C-dramas to Ban Artistes Who Had Plastic Surgery?

Embroiled in scandals recently, the most recent being an ex-employee who shared photos of the actress taking a smoke, Angelababy’s (楊穎) troubles look set to increase, as more talk of restrictive guidelines on C-dramas emerge, including an alleged ban on artistes who have done plastic surgery!

Latest word has it that Chinese drama production teams have to abide by a set of five prohibitive guidelines:

(i) military dramas cannot include romantic themes; (ii) artistes must use real names on their identification papers and not English names; (iii) period costumes have to be historically accurate and not overly exaggerated or glorified; (iv) prohibited casting of artistes who have had plastic surgery and (v) required close supervision of artistes’ tax declaration and that of their registered companies. While seemingly proving the veracity of scriptwriter Hailin Wang’s (汪海林) exposé, it turns out the ban on English names applies only to dramas and not individual artistes’ social profiles.

Artistes in Danger of Drama Boycott 
Beside the name restriction, the ban on artistes who had plastic surgery done again brings Angelababy to mind, as her vastly different looks before and after entering entertainment have long set tongues wagging. Despite the actress once getting a verification done at a hospital to deny plastic surgery work, netizens were not entirely convinced. To avoid their works from getting implicated, many production firms are very likely to avoid casting artistes plagued by surgery rumors.

Besides Angelababy, netizens have named other artistes in danger of being boycotted, including her ex-husband Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明), in addition to Wang Yibo (王一博), Kitty Zhang (張雨綺) and Ju Jingyi (鞠婧禕).

While current restrictions apply only to dramas as China Film Administration and the party’s publicity department has yet to announce new measures for films, it certainly looks as if actor and producer Donnie Yen (甄子丹), who earlier pledged to avoid casting female stars suspected of having done plastic surgery might just be ahead of his time, as the same guidelines are very likely to apply for the film industry, with it being merely a matter of time.

Angelababy Receives Criticism for Acting
Appearing in an elegant white bridal dress while wielding a gun for upcoming miniseries Back For You <漫影尋踪>, Angelababy was again criticized by netizens for her soulless expression and stiff body language which made the scene resemble a mobile game commercial more than a drama, said comments. Despite the negative feedback, the actress’s work studio has not been letting up on publicity efforts, as it shared new photos of her styling for Chinese variety program It Sounds Incredible <聽說很好吃>, which revealed her slender, fair gams as she posed in a youthful black outfit.

Source: HK.On.CC

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  1. I feel this no plastic surgery guidelines is definitely healthy for the industry… I always feel it is such a shame to see the increasing number of artistes/influencers on screen/online that have similar looks… chiselled jawline, big eyes, high nose and fillers to add cheekbones etc.. It set a false standard for the general public. I really rather look at natural Chinese beauty.
    I do not know which artistes will be affected by this guidelines…but in time, it will become clearer as I believe, many artiste in China do have some degree of plastic surgery done…some may not be noticeable.

    1. Fillers for cheekbones? As far as I know, they don’t appreciate prominent cheekbones in China. I’ve seen actresses who probably had a cheekbone reduction that made their faces look rather unrealistic…

      Ju Jingyi for example used to have very cute visible cheekbones but these days there’s nothing left of them.

      1. Cheekbone reduction…really? I never knew that. Ju Jingyi has so much work done on her face… I do wonder if the new guidelines will affect her…

    2. @Hohliu I for one agree with you 150%. There is nothing more beautiful than people being themselves. I agree actors, signers and models have grueling schedules and want to keep their bodies in shape, but not look anorexic, I hope. However, keep the face you were born with. I’m sure that would make these celebrities more relatable with their fans and audiences. I don’t think this should apply to those who had a facial accident and required reconstructive plastic surgery, or who had a nose job to improve their breathing. Medical reasons,yes, cosmetic personal surgery, no. I still can’t get over how Angelababy brought that quack doctor on that show to debunk whether she had surgery or not. She had no chin before. Then all of a sudden she had a Grace Chan, or Karena Ng type chin. What she and the quack forgot is that no matter how much weight a person loses, or how much they exercise their face, an elongated chin can only be created by the skilled hands of a plastic surgeon. He insulted all fans, all audiences around the world, but more sadly, every college of physicians and, surgeons globally by going along with Angelababy’s ridiculous scheme.

  2. Lol, such hypocrisy. If you want to tackle plastic surgery first of all tackle your cyber bullying and toxic fan culture. The same people whining about it are the first to body shame artists when they appear onscreen. And of course more restrictions on creativity, I’ll probably not be watching any cdramas in the next few years.

    1. that’s what the regulators have been trying to implement with the clean internet movement, but western media called it suppression of freedom

  3. HXM has plastic surgery too?

    I wonder how they are going to implement the ruling on plastic surgery. Didn’t AB get a doctor to examine and verify she is natural but a lot of people still do not believe it. So is the authority going to get their own panel of doctors to prove that the artists never undergo the knife?
    And what about Hu Ge, will they make it as an exceptional because he got into an incident so the reason for surgery is totally different?

    1. @BearBear yes, HXM is the king of plastic surgery in Chinese entertainment. I thought him and Angelababy should have remained married for that reason alone, hahaha. Well, some people can tell when these celebs get surgery. I do believe that in order to move forward with their careers, they might have to go through some medical check procedure that determine if they had surgery. As for that quack who came on the show to debunk whether Angelababy had surgery or not, that joker should have lost his license for blatant lying. He was paid quite handsomely to sell his soul, is all I can say. Any fool can see how AB went from an ugly ducking to a beautiful swan, poof!, just like that!!. Can anyone say PS, haha. I believe China eill be without entertainers if this goes through.

      1. @Renren probably only AB’s fans think she’s natural but seriously, in a normal situation where doctors’ medical assessment are trusted, people will not question so I’m still curious on how the authorities going to impose the ruling. Besides these celebrities may have done the surgery in other country and return with a new face. There are some who are very plastic looking (like the actresses in Wong Jong’s latest HSDS movie) but I am not sharp enough to recognize all.
        Does increasing cup size included in this rule? Lol.

        It’s sad that even with so many cases of plastic surgery, we still don’t see outstanding and unique looking artists like we see in the 70s-80s.

        Actually it will be great not to see some of these celebrities acting because of the ruling.

      1. @BearBear haha I don’t know what they will do about the breast implants and background jobs. Those two surgeries are a bit tricky to address. Do you know that with modern medical scientific breakthroughs, men and women can have procedures internally done without scalpel intrusion. That means no tell tale signs of scars, etc. Yet doctors can tell a procedure was done, and what exactly was done. If hiring plastics surgeons to check these actors is the way they choose to go about it, then the surgeons can tell if PS was performed on these artists. If this follows through, we won’t have many actors left.
        I too like the ethereal beauty of the 70s and 80s actors. They depended on their talent and not their looks, and they worked hard too. The bew crop knows the fans with jeep them rich, famous and in your face, talent be darned. As the saying goes, time will tell.

  4. Selfishly speaking, I’d love if C-entertainment banned artists with plastic surgery. It really weirds me out to watch people with obviously shaved jaws and nose jobs on screen. If I wanted to see unrealistic-looking faces, I could just watch a cartoon instead. 5-10 years ago, most actors and actresses were/looked natural, but nowadays even actors in minor supportive roles sometimes get work on their faces done.

    Society is just way too obsessed with appearance and chasing superficial perfection and it’s all reflected in the media we consume.

    1. @BearBear if a Nan had an internal procedure done with instruments being placed into his body, no scalpel, no stitches, , no scar, a doctor can , and will know. If a woman has invasive surgery and again no scaring, a doctor will still know. If these actors are subjected to an examination, even if they went abroad for the surgery, a doctor will still know. I don’t know what method they will use, but they will know. We are living in a high tech Era.
      When I watch old dramas and movies from the 70s and 80s, I miss that beauty those women possessed at that time. It was all about their acting, not plastic surgery. Nowadays, this crop rely too much on their PS, and their fans will throw money at them once they have a “beautiful ” or a ” handsome” face. They do not work on gaining or improving their skills cause they know the fame and money will come.
      You know, if this reach Taiwan and Hong Kong, we are left without entertainment, lol. It is really bad in Asia, the plastic surgery syndrome. One actor qafter being told he was ugly, came back with the poutiest, most kissable perfect lips, teeth, a jawline that could shave ice, the biggest eyes and the most perfect nose. Too bad he did not do anything about his ears,lol,haha, or he would be the most beautiful of them all. He is gorgeous now, with or without makeup. His boyfriend is lucky, as his body is not bad, and his legs are slender and gorgeous. He is not from China
      Let us see what they do about the boob and butt implant surgeries, lol. .

    2. Although there were some positives with Korean entertainment influence in China, Korean obsession with facial visuals (and the cult of idol worship) carried over to C-ent when K-drama wave became super popular there in early 2000s.

  5. how do they know someone has had PS or not? well, if they don’t allow glorification of period dramas, then that just mean they can’t film ones about WWII in particular how bravely communist soldiers fought the japanese.

  6. Too many actors will be affected then. Almost everyone has something done in one way or the other. Even some of the actors we all like have something done. Like their fans be saying they just lost weights, but clearly you can see their facial structure becomes more refine, chin becomes slimmer, etc. It also depends on what the gov meant when they said “Plastic Surgery”. If it’s all about natural beauty, then cosmetic surgery also falls under that same category as PS. And the filters they used in movies/dramas will also have to be removed?

  7. Thought no one cares about Gen X & Y anymore. Aren’t most of them married or retired already.
    Can’t wait for GenZ’s generation for new actors and actress! It’s time for the new gems in Generation Z to shine!

  8. Fillers aren’t considered PS, because they can dissolve over time. How are they going to authenticate whether PS was done or not? Will they make every actor go through physicals and have docs make that determination…?

  9. China reminds me of my bumpkin relatives everyday. Here’s an idea, make better shows. K-dramas and J-dramas are light years ahead.

    1. outstanding award-winning K-dramas give deep insights into the high suicide rate as an escape from ‘Joseon hell’, despite SKorea’s sophisticated and modern exterior.

  10. The only guideline that’s agreeable is #5. The rest is a bit ridiculous unless it’s on flexible terms.
    #1 I get that romantic themes in military dramas don’t mix, but in a logical sense, the military is made out of people. Where there are people, there is romance. Just make it obscure, otherwise, it’s really bland.
    #2 A permanent stage name will do just fine.
    #3 I like this guideline, but to follow it, dramas may not appear as appealing as they used to be. Making sense is good, but beautiful costumes can attract attention.
    #4 As said above, many take plastic surgery because of body shaming despite some taking it for addiction. It’s not always the artistes fault when they do have plastic surgery, but hopefully, this guideline can reduce people from doing them.

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