Disturbed Yammie Nam Wanders in Night Gown; Pedestrians Call Police

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Former TVB artist, Yammie Nam Kit Ying, was spotted wandering on the street in her night gown. She was smoking excessively and her expression appeared to be lost, attracting a large crowd of pedestrians. One pedestrian was concerned about her mental stability and called the police. The police arrived and took Yammie back to the Sheung Shui police station.

At 12 midnight, two of Yammie’s friends arrived to pick her up from the police station. Upon arriving in front of her apartment building, Yammie resisted going home.

“Why do I need to go home? I don’t want to go home!” Her friends coaxed her to go home to drink soup. Yammie thought for a moment and decided to go home.

[With earlier news that Yammie had moved to Shenzhen], reporters asked her when she returned to Hong Kong? Yammie replied, “I have always been in Hong Kong!”

Source: Sina.com.cn

Jayne: Yammie still appears very unstable. In one of the photos, she seems very tired and depressed.

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Disturbed Yammie Nam Wanders in Night Gown; Pedestrians Call Police

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