue so he would definitely win an argument if he wanted to. “I have the potential to be a lawyer,” he said. “My son has also inherited my sharp tongue. He makes good points and Anita can’t outtalk him.”

Chilam also shared Morton is already 12-years-old now, and they are starting to feel more like brothers than father and son.

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Chilam Cheung to Be a Monk? Admits He Fights with Anita Yuen

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      “So now you know I’m not the one who chased her.”………
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