At Risk of Being Fired, Coffee Lam Delays Meeting With TVB Due to Fever

Although Coffee Lam (林芊妤) is on the verge of being fired,  she has done little to persuade TVB to let her keep her job. Due to the gravity of Coffee’s public restroom sex scandal, TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) hinted that the company will terminate Coffee. Though TVB intended to give her one last chance to explain her controversial actions in person, Coffee suddenly fell ill and was unable to attend the meeting on June 24.

Coffee’s 30-minute rendezvous last week has quickly become the talk of the town. Although the scandal has made her more famous than her dramas ever could, fame certainly came with a hefty price tag. Virginia Lok, head of TVB’s artiste management department, publicly denounced Coffee’s restroom tryst and seems even angrier about her alleged escape to China afterwards. Although Coffee has apologized on her Weibo and to the media soon after the incident, Ms. Lok has stated that TVB has never received a personal apology from Coffee. Ms. Lok also chastised the 24-year-old for not notifying the company when she left Hong Kong, which is a serious violation of TVB’s management contract.

Coffee was called back to TVB to explain herself yesterday, but instead she stayed home due to a high fever and requested to take the next few days off to rest. Responding to reporters, she promised to meet with her company as soon as possible and clarified that she flew to Beijing last week only to negotiate a job offer to teach yoga.

Ms. Lok updated the media on the same day, saying that the company has granted Coffee’s request and delayed the meeting but emphasized that it will be difficult to sway TVB’s decision. “This incident is very serious. Sometimes we cannot take matters lightly because we must protect the company’s image.”

Other accusations against Coffee’s character have also surfaced in light of the restroom scandal. Most recently, a leaked photo of her kissing Come Home Love <愛.回家> star Joey Law (羅天宇) came to the public’s attention. Although Coffee has yet to comment, Joey admitted that he had dated her about four or five years ago, adding that Coffee told him that the photo was leaked by her friend. Even though Joey seems to trust Coffee’s claims, Ms. Lok sounded far more sarcastic when asked to comment, “The photo was taken with a personal device; it is obvious who was truly behind this.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Looks like Ms. Lok is not backing Coffee up and very upset. Not looking toooo good for Coffee.

    1. Ms Lok should be locked up so she can’t express her opinions about other people’s business anymore. Why the hell does this girl Coffee have to explain anything to anyone??? I wish her the best of luck. Hope she finds other job opportunities soon so she can give TVB the finger. Seriously, talk about infringing on employees’ rights to live their own lives. They are actors, it’s a freaking job. At the end of the day, what they do in their own free time is their own business. TVB’s image is awful already, and anyhow, who gives a crap about TVB’s image but TVB?

    2. Ms. Lok sure plays favorites. I remember how supportive she was with Raymond’s photo scandal but treats Coffee like this. Maybe they are also more forgiving to men rather than women? HK society is still so old fashioned.

      1. Lol the photo of him sleeping on his bed? That is nothing compared to her case of making out in a handicapped toilet

      2. But note that im not on ms lok’s side. I do think she is being a lil too harsh..

      3. All right, maybe we should see how TVB treats Ruco Chan (not someone from Lok side) for the new photo scandal to see if there is much different. If Ruco Chan has no punishment, then you can say that men is easier forgiven than women in Txb.

      4. Alluka, Fox whoever you are. I know you don’t like ruco but I can’t believe I’m reading this from you that Ruco shld be punished for a topless picture that appeared in a corner of a photo he posted on weibo or facebook where you can’t even see his face and that photo was taken in the privacy of his home? Even if that was a topless pic of him with a female, it was accidentally posted and subsequently deleted. And the photo was hanging on a wall in his own home, not some public place. Wasn’t a crime so why should he be punished? Your mentality and logic are baffling.

      5. About Ruco, you can’t even be sure that person in the photo is him with another woman. You don’t know when it was taken, what circumstances it was taken, where it was taken, why it was taken. All the article had was one grainy blurry headless photo released by Ruco himself. Where is the scandal? What is the scandal? Yes 620 should release a statement and Ruco should sue. Other than that I don’t see why Ruco is dragged into this sorry affair.

      6. @lol: I do not like or dislike Ruco Chan particularly, but it is still a photo scandal and it showed that Ruco Chan has love relationship with someone. Well, we all can assume it must be Ruco Chan and his girl friend because it is in his room and nobody would hang picture of other man and woman topless in their room. And it is not much different to LF’s photo scandal that HTS has mentioned.

        I myself do not think those photo scandals are scandalous and/or a crime. Even the incident of Coffee Lam, I think of it as her own private life, not a crime. However, 620 in this situation thinks it damaged her image enough to fire her, and HTS said of 620’s treatment regarding LF’s photo scandal, hence I mentioned of Ruco Chan’s photo scandal to say that the famous one will not be fired, regardingless they are in 620 side or Catherine Tsang side or Sandy Yu side.

        I hope it is clear enough for why I mention of Ruco Chan’s photo scandal. I do not think he will be punished or fired. However if he is Coffee Lam, perhaps.

      7. @Funn Lim: Cat Tsang will do for Ruco Chan in lieu of 620, my guess.

        It is a photo scandal because it is on newspapers

        (Kidding: Anyway you do think that photo does not contain him? Perhaps you can request him to take a clearer picture of that photo to know. Not only you, I am curious as well.)

        Ruco Chan as an example due to the fact he is not under 620 side.

      8. Alluka, Ruco’s case and RL’s are different. I didn’t see RL’s pics but from the hoo ha it created, the pics must have shown him in compromising position taking centrestage. The “photo scandal” in Ruco’s case features 2 grainy headless bodies in the BACKGROUND OF THE MAIN PIC. Unless you scrutinise you won’t even notice the “offending” pic. That pic was obviously for personal viewing and accidentally made its way into his selfie. He didn’t mean for the whole world to see it unlike in RL’s case (though it was thru no fault of his). If Ruco’s to be blamed for anything, blame him for not checking his surroundings before he took his pic. It’s only a topless pic taken in the pool or sea. In some societies, this is perfectly acceptable even. It’s not as if it showed him engaged in some s-ex act. Above all, do remember that it was meant for private viewing only. And what’s wrong with having a love relationship? You make it sound like a crime. As for Coffee, it’s scandalous as she was even videotaped in the act, complete with sound effects. She can do what she wants in her private life of course, but to engage in the act in a public place is a big no no. So TVB is not playing favorites in the case of Coffee and Ruco. Wld appreciate if you refrain from dragging Ruco’s name into this whole Coffee episode. Btw, the article on Ruco appeared in Next Mag which we all know has been blacklisted by TVB. They’re clearly making a mountain out of a molehill.

      9. The photos is so grainy I can’t even be sure that is a pool or that is a woman.

        And so what if he is in a relationship? He has always maintained he doesn’t mind anyone knowing. He could be having casual sex for all I care. Again I doubt the picture confirms any relationship or even a woman in it. This is like trying to put some scandal spin into something wholly slanderous. Now THAT is bad journalism. And if any fans were to give credit to such an article, even if non fans, all I can say is surely you can’t be that dumb.

        As for RL, now that is different. It was him on a bed sleeping next to a woman he never acknowledge ever seeing until then. Ruco’s is not compromising position and again we can’t be sure who that is or if it is a man. RL, well we are sure who she is.

      10. Understanding one fact: Ruco is mentioned due to the fact he is not under 620 side.

        @lol: Well, actually LF’s photo scandal was also on Next :D.

    3. Lok is a real beetch and even looks exactly like one……….what goes around comes around so someday I hope someday someone has a pic of Lok with some guy’s dong in her mouth…..Hopefully Raymond Lam’s dong.

  2. It is possible that she sent the picture to her friend(s) and someone reforwarded it and reforwarded it… Why wouldn’t Ms. Lok believe her?

    1. Very possible. We all share pictures, don’t we? It’s quite obvious Lok is not on her side. Good luck to her.

      1. Yup, the girl seems to make one mistake after another. There’s a disconnect between her brain and her mouth when she speaks. O 🙁 😀 LOL!

  3. Even her ex boyfriend believes her but not Ms. Lok?

    1. LOL

      Public restrooms in China are even worse for “gathering”. haha 🙂

      1. Unless they could survive breathing fresh sent of human poop

      2. Now that would be a punishment that fits this ‘crime’.

  4. Time for her to start a new career as a porn or category 3 actress ……who knows, she may be the next Shu Qi…..

  5. I wonder what is there to explain? Shouldn’t TVB protect their stars by trying to dismiss the issue rather than flame it? What about a statement “She is young and rash and she knows she is wrong” and have her have some press conference, cry, bow and admit she is wrong? Or is she now lesser than even Sire Ma who was involved with a woman who was involved with another woman? Why would anyone want to sell their soul to TVB if the devil won’t protect them or make an effort to protect them? I mean this girl was dumb but not something so serious that her career should end.

    1. Sometimes I feel 620 is secretly jealous of the younger female stars. Or she is just the worst artiste manager ever, her every quote is daggers aimed to destroy, unless it is male stars.

      1. 620 management style is very questionable all these years. It will be a big fat tell all book on why she screw a lot of veteran artist in the company.

    2. Good point. Obviously, Lok favors certain artistes while the ones she doesn’t care for, she heavily criticizes.

    3. Just because her tenure at TVB is coming to a close (a foregone conclusion), it does not mean her career is ending.

      In fact, she might even able to capitalize on her notoriety. Some here already suggested that she gives Wong Jing a call….

    4. I think the difference is that she’s a contracted artist, and not a management artist like Sire.

    5. agree,what she did was not worser than sire ma’s case,if tvb can forgive sire ma why not coffee? tvb management just suck.

      1. Sire Ma’s case is totally different. Sire is lesbian and had a smooch kiss, which is totally different than a quickie bathroom sex. Get real, would you rather be caught kissing a person of the same gender, or caught giving someone a quick blow? Sire on the other hand made a quick apology and went in to explain. This girl on the other hand, well, she knows she’s toast.

      2. Sire was caught smooching a woman attached to another woman meaning she was the 3rd party. The fact that it was a lesbian relationship is of no concern to me.

      3. AND Sire accused the press of lying remember? How facts are quickly forgotten or do we have different standards?

      4. I think what Sire did differently was Sire might’ve begged TVB for help, while Coffee went MIA without any notice to TVB. In the real world, if you went MIA for 3 days straight without notifying your superior, HR can reprimand you.

      5. Agree with Vincent. Anyhow, Sire’s at that time girlfriend came out and exposed how Sire seduced her to have sex behind that friend of hers during the trip and still TVB tried hard to save her. So I guess whatever you do just go to 620 and kneel down and apologize first, this would be their best option, as it will boost 620 ego to save them.

    6. I do think she should explain. She works for a company and she ruined her image terribly. According to whatever contract she has, she should explain to respect to her employer and to acknowledge the mistakes that she made. If she just hides, pretends to be sick, or whatever, I don’t think she deserves any forgiveness. She didn’t even try her best to defend herself. Some young people don’t like to admit their mistakes and they don’t like to lose face.

  6. She knows shes getting fired so just wants to have some more fun

  7. The headline title made me laugh. That’s all.

  8. “Fever”

    Oh boy, this is a symptom of an infectious disease. Having learned this in Human physiology class, STD’s / STI’s is a big probability for her, especially after her little quickie LOL. She better go get herself check.

    This can range from anywhere to HIV or Syphillis.

  9. Coffee can act in ‘Lan Kwai Fong 4’. Her image will suit the movie. 🙂

  10. Is that really fever? Of she is actually stalling to wait offer/backup from her new ‘boyfriend’ or job opportunities elsewhere before deciding whether she should stick her middle finger toward TVB or crawl to 20 crying.

  11. Coffee has an average face but pretty nice body. I don’t think she has anything special to be a top actress or star but she can try contacting Wilson Tsui director of LKF4

  12. hi there

    1. poor thing.
    2. you can hide but not forever.

  13. Virginia Lok is such an old bag. It’s 2014 not 1980. Relax and let the young kids have their fun. Virginia is only upset because she can not get a man to so the bathroom thing with her.

    1. Holy Cow! Do you know what you are saying? How old are you?
      According to you, let the young kids have their fun and all the sexes they want? In the public washrooms, public library rooms, karaoke rooms, or where else? Don’t blame Virginia Lok for managing her artists coz it is her job. Do you want every artist to have different kinds of scandals affecting the company, HK population, and the youths in HK in general? Think before you speak.

    2. According to your concept, by 2050 every young kids should just have all the fun (having sex) they want to in public places. Hmmm… sounds like an animal world by then. Concept Title: Human will turn to animals by 2050.

    3. FYI, she is married with a husband and her husband is handsome.

  14. It is strange how TVB claims to care so much about image but yet they used rape scenes to try to attract the audience. Hypocrites…

  15. @Rainbow

    How can the scandal of Coffee affect the whole population of Hong Kong????. That is such a strange statement to make. How can it affect the kids in Hong Kong???. OH I KNOW!!!!!. Because the dear parents, children and everyone else look up to these celebs as the perfect role models, who are spotless, pure, angelic, innocent and can do no wrong. It is time the people in Hong Kong, and Asia in general, get off their stupid, delusional a-s-s-e-s and tech the children that celebrities are okay to like, it is okay to be their fans, buy their products, support them, and like them, but not worship them as role models because they are human like everyone else and make mistakes and do bad things like everyone else. That is what the parents and older adults need to teach the youth. I guess they cannot do that cause they themselves are worshipping these artists as perfect gods and goddesses. How delusional and sad. sad.

    Although I do not agree with the venue where Coffee chose to have her fun, yes, the young people deserve to have their fun. It is a pity that so many Chinese are stuck in the stone age to the point that Coffee should be crucified, scorned, vilified, and cast aside for the rest of her life.

    1. Great comeback. Couldn’t have been said any better =)

  16. Wow. This is a cruel reality… Miss Virginia Lok completely turned her back and shove Coffee towards the cliff to protect TVB’s image. As if TVB’s image was pure to begin with..

  17. She is kelefe Raymond is a money spinner. That’s business. I think she needs to change her name. Have you ever heard of a Coffee being a famous star? This shows how shallow she is. Choose more real names is important for success.

    1. That’s right! I can’t imagine calling out to her at a cafe.. Might end up with a cup of coffee unintentionally! Lol.. Coffee, tea or me?

  18. Does anyone think she might be overly stressed over the incident and thus fell sick? Maybe she got confused and not knowing what to do, and people around her not supporting her at all rather giving her more pressure and she just left HK as she couldn’t cope? I dunno, but I don’t think she is very brilliant.

    I remembered there was this Taiwan lady (Xu Mei Fong or something I don’t remember) who was caught having sex with a married man. So what? She went publicising herself and even held concerts. I think back then the women were cursing her for being so thick skin but on the other hand the men were crazy on her. She turned the awful exposure into a money making opportunity for herself.

    I’m not saying that people should learn from her to have illicit sex but it was impressive to see someone turning such a bad case into an opportunity for herself.

  19. i saw her in one of the come home love episodes recently! she played a yoga teacher, bend down to reveal half her boobs whilst correcting the guys’ yoga pose. the guys did all these to get their girlfriend/spouse jealous. this scandal really made her known. otherwise people wouldn’t be able to recognize her thru that swift 1 minute screen time!

    1. She’s always given cheap roles like these which require her to flaunt her boobs. No wonder that rich dude thought he could save on the hotel room and just bang her in the public loo and be done with her. Sadly she doesn’t know what self respect means.

  20. It’s ironic that TVB’s stand is so moral in real life when in their series, they have peple doing one night stands, rape scenes, pre-marital sex and even show some detailed kissing/petting action.

    They do all these in their series, and some not even indicated as a bad thing. But, when Coffee has some fun, they made her out like she has committed a serious crime. 🙁

    But, Coffee handled this issue badly also. Her avoiding TVB management showed to them that she’s irresponsible.

  21. She will make a great Cat III actress..

    Coffee, tea or err..

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