Deep Ng Confirms Relationship with Anita Chui

The speculations are true after all—Deep Ng (吳浩康) has finally forward to confirm his new relationship with Hong Kong actress Anita Chui (崔碧珈).

In a phone interview with Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily News, the 36-year-old singer admitted to his new romance with the 31-year-old OCTB <反黑> actress, which started this year. He said, “Thank you all for your concerns. Anita and I started seeing each other earlier this year, to get to know each other more. We’ve been dating for half a year so far.”

Deep has met Anita’s mother before, and he has gotten quite close together due to their frequent meetings. Deep says he is now at the age suitable for marriage, so he does consider the future whenever he starts a new relationship. Deep described Anita as a “wonderful girl” who is “very serious” about her career. They had promised each other that their careers would always come first, and they will support each other in their career endeavors no matter what.

In regard to Anita’s depression, Deep said, “She has been seeing a doctor and he has learned to manage it. I really appreciate everyone’s concerns. We will work hard in facing this obstacle together.”

As for his thoughts on Anita being tagged as the industry’s sex icon, he said, “That is part of her job, and I respect and support that. We should support each other, become each other’s driving force to do better. But we should have a low profile. Keep our heads low and do our jobs well.”


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