Deep Ng’s Rumored New Girlfriend is Anita Chui

35-year-old singer-actor Deep Ng (吳浩康) is still proudly single, as he likes to call it, but sources are saying that the EEG singer may already be in a new relationship.

Deep, who debuted in 2002, famously dated Nancy Wu (胡定欣) in the first few years of his debut. After separating in 2006, he started dating Jacquelin Ch’ng (莊思敏) for five years, but they ended their relationship in 2011. In 2014, he announced that he was in a relationship with fellow EEG singer Sherman Chung (鍾舒漫), but they announced their separation the following year.

With so many relationships having gone public, Deep appears to have learned his lesson. Deep has since improved his image by dedicating his time to his career. Having kept in touch with his former girlfriends, Deep invited Sherman to help him film a short video, which sparked rekindling rumors. Neither party denied the possibility of getting back together.

But Deep’s new flame isn’t Sherman—it’s someone else entirely.

Rumors are saying that Deep has been dating “36G” model-actress Anita Chui (崔碧珈) for the past four months. Although the two have never officially collaborated on a project before, the two met at a party attended by mutual friends. Allegedly, they immediately clicked and exchanged contact information. The two often bring each other along to other friend gatherings. Although the duo have not been spotted acting intimately with each other, a source close to the alleged couple said there has been “signs” of them being in a relationship.

Whether they are dating or just close friends, Anita hasn’t attempted to hide her close friendship with Deep. She promoted his concert on social media and even shared a clip of Deep singing. She praised Deep for being a singer who is “mature” and “full of heart.” Although single, her follows have begun to ask Anita about her relationship with Deep after she uploaded a picture of herself holding another man’s hand.

But both Deep and Anita have said they are not in a relationship.

Anita said, “Thank you for all the concerns, but I am single now. I still have many things to learn and master about my career, and I hope to continue to fulfill my jobs well. I am completely focused in my film career.”

She admitted that she knows Deep, but is only a supportive friend. In regard to the photo that she uploaded, she clarified, “It was a staff member’s hand. I was doing a photoshoot.”

Deep did not deny dating Anita, but he did say he wants to focus on his career. “I’ve completed devoted my time and effort to my career,” he said. “Let’s talk about relationships later! I’m no longer young. I need to have a career before I can have a future. Thank you all for the concerns.”


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