Deep Ng Breaks Up with Girlfriend Anita Chui

Deep Ng (吳浩康) and Anita Chui (崔碧珈) have confirmed that they have broken up.

In April, Hong Kong paparazzi broke the news that Deep had been dating Anita for a few months. They did not confirm their relationship until September, with Deep also hinting at his hope for marriage in the future.

Though their relationship seemed stable, Anita’s social media update on Thursday alluded to a recent change in her life, though she did not explicitly state that she had broken up with Deep.

“I’ve always taken my relationships seriously,” wrote Anita in an Instagram post. “I’ve always considered relationships to be one where two people learn tolerance and acceptance, rather than change. Perhaps leaving would be a new start. Let’s work hard in 2020.”

On Friday, December 13th, Deep confirmed his breakup with Anita through social media. He said, “I am thankful for the time that I’ve had with you. I will cherish our unforgettable moments together. During that time, maybe I didn’t do well enough as a boyfriend, because I placed too much time on work instead of on you, and I know I still have many things to work on. I’m unworthy to be your boyfriend. A man must be able and have a career. I believe that once I have that ability, fate would bring us together again, to give me another chance to take care of you. With all my heart you have my blessings.”

Anita didn’t seem to be very pleased with Deep’s response about the breakup. She followed with an Instagram story, writing, “Pretending to want to do better? Lying again.” She tagged the story with Deep’s Instagram handle.


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