Dominic Ho Not Ready to Be Dumped by Kandy Wong

Just as the public thought that Dominic Ho’s (何浩文) relationship with Kandy Wong (糖妹) has stabilized after two years of dating, the couple split recently.  Kandy was upset that Dominic was used as a promotional tool by his company, and did not show any support for his bold photo album release.

Hong Kong lengmos are not the only ones who are stripping up a storm. This summer also sees the release of semi-nude pictorials from Dominic Ho ), King Chiu (趙勁皓), and Gym Gu (顧又銘). Dominic’s photos, which reveal the top of his buttocks, irked girlfriend Kandy Wong  and may have pushed her to ask for a breakup.

Dominic said, “Several weeks ago, I spoke with Kandy and found out that our attitudes and perspectives toward work are different.” Kandy felt that Dominic was being used? “I have known her for four to five years and never heard her say this. It may be friends and the company that gave her pressure.”

Dominic’s passionate kissing scene with Japanese actress Linah (松岡李那) for new film, The Best Plan is No Plan <媾女不離三兄弟>, also made Kandy jealous. Dominic said, “When I saw her, I could feel that she was unhappy. From now on, I will have to be more careful towards other girls.” Asked if Kandy was jealous, Dominic said, “Maybe.”

Although Dominic realized that his relationship with Kandy had some problems, he swore that they did not break up because of a third party. “I swore that I didn’t [cheat]! It’s inevitable that I have many female friends, but not to the point where it caused the breakup.” Dominic was not ready to let Kandy walk out of his life yet, “I will clear things up face-to-face; I hope to make her feel better again.”

However, Kandy seemed bent on breaking up. Through her representative, she said, “We have already broken up. I will not respond anymore.”

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. the rumoured reason is because dominic ho using kandy who’s more popular to get publicity for himself. don’t know who dominic ho is actually maybe a model since he has that semi nude photobook on sale right now

  2. he dont look like a badass. just too charming and young to be stable. im sure like many models guys out there, fun and fame is more a priority right now. kandy has the right to choose. kandy seem like those type of girls that are smart and know what is right n wrong for herself. sure she’ll find a better one around the corner.

    1. lol I can’t see it. He looks like a combination of TVB younger actors.

  3. Dominic Ho is so cute in Lan Kwai Fong 2 >.< as the police officer. He looks like Him Law + Sammy Shum in-between X0

    1. I have tp agree, as he has a like ability factor & a charming smile ..imo he looks better than Him Law

  4. I read on another site that she was upset that he was always using her to promote himself. She makes considerably more than him, and when asked about him she always avoided trying to discuss him or promote him. Whereas he was always dropping her name at events to try to draw attention to himself.

    She apparently was angered not only by the “feminine” photos of him in his book, but also because the book was called “KANDY KRUSH”, again, seemingly playing off his relationship with her. She felt that she was being used by his company to promote him.

    Now add in all the rumours of this guy flirting with other girls and having girls around him, and it does seem that he agreed to go out with her just to raise his status (she chased him to start the relationship).

    Sounds like she’s better off without him, and that he’s not ready to give up because he still wants to attach his wagon to her star.

    1. really? She’s 糖妹 from 糖兄妹! a singer in HK.

  5. These dudes are so lame, they cannot be called real men. Real men don’t pose like sissies in picture books.

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