TVB Actress, Coffee Lam, Had Quickie Sex in Public Restroom?

Above: “Triumph in the Skies 2” starlet, Coffee Lam, was caught behaving indecently inside a public restroom.

TVB actress Coffee Lam (林芊妤) was speculated to have had quickie sex inside a public restroom. She and a male friend, Will Lam (林知譽), shared a spacious restroom stall for people with disabilities located inside a Hong Kong mall. Confronted by the press after the 30-minute tryst, Coffee said that she did not do anything indecent inside the restroom, explaining that it was only a “gathering to talk” .

Initially only known as Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) voluptuous girlfriend in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄2>, Coffee primarily served as eye candy in the series. She is also good friends with model Liddy Li (李悅彤), who headlined recent gossip reports due to her extra-marital affair with director Oxide Pang (彭順).

Sexy Restroom Date?

After breaking up with her ex-boyfriend several months ago, Coffee was spotted on a date with 31-year-old Will Lam at the IFC Mall. Will is the heir of High Fashion International Limited, which has a $900 million HKD market capitalization. Although Coffee and Will apparently only met a few times, his hand was seen resting on Coffee’s buttocks after kissing her passionately.

The couple rushed into a public restroom and stayed for roughly 30 minutes. During that time, loud knocking sounds and heavy breathing were heard. After some shuffling, Coffee and her date began speaking heatedly. Afraid that someone might knock on the door, Coffee openly asked to go to Will’s house. She also said to Will, “I like you, but I feel like you’re playing me.”

When Coffee and Will finally opened the restroom door, they were shocked to find reporters waiting outside. Will went back into the restroom, while Coffee explained that they were not doing anything indecent.

TVB’s Response

Known for its conservative management, TVB responded sternly over Coffee’s public restroom scandal. Management executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), said, “TVB is very concerned about this matter. As an artiste, this is very inappropriate behavior. If moral standards are lacking, then there’s nothing else to say. It is highly inappropriate for a woman to act in this manner in a public place.” Ms. Lok said that “it was very clear what had happened” and it may be necessary to re-arrange Coffee’s current work projects due to her negative image.

Michael Tse (謝天華) commented on the scandal although he did not personally know Coffee. He said, “But I know who Karena Ng (吳千語) is! If it really happened, perhaps young people like excitement. But it’s not good that [their actions] may affect other people who need to use the restroom. It’s best that they find a better place next time.”

Janet Chow (周家蔚) said, “The day after I was placed in the Miss Hong Kong pageant, my manager told me to watch my own behavior. Now that I’m a mother, I’m even more aware of [the impact of] my actions.”

Coffee’s Cries For Help

Only 25-years-old, Coffee’s incident may potentially burn all bridges and ruin any further advancement in her acting career. On her Sina Weibo blog today, Coffee admitted that she made a mistake and asked for forgiveness for her “lax behavior at a public place”. She hoped the media would give her some space, “Who doesn’t make a mistake? I will change.”

Some fans expressed disappointment in Coffee’s lack of ethics, while others were concerned whether her career will be over. However, it was not ruled out that Coffee may even have staged the incident for publicity.

Sources: ihktv.comMing Pao; Ming Pao

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  1. Coffee….what a name. She is just as disgusting as “coffee” Full of brown bean ****, lol. I mean get a room. Public washroom is already gross enough.

    1. This happens so often in western society, why r the paparazzi so up ur face in Hk. Seriously what’s wrong with sex in the toilet. If u r horny, then by all means do away. It’s more appropriate to do it in the toilets anyway, better than out in the open park, trust mean I’ve seen it before

      1. There are things you need to consider…even though it’s a public washroom and you’re in an enclosed room with walls and a door where no one can see you, but you have to remember this a PUBLIC washroom that someone will be using. Why would you have sex and make out in a public area?!?! Although people can’t see you but they can still HEAR you and it is disturbing. Think about your surroundings. What if they came out of the washroom naked and and some kid happen to pass by and saw this? Or what if some kid was just passing by and happen to hear whatever horny sound they could be making (banging on the walls/hard breathing/moaning and etc) You justify that it is appropriate to make it in a washroom because no one can see you. Okay, so is it okay to have sex on a plane INSIDE a washroom if you are feeling horny then? Think about the 100’s of OTHER people who are on the same plane as you…do you think they will not feel disgusted?! Please….yes, nobody wants to see people make out in a park and etc but saying it is appropriate to do so in a PUBLIC washroom…I’m sorry, I just can’t understand your way of thinking and personal view. You may think however you want as it’s a free choice. But really, a public washroom?! This is not only just ANY public washroom but one for a DISABLED PERSON to use. I mean please have some respect for people…..

      2. I can’t believe people are actually backing up what she’s doing LMAO! What society are we living in? Anybody with morals and values will know it’s morally wrong to have sex in a public washroom or any public place. If they do it at home or hotel, fine, but in a public restroom!? I’m very disturbed to know that you think it’s alright.

      3. @Andrew,
        Totally agree!!!

        “What society are we living in?”

        Of course it’s the cheap douchebags that support it.

  2. Hmm.

    Either this will boost her career like no other, or it will make her vanish from the face of showbiz. This can go either way, really.

    If TV won’t use her, she can always try to make it in movies. I’m sure PLENTY of directors won’t mind having her around to boost movie ratings.

    I have to say though…that bathroom looks HUGE. but still, PUBLIC restroom? I could never understand why ANYONE wants to do it there. It’s so gross.

  3. P.S. While it’s not her smartest decision ever to have s3x in a public restroom, or the wisest choice in picking that guy (even though I think this kind of forces him to date her?), I don’t think this is something we should condemn her for.

    It’s not the smartest decision – but how is that different from say smoking? How about smoking in front of your kids? HK is one of the most toxic ciggie-cities in Asia. While what she’s doing isn’t harming anyone, aside from embarrassing herself, can you say the same for smoking?

    1. Nothing could force a guy to date a girl if he did not like her. If he likes her for he money its another reason but in this case if he wants to dump her, he will.

      1. Normally i would say yes but this scenario is a little bit different. If he dumps her right after this, he’ll be known as a scum all over HK. Even if he’s a major jerk, for his own benefit, he might have to stick it out for a while.

  4. I just think she made a bad choice to pick the location or followed the guy’s idea. Bad decision. Bad judgment. Thats all. Cause really what she did did NOT affect anyone else.

  5. “She is also good friends with model Liddy Li (李悅彤), who headlined recent gossip reports due to her extra-marital affair with director Oxide Pang (彭順).”

    I think Liddy needs a break….why the need to link Coffee to Liddy? The writer of this article needs a knock on his/her head!

    1. We’ll hear about a latte or cappuccino next lol

  6. To do something like that in public lack of decency, but to take up a stall for those with disabilities is totally lack of humanity. For 30 minutes, she locked those in a wheelchair out of a public restroom. Normal people can use other stalls, but for someone who needs that stall, and don’t have access, is a total shame. Coffee tryst disrespect herself, but other people as well.

    Off topic, she’s not a good actress anyways, so TVB limit her schedule is no big loss for the audience

    1. True. At least they should have used a regular stall.

      1. I think that was the only restroom in the vicinity.

    2. ” For 30 minutes, she locked those in a wheelchair out of a public restroom.”

      u reaching… only person out there was the camera guy

      1. “u reaching… only person out there was the camera guy”

        Gosh, learn to read between the lines, all it meant was for the 30 minutes she occupied the stall, someone in a wheelchair, a pregnant lady, a guy on crutches etc those who needs a roomier stall is unable to use it because Coffee is doing her dirty business it in.

        I was not there, and neither were you to witness who’s waiting outside, all we see is what written by the media.

      2. To be fair, the place looks deserted/quiet, quiet enough to hear her moaning. I am however concerned how gossipy the press were, spying on people so obviously.

      3. Its the mall’s fault for not soundproofing the toilet area.

      4. “the place looks deserted/quiet, quiet enough to hear her moaning”

        Under such circumstances, who wouldn’t run away (in embarassment) to look for another public restroom immediately after realising that people are having sex in that public restroom (especially with the paparazzi there)?

    3. Well, if you look at how empty the mall was, and how the shops look closed, I can definitely say, there was a queue of disabled people waiting for the restroom.

  7. The only good thing to come out of this for Coffee is that now the whole HK and parts of Asia know her name. Previously she was just an unknown kelefe. Instant fame, whooo!

  8. Any updates? Is she holding a press conference?

    1. Sushiroll,
      TVB management would only hold press conference for its major artistes. Ms. Lok’s response indicates that Coffee is on her own to deal with this scandal.

  9. “Confronted by the press after the 30-minute tryst, Coffee said that she did not do anything indecent inside the restroom, explaining that it was only a “gathering to talk””

    lol… yes, gathering to talk, in a restroom.

    I feel for her to some extent, a stupid mistake to make. Now that TVB has planned punishment which may just include suspending her involvement in any projects, I sure hope the “guy” who was with her doesn’t drop and run.

    1. He has no obligation to keep her at all to be honest. He wanted a chance to be with hot boobilicious artist and she wanted a chance to marry a rich 2nd gen. There is 0% chance they’ll be together now that pap caught them like this.

      1. Don’t think any decent woman would want Will Lam either after seeing the video.

      2. I don’t know. He might be thinking about playing her, but after they (unintentionally) mentioned this to the public that they’re official, he has no choice but to keep her. At least for now.

  10. I think she is too naïve to think that such guy will ever be true to her ..sigh ! actually she is not bad looking should learn fr Charmaine Sheh or Myolie Wu or Lynda hard to earn fame and respect not from scandal

  11. LOL….”gathering to talk” in a toilet cubicle??? Like there’s no other place “to talk” Such a lame excuse.

  12. Coffee? yes please.
    Can i have some milk to go along?

  13. I think her behaviour is inappropriate especially when she is at the beginning of establishing herself as an actress. However, it is sexist to condemn her actions simply because she is a woman. It is disappointing that in this day and age society still places unfair standards on a woman’s behaviour. TVB has the right to reprimand her for her actions but addressing it in such an outdated manner seriously pisses me off!

    1. Nahhhh. If it is was a male TVB artiste in there, same reprimand.

      1. No doubt but the way in which Lok phrased it,
        ‘…it is highly inappropriate for a woman to act in this manner in a public place,’ really rubs me the wrong way. She could have easily replaced ‘woman’ with person or artist.

  14. This is a much sensationalized news, but I still despise the act of the paparazzi in their perverted act in taking such intimate moments of them both.

  15. If this were the US or Canada this would be positive publicity if anything.

    1. Yep, a great career boost if she’s in the west.

  16. I do not know much about Coffee Lam, but I do know that thanks to the TVB powers that be, the halo=wearing, holier than thou, perfect, sinless media and netizens, her career is now over.

    Although what Coffee did does not make her a prostitute or WOMAN OF LOOSE CHARACTER, she did make a selfish and stupid horny decision to hold up others with disabilities who might have been in need for use of the washroom. It was not a wise choice.

  17. Coffee is going to be known as a bad plague, scorned and rejected by the Asian society for life. Wow, I am so happy when I see the few posters on here who have scolded her stupid, horny action, but have not thrown her to the wolves. Inappropriate behavior from Coffee?, Yes INDEED. Does she deserve to be crucified and rejected and cast off?, NO,

  18. To be honest, if she just rolled with it and instead of being apologetic; just stand up and act nonchalant about it… it would pan out better.
    It would at least let the public view her as a strong character and not one to retreat backwards when caught in the crossfire.

    We all saw how Gillian Chung went down in flames despite public apology etc… best to take your chances and be known as a strong daredevil.

    Either way, great publicity for a no-namer lol 😛

    1. Lol, haha yes I agree!

      I would cheer on these women so much more if they would just be like, yes I did it, so what? Lol. I mean, it’s bad to do it in a public space, and that’s what she should apologize for, but nothing’s wrong with being intimate. Everyone’s looking at it like it’s a crime.

      1. @Moncherri

        Well said, very, very well said.


        I also agree with what you said.

  19. Well I guess all publicity is good publicity since now ppl actually start to recognize her…

    1. Exactly. Everyone deserves to get it on. Sheesh. People are jealous much, i tell you! LOL.

  20. Why didn’t Coffee and Will just offer to pay off the paparazzi? Saw the video on Youtube – there was only the cameraman and ‘reporter’ at the scene to begin with. Will & Coffee could’ve just composed themselves and offered to buy those 30minutes of film… would’ve saved them both a lot of mess!!!!

  21. LOL, WTF, how does her incident have to do with karena Ng? I like how Michael Tse (謝天華) said, “But I know who Karena Ng (吳千語) is!

    LOL, he must have thought the couple was Ng and Lam! LMAO!

    1. Her name is Lam Chin-Yu (林芊妤)
      Karena’s name is Ng Chin-Yu (吳千語)

  22. In a dirty public restroom? As sayong goes, GET A HOTEL ROOM

    1. I think was more that they wanted to experience the naughty thrill of it than that they couldnt afford it or couldn’t wait. Now they are truly paying the price.

  23. If she is a cheater, then can’t be forgive. If not a cheater and also they are couple, then we should give them a chance for not doing in public place. after all everyone are human.

  24. She need to see a doctor to get check-up. Make sure she will not be pregnant or get AIDS after the incident.

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