Elena Kong: A Portrait of a Modern Woman

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Elena Kong (江美儀), a name that brings to mind short, cropped hair and a unique brand of sultry elegance, is also the embodiment of a confident modern woman. Since joining TVB in 2009, Elena excelled in portraying powerless, desperate wives who turned to extramarital affairs to fulfill their emotional needs. In real life however, Elena is nothing but fearless and takes full charge of her own destiny. The actress recently sat down with 3 Weekly and discussed everything from her Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>controversy, to her experience visiting a host club in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Onscreen Lovers with Kenneth Ma

As the plot of Triumph in the Skies 2 continues to leak, viewers discovered that Elena’s character, Heather Fong, will be involved in a purely sexual relationship with senior co-pilot Roy Ko. Many fans criticized Elena and Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) pairing, saying they looked more like mother and son. Some also found the loveless relationship distasteful, writing it off as yet another “heavy flavor” story line frequently found in recent TVB dramas.

Elena was quick to defend the plot line and her character. “I really like this character! It’s just that people don’t like me and are jealous simply because I am paired with Kenneth Ma… Kenneth is a sought-after bachelor and many like to fantasize about being his girlfriend. Here I am, Elena Kong stealing that spot next to him. Of course I immediately became the public’s enemy! Seriously, I am really only a few years older than Kenneth both in the drama and in real life.”

Elena further clarified that Heather was never involved in an extramarital affair, as she and husband Tony Ching, played by Patrick Dunn (鄧梓峰), will divorce later on. Elena added that she has no problems accepting a purely sexual relationship between two consensual, single adults. “If both are single adults and know exactly what they are doing, I don’t think it is a big deal at all. It is after all your own decision.” Although Elena is tolerant, she believes that true love is still the most important. She added that most women are emotional beings and are unlikely to pursue only a physical relationship.

Like Heather, Elena keeps an open-minded perspective and welcomes new adventures. In the series, Heather decided to visit a host club to cure her boredom. When speaking about that scene, Elena freely admitted that she has had a similar experience in real life. “I have been to a host club, but only to see what it is like. A male friend brought my group of girl friends to a Korean host club in Tsim Sha Tsui… You’d think they would be outrageously handsome but most look just like any boy-next-door… It is good to experience many things in life. You’d never know when the knowledge would come in handy.”

Personal Love Life

Currently dating Vincent Ng (吳君祥), actress Sandra Ng’s (吳君如) brother, Elena enjoys a long and stable relationship and would not change a thing. When asked about potential marriage plans, Elena said, “It is a title and I will let fate decide. If he is really a good man, you would not need to always check up on him… If he goes out to play he will come home on his own. You will see him in the morning. There is nothing you can do if he doesn’t want to come home. I always tell my boyfriend, we are happy as is. If you ever find someone else who can make you even happier, then go ahead. I really wouldn’t mind. Life is short.”

Elena is able to take a carefree approach with her relationship only because of the pain she had suffered in the past. For a very long time, Elena was deeply depressed about her former relationships. She often lamented that she treated her partners well but none of them returned her affections. Elena later realized that everything is tied to karma and that fate had decided that their love was not meant to be.

Although she had finally moved on from the hurt, Elena does regret not being able to maintain a friendship with her former loves. “I am rather unlucky, and have not been able to remain friends with those guys. All of us were immature back then. We can only become friends when both people are well aware of what they are doing. Two people come together because they like each other; why must we end up as enemies when we break up? I really like my relationship with Patrick Dunn in the drama, it is very mature, very rare. We went from lovers to family, and then turned into friends. I do yearn for this type of relationship.”

Speaking about relationship obstacles, Elena firmly believes that a couple should try their best to resolve issues before taking any drastic actions. She takes an active approach to love, and is unafraid of taking opportunities. “I am not the type who would only give you a chance after you have phoned me ten times. If I feel all right with you, I would be okay with going out and chat over a meal. You wouldn’t know if you are suitable for each other until you have chatted a few more times. If you don’t feel suitable, then don’t waste the other person’s time.”

Enjoys Filming for TVB

Aside from a fulfilling love life, Elena also juggles a career that is quickly gaining steam. Originally an ATV artist, Elena has nothing good to say about her former employer, urging them to quickly close its doors for good. After joining TVB, Elena had to start from scratch, taking minor supporting roles despite her previous experience. The 41-year-old surprisingly has no complaints, and in fact enjoys the chance to start over. “I enjoy any and all roles… Even if I am lead actress status, the company would not ask me to star in every single drama. I actually get more offers as a supporting actress, and that allows me plenty of opportunities to flex my acting muscles….”

While many TVB artists are flocking to mainland due to its lucrative market, Elena decided to stay with the company out of a fondness of home. The actress also revealed the struggles she faced on the set due to her panic disorder. “When I was filming My Prime Lady <My盛Lady>, I found the series fun and relaxing so I decided to stop taking my medication… However, later when I participated in Triumph in the Skies promotions, some immature viewers criticized me over my pairing with Kenneth, calling me old. I was very unhappy afterwards and kept thinking about what I did wrong. The company gave this role to me. You haven’t even seen it and already made up your mind about me? Isn’t this so unfair? At that moment I realized that something was wrong with me so I immediately went back on my medication. Everything is all right now.”

Despite her condition, Elena remains optimistic and finds laughter is truly the best medicine. “When two people get together, they are like each other’s mirror. When I make myself happy, I naturally will smile at you. You will then smile back at me. This way everyone is filled with positive energy. I also believe that people who live this way will definitely slow down their aging process.”

Source: 3 Weekly #721 via ihktv.com 

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

25 comments to Elena Kong: A Portrait of a Modern Woman

  1. sandcherry says:

    I like Elena Kong’s acting. She is good in every role that she plays. I hope she will get some 1st lead roles soon. She is more capable than those top fadans. There must be certain roles that suit her age, maturity and pretty face. She can be another Sheren Tang if she is given the chance.

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    • Yen replied:

      After watching her in Pratical Jokes and her successful protrayal as Heather which is such different character from her real self, which means she can carry her role really well, unlike Fala!
      When she first appears in TITS2, I’m WOW!! She looks so elegant and pretty!!

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    • Conscience replied:

      yeah. agreed.

      Login or Register before you can reply to Conscience
  2. Agnes Tan says:

    I like Elena Kong’s acting too.
    She never fail to deliver.
    She is a very good and charismatic actress. TVB should promote her to be a lead actress.

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    • Clementine replied:

      absolutely agree with never failing to deliver. She ALWAYS nails it with every performance, whether it’s just a small cameo role or supporting role. She is always top notch and understands her characters so well.

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  3. GD says:

    She’s a good actress. I love her deep voice!

    Login or Register before you can reply to GD
    • sandcherry replied:

      When I first watched her in “No Regrets”, I did not like her because of her deep voice. However, I get used to it now, and I like her deep voice. She is a fantastic actress.

      Login or Register before you can reply to sandcherry
    • Clementine replied:

      I think her deeper pitch voice is quite unique, makes her sound very sophisticated and mature-dare I say very attractive too (and this is coming from a female lol)

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  4. P. Tan says:

    From the moment I saw her on the screen I was fascinated and charmed by Elena’s looks and acting. Soon enough I’m sure TVB will realize what a precious asset it has. All the very best to Elena!

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  5. thuongan says:

    Her acting is so good.

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  6. Ptt says:

    Asians people seems always discriminate against older actress pairing with younger actor. But when the older actor pairing with younger actress and they just…sigh…
    Anyway I love her acting, big fan right here. Hopefully TVB can treasure the Jewel that they have.

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    • Daisy replied:

      It’s usually fine…. Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh pairing was very welcomed even though Charmaine was older than him same with Bosco and Myolie.
      They’re okay with them cause the woman looks young for their age so they mind it, but unfortunately Elena looks really mature which set them off.

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      • bloom replied:

        Cant agree with you more. I disagree with Elena’s comment that women were jealous of her pairing with Kenneth Ma. I’m not a fan of Kenneth Ma but I know about him being the most sought after bachelor but still I’m not that naive to imagine that I would be married to anyone of them.

        I’ve always like Leslie Cheung

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    • Lee replied:

      I think that young women do this unconsciously because they don’t want to see the men they desire with older women (i.e it just doesn’t make sense to them) but older female viewers are probably more tolerant since they must have similar fantasies on occasion.

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  7. Karen says:

    I like Elena Kong and her raspy voice. But I can’t help but notice she does look older than her age? She is the same age as Fann Wong but the latter looks like Elena’s younger sister.

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  8. Clementine says:

    Really admire her unique appearance. She is one of the few actresses who can pull off absolutely any short cropped cut imo. Also love her offscreen personality, very direct, outgoing and definitely has a sense of humour. No doubt about her great acting too! Support.

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  9. Lam Lam says:

    I am looking forward for her role here and really, calling her old for being paired up with KM? KM is only like 3 years younger -.-”

    Elena never failed to deliver in all her dramas and TVB is lucky to have her while others are leaving the station at an alarming rate.

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  10. I Will Write What I Want says:

    Mother-son relationship… probably coz Heather behaves like a woman capable of taking care of herself and those around her, whereas Roy behaves like a teenager thinking it’s cool to have a few girlfriends at the same time?

    Elena’s been my favourite actress in TVB for a while now. To date, she has never disappointed me in any of the roles she’s delivered. In fact, I’ve mostly been impressed!

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  11. smurf120 says:

    Interesting how nearly all of the main cast of my date with a vampire all either came from tvb or has now joined tvb. Hard to believe joey meng is actually older than elena kong. I think elena is a great actress. I still remember her role as psychotic possessive wife opposite simon yam in older atv series.

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  12. aptos says:

    Elena is a sleeper of an actress with the ability to handle the villainess homewrecker, innocent housewife or tough office supervisor flawlessly. She should be considered for best supporting actress and maybe in time best actress if the roles present themselves.

    Login or Register before you can reply to aptos
  13. breakfast says:

    she may look mature but is actually the opp if she’s still with vincent ng, what does she hope to get out of being together with him? better entertainment industry connections because he is sandra ng’s brother? better focus on work and save for old age instead

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  14. H says:

    Elena is a fantastic actress and fans should be happy that she is pairing with Kenneth because her acting is better than his! :p

    Login or Register before you can reply to H
  15. Hope says:

    The first time I saw her, I love her. She’s beautiful & elegant & can really act!
    I don’t see the Elena & Kenneth pairing as “mum & son”.
    Come on…. Kenneth is not really that young anyway. He looks mature as well.

    Login or Register before you can reply to Hope
  16. sandcherry says:

    Elena Kong is not old. She just has played a few roles as step-mothers, aunts, or big sisters, which gives people the feeling that she is much older. She does not look old anyway. Kenneth Ma has a baby face which makes him look younger. I can accept it if people say that Elena is Kenneth’s sister, not certainly not his mother.

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  17. Ric says:

    Elena is my favorite actress who jump shipped from ATV to TVB. Her performances always carry a lot of emotion and makes me feel for her character. Hope she will get that one role that will propel her to new heights soon.

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