Emi Wong: Hong Kong’s Top YouTuber

Many youngsters are joining the trend of becoming YouTubers after witnessing the success of people like Hong Kong YouTube stars Emi Wong and Coffee Lam (林芊妤) make a living off of their interests through videos. Both known for their beauty and fitness content, Emi and Coffee are often compared to each other by viewers. Despite having the same niche, 28-year-old Emi is surpassing 30-year-old Coffee in terms of monthly income and the number of subscribers.

Emi, who was working an office job when she started filming YouTube videos as a hobby and side job in 2017, is quite the scholar. She achieved seven “A”s on her university entrance exam and studied international business and global management at the University of Hong Kong. Although her high grades may give the impression that she only studies, the YouTuber revealed in a past interview that she had an affinity for partying and drinking and disliked exercising.

The party girl would spend every week drinking the night away at Lan Kwai Fong, and as a result, a few years of late nights and alcohol took a toll on her health. To offset the damage, she completely changed her lifestyle by exercising and soon fell in love with working out and eventually attained a slim and fit physique. After Emi got her personal trainer license, she decided to share her newfound passion for exercising on YouTube via fitness-related videos.

Taking on all the responsibilities of filming, producing, and editing, Emi shared that she learned how to do everything online. Her hard work paid off as her video views and subscription numbers doubled, and her popularity, work opportunities, and income increased dramatically. According to website NoxInfluencer, Emi earns an estimated $300,000 Hong Kong dollars a month from her videos alone. It is no wonder why Emi decided to quit her office job and become a full-time YouTuber in 2018.

Her number of subscribers have since grown to 2.62 million, which is double the number of subscribers that Coffee has. Although both Emi and Coffee are well-known Hong Kong fitness gurus, netizens wondered why they have such a disparity. One netizen guessed that Emi reached a bigger audience because she speaks English in her videos.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. i’ve watched both of emi and coffee’s videos. i like emi’s much more, coffee’s seem too beginner and basic. both ladies have very beautiful bodies.

  2. I’ve watched both and I prefer coffee….
    I can see why Emi has more subscribers as she does speak English Which is a big advantage when coffee speaks Cantonese only…

  3. Emi has a much more down to earth personality that probably attracts a lot of non-asian viewers. Coffee seems more preoccupied with being cute and girly and that sometimes comes across as fake.

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