Elaine Ng and Patrick Dunn Victims of Malicious Car-Shaking Rumors

Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒> costars, Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) and Patrick Dunn (鄧梓峰), are the next victims to a series of car-shaking rumors that is coming under fire in Hong Kong.

The rumor first began circulating around forums of a disciplinary force’s website a few days ago. The rumor was of “a man and a woman from the narcotics team of a certain ‘three-colored’ television station were discovered inside a mini-van in Pat Heung, Yuen Long… a flashlight was shot at them… they pleaded the cops to not tell anyone.”

Two nights ago, the rumor was passed on to other popular websites and forums, and it became a popular topic among netizens. Some netizens “revealed” that the man and woman were in fact actors Patrick Dunn and Elaine Ng from the Highs and Lows cast, and a new rumor claimed that Elaine Ng was arrested by the police for questioning last night.

Elaine Ng Was Not Arrested

The following day, the press caught Elaine Ng arriving at TVB Studios for her hosting program. Elaine did not appear shocked at the sudden swarm of reporters, and said, “I know what you are here for. It’s about the rumors where the cops found me and Patrick Dunn in a car, right? I don’t know how these rumors started! They are quite funny. I am not close with Patrick. I don’t even know where Pat Heung is! I am being tricked and ridiculed!”

Asked if Elaine had discussed with the issue with Patrick, Elaine said, “It’s not necessary. We are not close. I don’t have his phone number, and I would have to contact the producer to reach him. This would only get more people involved. Besides, I have heard from a colleague that he is not in Hong Kong.”

Elaine also said, “On the night where the rumor said I was arrested by the police, I was jogging in Sha Tin. Afterwards, I went back to my apartment in Tai Po. I didn’t know about the rumor until my neighbor knocked on my door and asked if I was arrested. I did not expect the rumor to have spread so far. Many radio stations, newspapers, and magazines had all contacted me to respond to the incident. The police also never contacted me. If I was arrested, how would I be able to take phone interviews? I am not angry, but I do feel bad for getting the media involved. Sorry!”

Patrick Dunn is Furious

Patrick is currently filming Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ> in Great Britain. Patrick received a long-distance phone interview with the Hong Kong press. The actor cried, “I am furious! It is absolutely fake. I am not familiar with Elaine. Since day one, Elaine and I only interacted with each other at work. We do chat, but we only chat about work. We both have kids. We both have a family. This rumor is disgusting. If you have evidence, bring it out! In police investigations, they will always mark down the license plate number and time. Did they? Obviously, this rumor is not true!”

How did Patrick’s wife feel about the rumor? Patrick said, “She understands me very well. She trusts me.” Asked if Patrick was worried about the rumor tarnishing his image, Patrick said, “The online world is always just about gossip. I am not worried. My image is backed by many years of experience. I am really furious about this. This rumor makes me even angrier than the time when I was rumored to be the cause of Deric Wan (溫兆倫) and Sonija Kwok’s (郭羨妮) split!”

Patrick also released a statement through his Weibo, threatening to pursue legal action against the person who initiated the car-shaking rumors, and stressed none of the details in the rumors were true.

TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), expressed, “I don’t believe in the rumor because this could not happen. Both parties have their own families.”

Source: Oriental Daily via hktv.com

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  1. my question is what would she be arrested for? car sex isn’t against the law. lol otherwise tavia would be arrested long time ago 😛

    1. oh come on give Tavia and Him a break! They didn’t have car sex!!!

      1. the same way bill clinton didn’t have sex with monica lewinsky

      2. I believe Tavia and Him didn’t have car sex. With the paparazzi’s efficiency and speed, they would have caught Him him with his zipper down if they were really ‘car shaking’.

    2. Car sex won’t be arrested but the polices will tell to stop because it can affect the public (ppl can see).

    3. Public indecency? Some people are arrested for doing it in a phone box…

  2. Picture on right is Linda Chung in 15 years… I never noticed their resemblance before.

    1. I agree! When I watched “Old Time Buddy: To Catch a Thief” about half a year ago, I actually thought Elaine was Linda for a few episodes until I realized that Linda and Maggie couldn’t be around the same age. They look so much alike, but Linda is cuter.

  3. The main target is Elaine Ng not Patrick.

    Trying to kill her career in HK.

    1. she did plenty of damage herself for her poor acting in HAL.

      i don’t think anyone will believe this since no pics or proof.

    1. U know what? Funn. I swear i read it somewhere that Patrick isn’t really a good husband as described by teh papps, I rmb reading him having a fling with someone but couldn’t rmb who it was..so it really doesn’t surprised me that Elaine ng and patrick were the couple in the car shaking incident since both aren’t so “innocent” and are quite flirty afterall.

  4. In the end of the day, just a rumour for a witch hunt season. The reporters contacted the polices and there was NO report of a case like this happened.

  5. “The rumor was of “a man and a woman from the narcotics team of a certain ‘three-colored’ television station”

    There are quite a number of people in the narcotics team in the 3 colored station. It could be anyone.

    1. Let’s list the NB candidates. For the women, it could be Elaine, Ella, or Kayi cheung.
      But for the men, there’s a lot more suspects. LF, Michael miu, Ben Wong, Derek kwok, jazz lam, Patrick Dunn, heck even the old guy law lok lam should be questioned!

      I don’t think it’s Ella b/c she already learned to not go “park car” at night after dating Ron ng.

      I think LF had time alibi b/c he was out of hk. Not sure about everybody else. I think this needs further “investigation” by tvb task force.

      1. Jazz Lam is not attached, right? Safer to think it’s Jazz and Kayi, both single. 😛

        Or maybe Kayi and Jack Hui, Miss HK and Mr HK. 😀 (p.s. Jack Hui was one of Ben’s subordinate).

  6. If I’m not wrong then I heard that it has been more people involved in this rumour. It has been said that it was Ella, and then MC jin too. Soon the whole casts of HAL will be involved, I won’t be surprised if they out of the blue said that it was Kate and Raymond.

  7. Elaine Ng and Patrick Dunn are both poor at acting. Patrick nods every time he says a line. Seriously annoying.

  8. both aren’t good looking actress. Why is Elaine a single mom speaks a lot…she likes to mingle around if somebody gives her the attentions and BTW Jacky Chen is not a good man for not taking responsiblity of their daugther. Patrick always gives me an impression like he is a false successful man. I could be wrong…

    1. I like Elaine ng wearing thin thin & light bikini. She looks fabulously great and very hot!!

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