Deep Ng Sees Marriage in His Future

Though revealed to be dating Anita Chui (崔碧珈), career still comes number one for Deep Ng (吳浩康). The 36-year-old proclaimed that he is at a suitable for marriage, and in order to provide for his new family, he must have his priorities set straight.

“[Anita] is a great girl,” said Deep. “No matter who [the marriage partner] is, it’s important that I must be prepared for my future.”

Expressing that he sees marriage in his own future, Deep has been diligently saving money. “My family has been rushing,” he admitted. “I’m already 36 years old, at a suitable age for marriage. All my older sisters have all married, and I don’t want my father to worry about me.”

Deep share that he’s already met Anita’s mother, but not her father. “I don’t think we’re at that level yet,” he said. “It was coincidence that I met her mother.”

As Anita frequently travels overseas for work, they have to maintain a long distant relationship. Deep said it hasn’t been a problem so far, but did acknowledge that his relationship with Anita is still developing.

Source: Eastweek

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