Putting Behind Restroom Scandal, Coffee Lam Becomes Pregnant Bride-to-be

Four years may not have erased Coffee Lam‘s (林芊妤) notorious public restroom scandal, but she has certainly benefited from the publicity. Fired from TVB after Coffee shared 30 minutes of intimate acts with a male friend at a public restroom inside a mall, she reinvented her career by becoming Hong Kong’s sexiest yoga instructor. Coffee has also found her Mr. Right and is currently five months pregnant.

Dating Chak Chee Weng (翟志榮) for three years, Coffee had little hopes of having a baby because of a former illness. However, the couple was delighted when Coffee unexpectedly became pregnant this year. While they already planned to get married, their plans were pushed earlier because of their son’s due date in November. Submitting an application for a marriage license, Coffee said, “Marriage is just a piece of paper, but it’s to give the baby a whole family.”

Vacationing in the Philippines with her fiance earlier, Coffee flashed photos of herself in various bikinis. Sporting a fantastic figure and unbelievably flat belly despite being pregnant, Coffee explained, “My waist size was originally 21.5 inches. It’s now 25 inches. I’ve already gained a lot of weight. Maybe because I had very little body fat before, but my waist has already thickened a lot. I’m now five months pregnant.”

It certainly pays to do yoga.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Hm.. so 5 month pregnant and her stomach so flat? This is just odd unless these are her old pictures?

    1. @cutie777
      women who have toned tummies don’t show until much later. but then there are lucky ones like my mom who didn’t show until 7 months. you just got to wonder why….

    2. @cutie777
      Fitness women don’t really show due to their low fat percentages. On the other hand, fat women don’t show too because they just appear fat. Congratulations to Coffee.

  2. I’ll take that 5-months-preggo-tummy (minus the pregnant part)! Ugh I hate her. So jealous, haha. On serious note, congrats to newly wed and soon-to-be parents.

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