Coffee Lam Makes $200,000 a Month as a YouTuber

Putting the past behind her, the former actress is pulling in the cash with her online yoga lessons and healthy image.

The coronavirus pandemic saw Hong Kongers staying home with schools having been closed for months. With enrichment sessions also ordered to close, former TVB actress Coffee Lam (林芊妤), who is now a yoga instructor, also had her studio classes temporarily paused. Great at turning crises into opportunities, the 30-year-old readily turned her attention to teaching yoga through online videos. Getting her husband and one-year-old son to join in on her popular YouTube channel, Coffee garners an impressive 100,000 likes per video, beating out even some celebrities and earning up to $200,000 HKD each month.

Earns Up to $2,000 an Hour as Personal Instructor

While her public bathroom scandal back in 2012 brought the once-unknown TVB actress much infamy, Coffee, who had hitherto been at the station for six years, was not defeated by the public pressure. Going online to share about yoga instead, she earned much attention as a yoga instructor. In 2018, she married senior bank manager Chak Chee Weng (翟德榮) and gave birth to their son T.Y. Chak (翟德彥) last year, which became a personal turning point for her.

Obtaining her yoga instructor certification as early as in 2012, Coffee has since attained huge popularity and won over office ladies and housewives with her admirable physique, regular sharing of yoga and fitness tips and demonstrations, and success in shaping up within a short 10 days of childbirth.

Her amassed popularity led to her yoga classes being filled up quickly each time despite being priced at $500 HKD per lesson, with her personal instructor fees as high as $2,000 HKD an hour. Actress Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) who slimmed down four months after the birth of her son Brendan with her help, was one of the many celebrities who had hired Coffee as their private instructor.

Close to a Million YouTube Subscribers

Open about sharing different aspects of her daily life, Coffee had uploaded pictures of herself doing a handstand while heavily pregnant, breastfeeding as well as enjoying a bubble bath with her son.

Over the past two months, the former actress actively updated her social media regularly and taught yoga online. An insider shared, “When Coffee was pregnant, her challenging poses shocked office ladies and housewives and triggered a minor backlash. Despite this, she successfully put the saga behind her and achieved popularity especially with yoga instructional videos featuring her son. During the coronavirus period, she quickly turned her focus online and even got her husband to join her in her videos. She now has a million subscribers on her YouTube fitness channel. Fond of her healthy image, many advertisers, from apparel to electronics and kitchen utensils industry, have approached her. Her son even got a kids’ apparel sponsor. While many are troubled over the lack of work opportunities, Coffee is bucking the trend and is earning a lot!”

Source: Weekend Weekly

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  1. Wow!! Impressive indeed. No wonder people are attempting being a you-tuber instead of a regular job.

  2. Ok. I highly doubt she gets $200,000 HKD(about 25.8k USD) each month from youtube.

    Jan 9, 2020 report:
    “Using Forbes’s estimated pay rate of $5 per 1,000 views, a YouTube video with 1,000,000 views can make upwards of $5,000, which makes being a modern-day influencer a pretty lucrative job! ”

    another source:
    “Her video titled, “This Is How Much YouTube Paid Me For My 1,000,000 Viewed Video (not clickbait),” which itself has 2.7 million views, made more than $7,000 in Google AdSense revenue, Church said.”

    林芊妤 gets about 2.2 million views per month total. So, 2.2 times 5,000 only give about $11000 per month. Which is still very good but not 25.8k per month.

    1. @tomtom thanks for researching that. i wonder if they add on the sponsorships stemming from YT into that total. if so, then that would make sense.

    2. @tomtom It’s different for each YouTuber. It really depends on the number of ads. There’s this YouTuber Shelby who posts videos about her daily lifestyles. She got about $3k-$5k USD for her 1 million views videos, while her friend who posts videos about tech/computer got over $40k+ USD, just for a single video. That’s insane. A YouTuber with less views could make more money than another that has 1 million+ views.
      I’m not saying this particular actress could make that much, the $25k USD. But that’s not like it’s impossible considering the audience she has and the online yoga class. If her videos are long as well, that will make more money.

      Found the video:
      It’s actually interesting watching them compared how much they each earn. He usually has less views than her, but makes a lot too and even more for some videos.

  3. On Socialblade, it does estimate that Coffee’s YouTube makes anywhere from 3k-36k a month. She’s not doing bad at all considering she barely started her YouTube channel for almost 5 years. Some people do have what it takes to drawn in the audience so good for her.

  4. Actually her yoga YouTube video as are pretty good….

    There are simple workouts to more full on workouts

    Her IG is pretty good, her son is very smart too…

  5. Whenever I see her or her name, I can’t help but think of that Youtube video of her in the bathroom scandal..

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