Eddie Kwan Leaves TVB

A staple in TVB dramas since the 1980s, Eddie Kwan (關禮傑) announced he is no longer a contracted artiste with the station. The revelation was made just as his daughter Fabienne Kwan (關楓馨), who had competed in Miss Hong Kong 2021, is expected to sign with TVB to launch her entertainment career.

Although Fabienne did not place in the pageant, she made a deep impression as Eddie’s beautiful daughter. At a promotional event, Eddie revealed that Fabienne is currently taking time to recharge, but is still keeping fit because there are upcoming photoshoots. “She also went to the amusement park with her fellow pageant contestants. They’ve become good friends, and I see that she is really happy and has matured a lot. I feel so happy for her. She is living life to the fullest, and flourishing as compared to when she was teaching.”

Asked if Fabienne will enter the entertainment industry, Eddie said, “I believe she will sign with TVB. If she wants to develop her career in the industry, it is a good training ground.”

When prompted about talk that he is leaving TVB, the actor confirmed that he only has a per series contract with the station. The Kwoks and What <我家無難事> will be his last drama with TVB for now.

“I’m no longer under direct management, so I can split more time between Hong Kong and China,” Eddie said. Due to quarantine restrictions, Eddie is still discussing the filming timeline with the production crew for his next project in China, as he wants to celebrate Christmas with his family. “I don’t want to go there for a few months, and then have to come back.”

When it was pointed out that Eddie will not have a chance to work with Fabienne now, he joked, “I’ll let her suffer for a bit first! There’ll always be an opportunity to film for TVB…. It’ll depend on the role.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. It does not surprise me as his daughter is getting popular due to the pageant, there is also increasing interest in him too. As he is actively supporting her in person. Thus leaving now to venture into China market is good timing…. Good luck to Eddie.

    1. Sounds like he is paving way for his daughter. If he breaks into China successfully, his daughter may follow suit.

  2. yup definitely sounds like she going to use TVB to boost up her fame a bit and daddy will have her road ready for China for the real big bucks!

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