Relaxed Bride: Coffee Lam Runs on Treadmill on Wedding Day

Former TVB actress, 28-year-old Coffee Lam (林芊妤) and bank executive Chak Chee Weng (翟志榮) held their wedding today. Preferring a casual and simple wedding, the couple obtained their marriage license and held a small banquet afterwards, inviting only 30 guests. Coffee said, “We didn’t have a lavish stage, but every moment was precious.”

Although currently five months pregnant, Coffee was a relaxed bride. She went to the gym and ran on the treadmill on the morning of her wedding. Fans saw her update her social media account with an exercise clip, and were surprised that hours later, Coffee would be getting married.

Going home to shower and apply a light layer of makeup herself, Coffee changed into a halter-style dress. Leaving her hair down, Coffee’s bridal look was simple, but beautiful. The groom wore a blue suit without a tie and appeared equally casual.

“Since both of us like things simple and regard getting married as a simple affair, so the guests were only our family and a few friends,” Coffee said. “There were laughter and tears the whole night. We didn’t have a lavish stage, but every moment was precious. This has been the wedding I’ve fantasized all along. The most important thing is that both of our families are very happy, which is what we wanted the most. The wedding concluded happily, but my biggest regret is that I didn’t invite [all] my friends. Hope everyone understands. I’ll invite everyone when my son is born.”

Dating for three years before tying the knot, Coffee said to her husband, “From now on, I’m Mrs. Chak, but I’ll continue to treat you as my boyfriend, so our love will continue to be as sweetly passionate as our dating days.”

Source: HK01

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  1. She was super fit to begin with so of course with such low fat percentages, her baby bump won’t be as noticeable as someone who’s of average or fat build.

    1. @th3m0ng3r you are right. Coffee Lam is super fit fitness fanatic, so not surprise she has a taunt abdomen and strong ab muscles which will minimize her chances of showwing her pregnancy. However, she does have that pregnant glow and the facial pregnancy puffiness. Her body structure looks different, even without a tummy bulge, and she has put on weight all over her body. That is why I find it so hard that netizens can’t see when celebrities are fooling the public about their pregnancies when the truth is, a surrogate is carrying the baby.
      Wish her well with her marriage and baby . She paid her dues and deserves her happiness.

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