2012 Hong Kong Film Awards; Andy Lau Wins Best Actor and Deanie Ip Best Actress Awards

The 31st Annual Hong Kong Film Awards took place on April 15, 2012. A Simple Life <桃姐> won 5 awards, including: Best Film, Best Director (Ann Hui 許鞍華), Best Actor (Andy Lau  劉德華), Best Actress (Deanie Ip  葉德嫻), and Best Screenplay. This marked Deanie’s sixth Best Actress Award for her performance in A Simple Life, which made the first-time HKFA actress especially ebullient, stating, “I am almost done! I can die now!”

A Simple Life has swept major film awards since it was first unveiled at the 2011 Venice Film Festival, in which Deanie Ip won the prestigious Best Actress Award. The 64-year-old indicated that she was extremely happy when accepting her HKFA Best Actress Award, indicating that most awards nowadays were granted to younger artists. She was grateful for the recognition that A Simple Life brought upon her professional career. To reward herself, Deanie will be traveling to Australia to see the solar eclipse in November.

Aside from his HKFA Best Actor Award, 50-year-old Andy Lau was congratulated as a soon-to-be father. His daughter’s birth was expected to occur in June 2012. When Sandra Ng (吳君如) presented the award to him, she joked, “You are already so advanced in age and you can still knock someone up!” Although Andy appeared to be awkward, he joked, “She (Sandra) said too much! I will punish her later!”

Andy revealed that he intended to leave his trophy at his fan club for memories. Since the results of the HKFA Best Actor Award was announced late in the evening, Andy did not immediately call home to share the news with his family and wife, Carol Chu (朱麗倩).

It was the fourth time in which Ann Hui has won a HKFA Best Director Award. Flying Swords of Dragon Gate <龍門飛甲>won the most number of technical awards, including Best Action Choreography and Best Visual Effects Awards.

Lo Hoi Pang (盧海鵬) won the Best Actor and So Hang Shuen (蘇杏璇) won the Best Actress Awards for their performances in director Johnnie To’s (杜琪峰) Life Without Principle <奪命金>. Since So Hang Shuen has been hospitalized for diabetes for three months and unable to accept the HKFA Award in person, Sean Lau (劉青雲) accepted in her honor. The 61-year-old indicated that her frail health will undoubtedly limit her future oncreen performances.

The hosts for the HKFA included Eric Tsang (曾志偉), Gordon Lam (林家棟), Ronald Cheng (鄭中基), and Angelababy. The 31st Annual Hong Kong Film Awards averaged 31 points in ratings, peaking at 34 points, with 2.18 million people watching the program in Hong Kong.

Below is the complete list of the 31st Annual Hong Kong Film Awards:

Best Film: A Simple Life

Best Director: Ann Hui (A Simple Life)

Best Screenplay: A Simple Life

Best Actor: Andy Lau (A Simple Life)

Best Actress: Deanie Ip (A Simple Life)

Best Supporting Actor: Lo Hoi Pang (Life Without Principle)

Best Supporting Actress: So Hang Shuen (Life Without Principle)

Best New Performer: Hsiao Ching Teng (The Killer Who Never Kills)

Best Cinematography: Wu Xia

Best Film Editing: Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

Best Art Direction: Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

Best Costume and Makeup Design: Let the Bullets Fly

Best Action Choreography: Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

Best Original Film Score: Wu Xia

Best Original Film Song: Hi, Fidelity

Best Sound Design: Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

Best Visual Effects: Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

Best New Director: Tsang Tsui Shan

Best film of Mainland and Taiwan: You Are the Apple of My Eye

Lifetime Achievement Award: Ni Kuang

Professional Achievement Award: Fong Ho Yuen

Sources: Ming Pao, Ming Pao, Ming Pao

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Jayne: Congratulations to the winners of the HKFA Awards! I was hoping that Kenneth Tsang would win the Best Supporting Actor though!

By the way, if the HKFA Best Supporting Actress’ name of So Hang Shuen does not ring a bell, she portrayed Felix Wong’s mother in Legend of the Condor Heroes and stepmother in Looking Back in Anger

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  1. I would be surprised if Deanne Ip did not win the Best Actress Award. If she could win it in Venice Film Festival, she would surely win the same award in Hong Kong Film Awards. Otherwise, it would be a shame to Hong Kong people reflecting that they did not what good acting was!!!

    1. Sandcherry,
      HKFA appears to follow trends regarding more prestigious film awards. I remember “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” sweeping Oscars and then doing the same for the HKFA as well.

      1. Totally agree. HKFA don’t want people to “criticize” that they don’t know how to appreciate good acting, good scripts, and good productions. If “A Simple Life” was well recognized by overseas prestigious film awards, HKFA definitely have to give the movie the same recognition.

      2. Crouching Tiger “swept” the Oscars? Which Oscars were you watching? I hardly think winning best foreign flick, best cinematography & best art direction as “sweeping” the academy..

      3. Whilst that is not sweeping the oscars and I never liked CTHD, it is a great honour for a chinese flick to win 3 awards at the oscars. Some can’t even win 1.

  2. Congratulations to Deanne Ip who still could win such a grand award at the age of 64. It shows that good acting does not have anything to do with a beautiful face or sexy body!

    A lot of people still go for good acting rather than a pretty young face.

  3. Congrats to the winners!

    I was hoping Kenneth would win Best Supporting…=/

  4. As expected. Saw Simple Life, the story is ok, but the performance saved the day. I swear Andy Lau stopped improving after DOMD but suddenly after Infernal Affairs, got better and better as an actor.

    1. I haven’t see the movie so I can’t tell Andy’s performance there.. I was hoping Lau Ching Wan will win cuz he has been nominated for many times.. poor ching wan for eating eggs.

      1. Sean Lau has already won a HKFA before. So, not exactly eating eggs.

        Andy Lau did a very good job in ‘A Simple Life’.

  5. Congrats to all of the winners! I thought that So hang Shuen retired years ago?? I guess she came back.. It is good to know that she came back and also won an award. I really miss seeing her in series.

    I think Andy is a good actor and am glad that he won. A big congrats to everyone that won…

    1. So sad to hear that So hang SHuen could not make it to accept the award in person, so glad that Sean accepted it on her behalf. Hope that her health gets better..

  6. Congratulations to all the winners!

    So Hang Sheun was always a good actress when she was young. Haven’t seen her for a long time. Glad to know that she also won an award in HKFA.

  7. Like it’s just so obvious Andy and Deanie are gonna win……

    1. I mean who else if not Deanie? She won that international award. It’s like if one day some actress wins Oscar in some chinese film, she has to sweep all the asian awards.

      1. Deanie is anyday better than Shu Qi’s acting. Any tvb actress can do bettery crying skill than her imo. eg. Linda? lol

      2. Funn Lim
        Agree with you absolutely. Otherwise, it shows that Hong Kong people (judging panel) are really stupid.

      3. Shu Qi is a golden horse best actress winner and Hong Kong film award best actress nominee for many years. Linda CHung is just a small TVB actress that gotten minimum fame compared to Shu qi.

  8. I didnt know So Hang Suen’s health was this bad! I ate at her vegeterian owned restaurnat in HK twice…and seen her serving customers. Hope her health is better since. Diabetes can be deadly if not properly taken care of :(.

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