Chinese Thriller, “Double Xposure” to Be Released September 29

Mainland China’s new thriller, Double Xposure <二次曝光>, starring Fan Bingbing (范冰冰),William Feng (冯绍峰), and Huo Siyan (霍思燕), is slated to enter mainland theaters on September 29. The film will be Fan Bingbing’s third collaboration with female director and writer, Li Yu(李玉), who had previously worked with Bingbing on the indie films, Lost in Beijing <苹果> andBuddha Mountain <观音山>, the latter winning Bingbing a Best Actress award at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Best known for her low-budget art house films, Double Xposure will one of Li Yu’s most expensive movie and highly marketed movies to-date. Taking two years to develop the script of Double Xposure, Li Yu expressed her confidence in the film, and believed that “there will be at least one point in the movie that will touch the audiences.”

Double Xposure centers about a rich young woman named Song Qi (Fan Bingbing), who is troubled by various illusions after seeing her boyfriend (William Feng), cheating on her with another woman (Huo Siyan). Soon afterwards, Song Qi finds herself in the midst of a murder case, and that a secret that has been hidden from her for many years is slowly exposed. Although the film may seem to be a thriller at first, the ultimate theme of Double Xposure will be about how money can lead to the beginning and destruction of one’s life.

Li Yu hopes that with the film’s various genres and themes, including mystery, romance, suspense, and fantasy, the Chinese film industry will reach to a new level of creativity.

A significant proportion of the film’s budget went on investing the filming equipment to create unique camera angles and cinematography to match the film’s dark tone. The cast and crew also traveled to all corners of China, and filmed in remote locations in Guangxi, Xinjiang, Ganxiao, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, and Beijing, adding more mystery and suspense to the film’s grand scope.

The organizers will treat over 20,000 viewers for a chance to watch the film before its official release day. Double Xposure is not marketed as a blockbuster, but the organizers believed that with a pre-screen audience, Double Xposure will gain more attention through word-of-mouth.

Watch “Double Xposure” Trailer

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  1. What a sad sad post before my post; not one single comment for this one.

    Never liked him.

    1. (Pulling up an older post but whatever…)

      Really? I actually like FSF, but one thing I hate (one BIG thing actually) is his résumé; the guy has poor taste when it comes to picking quality productions.

    2. Feng Shao Feng has countless blockbuster movies in his resume after Gong but for some reason Gong is still his most noticeable work.

  2. William is going places after signing with HuaYi Brothers. I enjoy his mainland series even before he became more popular after starring in ‘Gong’ with Yang Mi. I support him.

    On the other hand I’m not a fan of Fan Bing Bing as I find her rather fixed in her expressions. And, I felt she’s the wrong choice for this role.

    1. Jasmine7,
      Do you feel that Fan Bingbing is too glamorous for this role? An actress who looks more emotionally vulnerable may have fit the role more.

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