Grace Wong Does Intensive Workout with Coffee Lam

After leaving TVB, Coffee Lam (林芊妤) reinvented herself as a successful yoga instructor. She has a large following on YouTube with over 730,000 subscribers. In a recent video, she invited TVB star Grace Wong (王君馨) to join her on her fitness journey.

One of Coffee’s more popular videos is the “30 Day Challenge” in which she attempts various workout routines for one month. Though she only released three videos in this series so far, the workouts are effective in targeting specific muscle groups.

Grace has always been known for her amazing and fit body, but she was scared she couldn’t handle the workout. In A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄>, Grace surprised everyone with her 20.5 inch waist. With her upcoming drama Chinatown <唐人街>, Grace portrays a skilled fighter and training her physique was even more important.

Many viewers commented on the difficulty of the workout that even Grace couldn’t do it at times. However, many were pleased with her persistence to try and work hard throughout the exercise duration. “Grace is too modest. Everyone knows she is a fighter and she is so fit.”

Since Coffee gave birth, she still has not regained her desired physique yet, but she continues to gradually work towards her goals. Through her workout videos, Coffee is happy that she is capable of changing so many people’s lives. Fans love her simple, yet effective workouts which are especially convenient for busy workers to reach their fitness goals . 

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  1. Have done several of Coffee’s workout videos and they are very effective. Can feel the difference after doing her ab workouts for two weeks. They don’t take a lot of time each day, but consistency is needed.

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