Donnie Yen’s “Enter the Fat Dragon” to Stream Online

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, numerous theaters are closed and many films postponed their released date. The impact to the film industry is shocking with analysts predicting the box office will lose at least 7 billion RMB during the 2020 Lunar New Year period. While filmmakers scramble to minimize their losses, the production team behind Enter the Fat Dragon <肥龍過江> also announced that they will be streaming the film online.

Originally slated to release on Valentine’s Day February 14, the film will now be released on Tencent Video on February 1 and is the second movie to be released online after Xu Zheng’s (徐峥) Lost in Russia <囧妈>.

Directed by Wong Jing (王晶), Enter the Fat Dragon stars Donnie Yen (甄子丹) as an overweight cop who lends his martial art prowess to crime busting. The film also stars Niki Chow (周勵淇), and Teresa Mo (毛舜筠). Wong Jing will also have a role in the film.

Speaking on his decision to move the film to an online platform, Wong Jing replied, “We are in an unusual time. We want to bring some relief and lessen the stress to those who are at home. Enter the Fat Dragon will be released ahead of schedule.”

“Enter the Fat Dragon” Trailer


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  1. grateful that they are willing to forgo the loss to provide some relief to people who are bound to their homes

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