Deanie Ip Wins Best Actresss Award at 68th Annual Venice Film Festival

Through her stellar performance in A Simple Life <桃姐>, Deanie Ip (叶德娴) won the Best Actress Award at the 68th Annual Venice Film Festival. At the press conference, the judges praised Deanie as a young, beautiful, sexy, and gifted actress whose portrayal of a lonely elderly woman was extremely accurate. It was a well deserved win for Deanie Ip, who noted that aside from bringing her awards, A Simple Life also brought about new recognition in her life, “I am no longer young and it reminds me to start planning for old age. I do not want to become a burden. When I return [to Hong Kong], I will have to live in a nursing home too!” Director Ann Hui ( 许鞍华) also echoed, “And I have to go to the nursing home where we filmed A Simple Life.”

As a “surprise film” at the 68th Annual Film Festival, China’s People Mountain People Sea <人山人海> helped Director Cai Shangjun (蔡尚君) win the Silver Lion in best direction. At the press conference, Cai Shangjun indicated that winning the award was unexpected and that this was the festival of Chinese films and served as a great encouragement to young directors.

Asked to comment about the film’s star, Chen Jianbin (陈建斌), Cai Shangjun noted that they had known each other since school and have been working together. The second day after Chen Jianbin read the script, he promised to participate in the film and thus, the two men were “like-minded.” The judges also gave People Mountain People Sea high marks, praising it for creating a “world one never saw before and did not wish to see.”


Jayne: Congratulations to Deanie Ip for her Best Actress Award at the 68th Annual Venice Film Festival!

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  1. Congrats to Deanie! What about Johnny To’s movie Life Without Principles? Does it win anything?

  2. Don’t really know who’s Deanie Ip but just wanted to say nice leather gloves lol! 😛

    1. Ah K,
      Deanie Ip is one of the most talented actresses of her generation. She and Andy are very convincing in playing mother and son. Their collaboration dates back to the 1980s when they first collaborated on a TVB series together, where Andy played a police officer and Deanie played his mother.

      They also made a series of successful films in which Deanie had played prostitute on Temple Street who gets embroiled in murder while Andy Lau, a successful lawyer, did not know his real mother’s identity at first and later the pair cannot reveal their real relationship due to fear that her occupation would ruin his credibility and career.

      Give the old 80s films a try sometime!

      1. Jayne,

        I loved that film you mentioned and remembered it so well as I saw the video tape whilst I was in HK on holiday. I agree wholeheartedly that the 1980s dramas were excellent. To me, the dramas in 1980s up to the mid 1990s were the best.

        Ah K: I bet you are too young to understand what video tapes are since you have never heard of Deannie Ip. She was also excellent in “Flaming Brothers” – an ATV drama where she played mother to Michael Tao and Patrick Tam. Another very well worth worthing serial.

      2. Yea, I remember that series with Andy and Deanie. I am glad that they are still friends til this day and still have great chemistry together. I love the 80s and they were what made my childhood happy and more meaningful. They were great entertainment as well and are an important part of the my life. Speaking of Andy, I just watched the Old Miao Myth last night and was sooo sad after seeing it since it was so tragic. I skipped most of the modern series back then but am watching some of them and found that some aren’t so bad, however, some are just too sad….The 80s were truly Golden!!

      3. @Jayne:

        I see, I certainly should! The TVB drama with Deanie Ip and Andy Lau sounds interesting!


        Lol, I shall take that as a compliment, thanks! Haha no lah, I’m neither young nor old, almost middle age already! I have heard of “Flaming Brothers” but I think I was probably in primary or secondary school back then, too busy with exams and schoolwork to watch lol! 😀

        Oh erm do “Looking Back In Anger” count as one of those video tapes drama? 😛

        By the way, I saw part of Deanie Ip’s “A Simple Life” performance on the Chinese news about her winning the Venice Film Festival Best Actress award and boy, was she convincing as an old woman cum house maid! :O

      4. @Ah K,
        I also recommend that series with Andy and Deanie. You should watch other series from the 80s as well and will see why the 80s were so golden. I think you will enjoy them a lot.

  3. Congrats to Ms Deanie Ip, she has been an outstanding and talented actress all this while

  4. I had high hope and expected Deanie to win and she did. Congratulations ! Well deserved.

  5. Is the movie really translated to ‘people mountain people sea’?!? Really??! Super bad chinglish… No wonder hk/chinas kids’ english r so bad.

    1. LOL, the chinglish level is very bad even for those people that study abroad.

      Not a shock really since there are many chinese students and they always hang out. so they speak and eat chinese just if they were in china 🙂

      1. Shouldn’t it be On Strange Land or No Man’s Land or something like that?

      2. Sorry sorry, it should mean People Everywhere or Crowded if one word to use!

      3. Crowded is the best one. But People Mountain People Sea has more imagination.

      4. I do agree. People Mountain People Sea is catchy but seriously a direct translation. Why not just use the chinese title? I mean if the French can do that to us, why don’t we do it to them?

      5. When you see French/Portugal etc. text, you can type it because it’s Latin system. Can remove the accent if like. But Chinese system (neither Chinese, Japanese, Korean), the foreigners see the text as a square.

  6. Congrats to Deanie! I had a feeling that her performance in the movie would be good. She really deserves it.

  7. One of my all time favorite actors. She made it look easy. Congrats!!!

    1. Somehow this make me want to watch A Simple Life now. I’m not a fan, but Ann Hui’s work are often meaningful.

  8. Oh yes, she used to be a singer too but must admit I wasn’t too keen on her voice. Really like her dramas and films however.

    1. It is hard for celebs to be successful in both singing and acting. I think that is why even American celebs stick to just one or the other instead of trying to do both of them and be successful at both of them.

  9. Yeah I agree – look at Elvis Presley: the great rock and roll singer but as an actor – yuck, terrible!!!

  10. Deanie grabbed the 31st HKFA Best Actress award 😀

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