Daniel Wu To Star in Stephen Fung’s New Movie

Since forming Diversion Pictures last year, founders Stephen Fung (馮德倫) and Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) have been unable to work together on a film project due to the duo’s demanding work schedules. Coming back fresh and relaxed after a vacation in South Africa with his wife, Lisa S., Daniel was now ready to star in Stephen’s new directorial project.

Long-time friends, Stephen and Daniel, who were both 37 years old, shared the same dreams in their career: to create artistic works that represented their personal visions, while having greater control over their film projects through the establishment of their own company. Stephen entered the directorial ranks with 2004’s Enter the Phoenix <大佬愛美麗>. Daniel was tired of being typecast as a sex symbol in his movies, in which he was often asked to take off his shirt. In 2006, he wrote and directed The Heavenly Kings <四大天王>, a “mockumentary” of the Hong Kong pop music industry, in which he won the Best New Director Award at the 26th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards. Stephen and Danie’sl  film company, Diversion Pictures, entered a 5-year cooperative agreement with Huayi Brothers Media Group, lending its powerful resources to the independent film company while allowing Daniel and Stephen creative control.

At a charity event with director Ann Hui (許鞍華) yesterday, Stephen Fung  noted that in April, he will be directing a new movie featuring Daniel Wu. Stephen was asked whether he would consider casting his ex-girlfriend, Karen Mok (莫文蔚). Despite breaking up, the pair remained friends. Stephen stated, “If there are suitable roles, I will ask her,” while adding that he met Karen for dinner two weeks ago.

Asked whether he wished to get married soon, Stephen said, “Of course, but I have not found the right person yet!”

Source: QQ.com, Diversion Pictures

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Jayne: Additional details for Stephen and Daniel’s movie should be revealed soon.

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  1. oh god damm Stephen look soo HOT! haven’t seen him for a while. I’m looking forward to see these 2 hottie working together.

  2. My god, Stephen Fung looks so short next to Daniel! Someone standing on podium?

    1. Daniel’s profile stated that he’s 6 feet and 1 inch 😀

    2. hahhhah LOL…
      i know right? gosh i always like SF as well but he is indeed short next to DW hahaa LOL… SF looks better w/o the beard much cuter but again perhaps they want to look their age haha

  3. does anyone know if Stephen is attached? He’s better without the beard.

  4. “Daniel was tired of being typecast as a sex symbol in his movies, in which he was often asked to take off his shirt.”

    That’s very sarcastic on Daniel’s part. I genuinely believe if he’s not being typecast as “sex-symbol”, he wouldn’t be worth the value and deserve the fame that he’s craving for NOW!!

    Daniel! Don’t act funny by changing your image and acting in non-sex addict film!! Your acting career will go NO WAY without this sex-symbol status!

  5. Both are trying to not to look hot in this photo, perhaps so that they will be more “director -like”. Honestly, i think they should take off their shirts because they are both super hot.

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