Damian Lau Kisses His Way Through “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles”

TVB 45th Anniversary drama, Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles < 名媛望族> will pick up the time slot of The Last Steep Ascent<天梯> starting October 22. The premiere episode will run for two hours.

The story centers around the influential Chung family in 1930s British Hong Kong. The patriarch of the family, Arthur Chung (Damian Lau 劉松仁) is the colony’s first Chinese barrister. Although he is characterized by a strong sense of justice and modernity, Arthur is a very stubborn man, and he leads a hypocritically traditional family.

Arthur has four wives and one lover. His first and official wife, Koo Sam Lan (Mary Hon 韓馬利), hails from a prominent and noble family. His second wife, Aisin-Gioro Yee Ma (Idy Chan 陳玉蓮), is the princess of the fallen Qing Dynasty and his true love. His third wife, Yvonne Yik (Elena Kong 江美儀), is the strong-minded daughter of a banker. His fourth wife, Hong Tsz Kwan (Tavia Yeung 楊怡), is a Peking opera star. His lover, Chiu Dan Dan (JJ Jia 賈曉晨), is a dance hostess who seduces Arthur for his money.

Arthur’s eldest son, Charles (Kenneth Ma 馬國明) idolized his father as a child, and he followed his father’s footsteps to become a barrister. However, the open-minded Charles never liked the idea of polygamy, and it is for this reason which made him grow more distant from Arthur. Second in the family is Arthur’s bastard son, Jimmy (Vincent Wong 王浩信), who never seems to have a goal in life. Youngest daughter, Elaine (Sire Ma 馬賽), is in love with the poor policeman Yung Tat Chi (Adrian Chau 周志文) and later marries him, much to her parent’s disappointment.

Charles falls in love and proposes to the independent Kwai Siu Yau (Rebecca Zhu 朱晨麗), who worked as a production’s assistant for a theater troupe. Believing that her boyfriend Kam Muk Shui (Ron Ng 吳卓羲) was dead, Siu Yau falls for Charles’ charms and marries him. Muk Shui returns as the leader of an underground triad, and extracts revenge on the Chung family by destroying the family from the inside.

Tavia Yeung and Elena Kong Drowns Damian Lau with Kisses

The 63-year-old Damian Lau definitely still has the heart and energy! A majority of the drama’s lovemaking and kiss scenes will center on Damian Lau’s character, Arthur, with his third and fourth wife, portrayed by Elena Kong and Tavia Yeung respectively.  Elena seduces Damian by giving him exotic dance performances every night. Tavia and Damian frequently engage in violent kissing sprees!

Damian laughed, “Kissing is nothing! All of my wives are very pretty! When we do intimate scenes, it is very sexy and I can easily get in the mood. It seems very real!”

Although Damian’s character may be the luckiest man in the drama, his character’s ending is definitely not so pleasing to hear. Damian revealed the spoilers, “This drama isn’t just about the girls fighting for my affections and power. Near the end, my son and I successfully abolish the practice of polygamy. When Mary Hon dies, my character will undergo a huge change. My most beloved is Idy Chan, but both she and Elena Kong will leave me to be with their true love. I finally realize that I actually love Tavia Yeung the most, and I will try to win her heart back.”

Source: Next Magazine # 1180 via ihktv.com

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      1. it’s just acting. Dont get why you’re calling Damien a perv. -.-

  1. haha Damien seems veyr lucky there.. I wonder if the wife will feel anything watching so many women kissing Damien even knowing Damien is an actor and its part of his job ..

    I think Damien likes it there when JJ kissing him, look at his smirk! lol

    1. He doesn’t seem very happy but rather scared when TY is kissing him lor, LOL

      1. but Damien is still okay looking if compare with Ding Yeh rite?

      2. OMG, i know kind of gross. even if a guy is hot in his old age, if hes 30+ years older i think i want to throw up…..gosh…awwww…

      3. @advo: You mean the age? It’s only rite if you are mentioning about the age, not the look.

      4. The person is talking about like “kissing your grandfather”, then I presume there’s a certain age issue? Yes, JJ looks much younger than Tavia but she isn’t. So in reality, Damian making out with JJ can’t be that much grosser than with Tavia…

      5. I agree. Just absolutely disgusting. Especially when he said that he “can easily get in the mood”. Creeper much?

      6. yes, the Goddess looks like she’s 40+ and damien looks good for his age so about 50+ so it is not a big gap. however, JJ looks very young.

    2. Im sure he is professional when it comes to acting,even so for intimate scenes, he’d know how to draw the line between his work and his personal life…being in the entertainment industry for so long, his wife would understand and wouldn’t go about pissed or angry seeing her own husband in such scenes, when at the end of the day she knows it’s part of his job.

      You think that Damian enjoys it when he is kissing JJ with a smirk? How is he meant to be convincing in intimate scenes without facial expression then? Just stand there like a wooden plank to tell the audience that he is in fact not interested in kissing JJ in reality or something lmao

    1. He did indeed. Bet he wrote all those kissing scenes for himself.

      1. If he did, good for him! Just saw the 7.30 min trailer and the show looks so much juicier (not just for Damian’s character) than usual boring @ss TVB shows.

  2. In the 2nd photo, Tavia’s nose looks twice the size of Damien’s nose. Must be hard to kiss with that barrier in between. LOL

    1. The caption in the article makes fun of her nose saying it squashed Damien’s nose.

      1. LOL “楊怡肉緊捧住松哥塊面施展吸盤嘴,木偶鼻更壓到松哥鼻都變晒形。”

  3. “His second wife, Aisin-Gioro Yee Ma (Idy Chan 陳玉蓮), is the princess of the fallen Qing Dynasty and his true love.”

    Her name should be Aisin-Gioro Yee Yin (愛新覺羅·爾嫣).

    嫣 is pronounced as ‘yin’ in Cantonese and ‘yan’ in Mandarin.

    1. Is Aisin-Gioro Yee Yin (愛新覺羅·爾嫣) a real history princess ?
      is she related to Emperor Puyi?

      1. I googled this name and found nothing besides articles related to this series. So, I think she’s a fictional character.

  4. I am sorry but Tavia chewing his lips to such extremity is of course an applauded way of acting but doesn’t mean I didn’t just throw up. Disgusting. Why TVB kissing is either so darn boring or so darn violent? Can’t it be sexy and violent? And these kissing should be Kenneth Ma god damn it! Sorry but really lost my appetite. Not that Damian is not good enough but the lips chewing thing, ewwwwwwwwwww

    1. Funn,
      Kenneth had his share of kissing in “Mysteries of Love” but he was not very convincing. He seemed very awkward kissing Bernice and his other gfs in the drama.

      I guess Damien’s kissing scenes are part necessity and part controversy. We have not seen a senior at TVB have so many kissing scenes in a drama in a long time.

      1. I will bet Tavia’s scenes seem to be from ONE SINGLE scene. Not much controversy. I just feel like ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

      2. Kenneth is awkward because he doesn’t have a lot of experience! he himself said he only had 3 gfs? and he doesn’t go out to clubs and pick up girls. SO he doesn’t have epxerience kissing.
        All that talk about sex and can’t perform.

      3. Nicole,
        “All that talk about sex and can’t perform.”

        Kenneth’s talk is about his interest in sex; he didn’t boast about his performance.

        I find him to be amusing in his honest remarks, but he should dodge such questions in the future, as not everyone wishes to hear his bedroom interests.

      4. Jayne,
        If one has interest in something, they are more than likely to pursue that interest? Since he talks about sex quite often, I guess he is dying to get into some undies. Kenneth doesn’t even have the guts to do that.
        I do agree that his remarks are honest, but they aren’t necessarily something that people broadcast loud and clear. In the past, I’ve often talked about sex topic with some guy friends, but such things are best kept private between a few. Does any of us really want our sexual preference or history discussed about in front of the entire school or company? And Kenneth just broadcast his sex habits/preference to the whole world. What a brilliant guy there.

      5. I think Kenneth is trying to build a bad boy image? Since he’s been talking about sex and watching porn and stuff. But his face still looks like such an innocent guy.

      6. that’s not exactly bad boy image though. Isn’t a bad boy image someone like Him Law who beat up Theresa. Kenneth is becoming more of a sex pervert image 😛

      7. But it looks soooo disturbing… I mean…. the idea of a “senior” making out kind of .. makes me :/

      8. @nicole: lol. did kenneth say exactly that he wants to get into someone’s pants? but yeah, i think he was trying to build a bad boy image.

      9. Bad boy is someone who curse all the time or beat gf or like to fight/break something or do some bad things, not a sex addict.

      10. KM reminds me of the fly from this very old Taiwan runaway bestseller book 蛋白质女孩 (The Protein Girl) by 王文華 whereby the book written as a story humorously categorizes the Taiwan men and women into 3 types per group.

        For women: Fridge, iron, washing machine
        For men: The fly (diffident), the shark (aggressive), and the wolf (in sheep skin).

        KM reminds me of the fly: 蒼蠅基本上沒什麼野心,只是在找媽媽的替代品。對女人我們只敢繞圈飛行,發出嗡嗡的噪音,不咬人不吸血,卻怎樣都揮之不去。


        The fly doesn’t have much ambition, only want to find a mother replacement woman. They only dare to fly around the women, emitting buzzing sound, won’t bite & don’t suck blood, but can’t be shooed away either.

        Even if interested in a woman, doesn’t have the courage to directly approach her, later beating self up for missed opportunity. [..]

        Like Nicole, find KM’s excessive talk on sex topic off putting just like Tavia’s preoccupation with money topic.

      11. hahahaha, those are such apt descriptions.
        “For men: The fly (diffident), the shark (aggressive), and the wolf (in sheep skin).”
        Seems like Ron, Bosco and Raymond can also fit into the other descriptions. LOL

    2. HAHAHAHA i could understand why you feel like that.. I wonder how TY felt after bitting and kissing Damien intensely like that.

      But Funn, I dont think i can stand watching KM kissing REbecca though.. there is something i dislike of her LOL.

      1. But chewing like that?! NO NO!! Not even if KM is kissed that way! No no nooooooooo

      2. You haven’t even watched her act and you dislike her? Whyy????
        I think she’s pretty, one of the prettiest MHK recently. can’t comment about anything else.

      3. I know, Nicole but its her face that I don’t have strong liking towards to her for some unknown reasons LOL..

      4. yes.. I agree with Veejay.. there is just something there.. no way if KM kiss her 🙁 weird feeling

    3. That lip biting scene is very intense! I’m guessing it was needed for that particular scene, at that particular time. I recalled in the trailer Damian and Tavia got into an argument, and he kept pulling onto her. So, she bit him.

      Ada and Gigi’s lip biting scenes were much softer. lol

      1. maybe TY did the lip bitting intensely so she can win praises and award too..

      2. @veejay: -.- how could you jump the gun so quickly? i agree with hannah, it’s prolly there as it was needed for that particular scene.

    4. i know right? wouldnt those HKers complaint? dont they like to complaint about every damn little thing? that does look like a disgusting scene esp when TY is so much older so why do v need to see that esp TVB series have not much ‘action’ scenes between younger generations? hahaha… weird

    5. I think it is not chewing, it’s chewing and pulling. Can see Damian lips was pulled away from his face LOL.

  5. ‘with his third and fourth wife, portrayed by Elena Kong and Tavia Yeung respectfully”

    I think you mean to write ‘respectively’.

  6. “This drama isn’t just about the girls fighting for my affections and power.” – can’t wait to see the fights between the wives. Hopefully the ending is good 🙂

  7. “Near the end, my son and I successfully abolish the practice of polygamy.”

    What era is this series set in? HK only abolish polygamy in 1971. Or was this series set in Mainland China where Communist abolish polygamy in the 1950?

    1. So that’s what the story is about? 2 men abolishing polygamous marriage when one of them already married 4 wives and is at the end of his life so he can say “I tried 4 wives, no fun at all so I agree with monogamy”??

      Am still scared by that lip chewing thing. Maybe this is how Him likes it. A bit of aggression and probably Tavia has a lot of pent up aggression and Him probably too.

      1. Poor Himhim. He used to be mighty and in charge during his times with Theresa. But now….

      2. He has just went to Korea, maybe he accidentally did something with his siu di di. Oh well, he was so zen when driving car.

      3. New cover story of Himhim and TY has this title: 瞞楊怡仲有聯絡 羅仲謙北京女友未斬纜[複製鏈接]

        ROFL. Congrats TY and Himhim. Now can brag that they have ‘news value’ LOL.

  8. Lucky Damian, 5 hot and sexy ladies!Really looking forward to this series.

    1. Really 5 hot and sexy ladies? Elanne Kong is beautiful, Mary Hon is elegant, Idy Chan is classy, JJ is pretty, but who is hot and sexy among them? Or you have different definition of hot and sexy to others?

      1. They are beautiful and class for their age, but hot? FYI I like 4/5 wives in this series but I can’t see how the words hot and sexy apply to them.

      2. JJ was sexy when she acted in GJ2 as the massage parlour assistant, and she had to wear her padded bra to 33E. LOL

  9. I will not watch this film if Arthur Chung ends up with 4th wife. I hope he will end up with 2nd wife.

    1. Well he already spoiled the ending LOL unless they re edit it and change it. Or he lied about the ending.. He might end up alone too.

      1. But maybe Tavia doesn’t take him back? And anyways, his character seems like quite the bastard so he totally deserves to end up with Tavia, LMAO

  10. Ugh! Dis is hideous, kissing or raping of the mouth, I wonder!

  11. This is pretty gross, maybe not for Damian. But he must’ve enjoyed writing the scenes into the script.

  12. Can’t wait to see TY acting as his 4th wife. She looks good in the costumes. Pretty babe!

  13. Wait…was Tavia kissing him or biting him? ._. Damian looks much more tortured than being in love.

    1. She is biting him when he tries to kiss her because she’s upset about him and JJ. They end up really kissing afterwards though.

  14. Uh… the Damian/Tavia kiss looks a bit… excruciating. Like he’s the prey, she’s the predator.

  15. Is this the real TVB? I don’t remember harcore kisses ever. No wonder Him Law likes Tavia, he can’t beat her in kissing. The chewing of the lip by Tavia is just eerie, makes me want to avoid it.

    1. hahahah LOL…. base on this scene i guess we can understand why those paparazzis are drilling her on the ‘car’ scandal sitution? LOL….really that lip biting is bit weird esp when DL is so old now…awwww….

  16. I don’t mind kissing Damien Lau!!! While you think he’s lucky to be kissed by them, I think he should feel disgusted at Tavia’s violent scene. I just couldn’t take that, ewww…

  17. The top right picture scared me. Good thing I visit this site during the day. How big can Tavia’s nose get?!

  18. Wow liu sung ren is one lucky beep beep beep. Name one sixty something years old actor cast as a lead in a drama and still hv romantic story line around him, with so many women some more, plus so many kissing scenes.

    He is not even that good looking when he was young. But there is something in him as he age more he look more charismatic and likable.

    1. Damian is like fine wine and anyways, the women end up leaving him so he gets what he deserve, lol

  19. Hey, it is a good thing to get some type of positive physical contact. Since TVB were void of writers and directors, Damien stepped in and filled the void trying to spice up the script to rile up the viewing audience to “riske” scenes…

    It worked…see how blogs he has gotten so far…

  20. Saw the new long trailer and I’m just glad that it looks like a proper soap with all the juicy parts!

    Damn, not only is Elena paired up with Kenneth for TITS2 but she has a very juicy scene with Ron in SSSS too! Bet Ron was able to channel his real life experiences for his character, haha.

    1. WHAT? Elena with kenneth and ron? that just sounds… weird. Bet kenneth is liking it since he’s a cougar-chaser. lol

      1. she looks good for her age but doesn’t mean she needs to pair up with younger guys all the time. especially kenneth has a baby face so he looks even younger

      2. LOL if Tavia can pair up with KEnneth in THC, Elena who looks same age as Tavia can pair up with RON AND Kenneth.
        The way I see it.

    2. The trailer also hinted at something between Vincent Wong and Elena Kong too. Or maybe I was just digging too deep into the box.

      1. @ Addy

        No, I got that too! But I’m not entirely sure. I think maybe he has a crush on Elena but is pretty much rebuffed. I think the Damian slapping and scolding scene is related to what he does with Charmaine (Li).

  21. Damien, the old fox, felt lucky until he had to kiss 江美儀.

    1. Nah Damien was felt lucky until he has to kiss pinocchio. The pressure on his nose. He can’t take it.

  22. Haha. Tavia looks so disgusted n forced to kiss him while JJ looks very passionate:)

  23. I used my hands to cover Damien & Tavia faces except the nose parts.

    Her nose is really enormous! Tavia’s size more than triple Damien!

  24. Oh no we’re all falling into TVB’s trap! Stop the discussions everybody! Haha seriously kudos to TVB for creating such a buzz and interest for a series that has yet to air. The scene seems rather disturbing to watch…

    1. The scenes look more disgusting than romantic. ROFL. Sorry Damian.

  25. LOL it seems more interesting now since he revealed some spoilers haha

  26. one of the kiss picture Damian has with Tavia looks like she was going to bite his lips out. didn’t look good o.O

  27. Eww. It looks like Tavia is chewing off Damian’s face! What an ugly kiss! Maybe it’s supposed to be violently passionate, but I don’t see any passion here. Yuck!

    1. I saw a trailer of SSSS and it seems the lip biting scene happens when Tavia and Damian are having a heated argument and Damian tries to forcibly kiss her so Tavia bites him (?). But yeah, the screencap looks really… unpleasant.

  28. I’m looking forward to this drama, but I’m soo depressed that Highs and Lows are going to be postponed till tuesday! 🙁

  29. Damian should end up with idy and clear off their misunderstanding & win idy heart.

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