Bed Photo Surfaces; Elaine Yiu Denies Being a Homewrecker

Although 38-year-old Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) already parted ways with her ex-boyfriend, Raymond Young, photo of the pair in bed together were released. Rumors circulated claiming that the actress entered the relationship as a third party. In response to the allegations, Elaine stressed that she was not a homewrecker.

Shortly after Elaine broke up with wealthy businessman, Cheng Tsz Bong (鄭子邦)last year, she allegedly dated Raymond – a high-level executive for the celebrity restaurant and lounge, Dragon-i. Although Elaine tried to keep her relationship private, news got out that the two went on a mini-getaway to Thailand last year.

Unfortunately, the media soon revealed that Raymond was already married for eight years and that perhaps Elaine was a third party during the entire relationship. Speaking with the press, Elaine clarified that she and Raymond have broken up for a while. She was genuinely curious as to how the media got access to personal photos of her and Raymond in the first place.

Stressing that Raymond was single when she met him, Elaine said he and his wife, Sarika, were already separated prior to their relationship. She said, “When I was dating Raymond, he and Sarika already parted ways. Not only do I know Sarika, but she knew we were dating as well.”

Elaine admitted that she was shocked by the release of her bed photo with Raymond. Asked if she suspected who had released the photo to the media, Elaine said, “Yes, but now I’m not thinking about how the photo was released. I’m just shocked why a photo of just the two of us leaked out.” Asked how many people had this photo, Elaine said, “I didn’t know about the bed photo. If there is more outlandish acts to follow, I’ll discuss it with my company as to how to handle it.”

Sarika and Raymond Young with Myolie Wu and her husband.

Source: hket, East Week

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  1. The pic of her sleeping in bed witH Raymond got leaked out and apple daily published the pics

  2. It looks like she was asleep and unaware that he took this photo. It seems to be a trust violation. That’s terrible.

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