Ella Koon Gloats Over Ron Ng’s Sinful Exposure

Ella Koon (官恩娜) and Ron Ng (吳卓羲) allegedly started dating after filming TVB drama, Revolving Doors of Vengeance <酒店風雲>, in 2005. The relationship reportedly ended on bad terms, in which Ella had hinted that infidelity was involved. After Ron’s explicit sexual phone messages were exposed last week, Ella wrote a gloating message on her Weibo blog, expressing relief that his true colors were now stripped before the world!

Although the paparazzi had snapped photos of them together while dating, Ella and Ron never formally acknowledged their past relationship. When Ella went on a television interview program several years ago, she mentioned that she had broken up with her ex-boyfriend, who also worked in the entertainment industry, who allegedly cheated in the relationship. Ella said that the man drove her to the mountain top at night and a police officer pulled their car over, commenting that her ex-boyfriend brought another woman to the same spot several nights ago. Although Ella did not mention Ron’s name while recounting the incident, it was widely interpreted that Ron was the cheating ex-boyfriend.

Ron Ng Bashed by Ex-Girlfriends

Ron allegedly fell into a “phone sex trap,” in which he had exchanged explicit messages with a woman eager to trap him. Despite Ron’s proclaimed innocence in the matter, ex-girlfriend, Viann Zhang (張馨予), was extremely upset in his alleged “cheating.” Viann lamented that she had mistrusted Ron all along while dating, and will be changing her phone number to end her relationship with him once and for all.

Although Ron and Ella’s relationship allegedly ended years ago, she appeared to be still bitter over their relationship. Last night, Ella alluded to Ron’s recent phone sex scandal by writing, “After reading the news today, the world finally has learned the truth! I have also loved and been hurt in the past! I was hurt when I walked out of the relationship! I was also misunderstood for generating publicity for myself! It was really hard for me!”

Although Ella did not mention Ron’s name in her Weibo message, it was concluded that she was referring to Ron Ng, in which the pair allegedly ended their relationship because of his habit of juggling multiple women while dating.

After writing the Weibo message, Ella deleted her own message within one minute. Apparently Ella changed her mind and thought it would be better to remain silent over Ron’s recent scandal, for fear of backlash.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Ella:
    You are a brave girl to tell people the truth. You should not have deleted your message.

    1. Deleting these messages make her action become calculated. But she might say the truth. Better for her if she keeps at least one.

    2. Ella seems dumber for falling for dumb ron.

    3. Maybe Ella just posted out of impromptu and excited feeling first but later when her blood pressure lowered her sense come back and she thought

      Ella: Damn. I’m gonna get in trouble with TVB!


      1. Uhm, after knowing that she posted 2 messages, I doubt that her blood pressure affected :).

      2. You think this is all her plan to get back at Ron?

      3. Maybe she said the truth, but she also wants to stab him.

      4. Her emotions got the better of her and so in the spur of the moment, she posted the remark but realized shortly that it was not a smart thing to do and so she deleted it. She really wanted to share with the world what she had kept inside all along for so many years that Ron is indeed a cheater and took this as a good opportunity to do so.

  2. I wonder if Ron died, then maybe she wouldn’t have posted that message.

  3. Never liked Ron Ng. His acting is only good when he is having a love scene. Then we ‘suddenly’ see how he gives 200% LOL.

    1. MUAHAHAHAS!!!
      I never like his acting n his personality too!!
      He was caught bragging bout his education level in the past!!
      A gugu that filled with pride!!
      Glad his karma come to him now!! HOHOHO

  4. women and their games/traps, this is why we call them tricks, no offense ladies =)

  5. Despite all these negative claims aiming to tarnish his “gentleman” reputation, many guys still strongly believe that Ron is very innocent.

    Ron, keep you romantic life going on!! Don’t let these negativities affect you.

    1. No worry Ron, we know that you are just a man. People may complaint about your acting in the TV screen, but your real live performance shows that you a much better actor.

      1. TVB reality show -best actor award goes to :-

        There are three joint winners –

        The famous lothario’s trio- Ron,Bosco and Raymond

      2. Lolz, I think the best actor award should belong to who can hide the longest :P.

  6. WHY is it now we read about Ray Lam & Ron’s cheating? Are they both players… hmmm

    1. Yup, both are players but Ron seems to be dominated by gfs more.

      1. Ron are dominated by angry and outspoken exes LOL

  7. Just wondering, but whatever happened to Ella? I don’t follow TVB news much until recently. Did she leave TVB for good?

    1. she’s in a new tvb drama with raymond lam. no idea what it’s called and when it’s airing though

      1. Highs and Lows and 24 September at 9:30. Upcoming.

      2. @ Fox:

        Is this date confirmed for sure? Can’t wait!!!

      3. 90% confirmed because there are 4 in the crew confirmed that it’ll be release in the end of Sep: Ben Wong, Kate Tsui, LF and Micheal Miu. Since Chip off 2 is going to be out after GJ2 so 24 Sep is the date. But if Sergeant Tabloids still take the slot, HAL will have to wait until 1 Oct.

      4. Glad to hear that it will be broadcasted this year and even better will be around the time of the anniversary awards! Thanks Fox!

    2. She was never Txb’s. Her full time job is a singer.

      1. She’s not a very good singer and the only series I’ve ever seen her in was Survivor’s Law 2 and she wasn’t that great.

      2. i don’t want to go through an hour long video looking for her part. is she better than the tvb fa dans who try to sing? :p

      3. Only series I’ve seen her in was Revolving Doors of Vengeance. If she was in any other drama, then it did not leave a lasting impression for me.

        I’ve heard her sing with Ron. Her voice is weak.

      4. Youtube can watch in the middle. You can just click at 45th minute to start her part.

        She is sure to better than the gangs Myolie, Linda, Kate, etc. She has the voice and singing technique.

        I’ve heard her sing with Ron. Her voice is weak.

        When was that? Her voice can’t weaker than Ron’s.

        Maybe you can check her singing on youtube. Many clips she sang live well.

  8. Aiyoh…! What’s happening to all of TXB siu sangs?

    All in the news at the same time, Bosco, Ray and Ron!

    Probably not a surprise because they are single, adulated and popular, what do you expect…

    Ray and Bosco are both Sagittaurus and Ron is an Aries… hmz… makes me wonder if Sagittaurus and Aries guys are like this…

    1. Canto said “makes me wonder if Sagittaurus and Aries guys are like this…”

      No… they are not. I am one of those two signs and I find their actions reprehensible 😛 A few bad apples don’t spoil the whole bunch!

    2. http://www.astrolutely.com/signs-of-love.php

      Here’s what this site said about men of the 12 zodiac.

      The Sagittarian Man

      They seek him here, they seek him there… Yes, I’m afraid the Sagittarian man is hard to catch – not hard to interest, not difficult to enchant, just near impossible to get to the altar. He is terrific fun, quite the lad, but absolutely not into long-term commitment, in fact he’s the zodiac’s leading commitment-phobe. If you want him, you’re going to have to play the game of running as fast as you can in the opposite direction, refusing all invitations to move in with him, never leaving as much as a toothbrush in his bathroom. Mr Sagittarius loves women who ooze feeling and mystery yet he’s also drawn to females who wield power and influence. What drives him away are weeping and wailing, despair and need.


      According to wiki, Ron’s birthday is 2 September 1979. He’s a Virgo not and Aries.

      The Virgoan Man

      Virgo men do not draw attention to themselves: they insinuate their way into your life. Somehow they appear from behind the scenes and steel your heart: they were just a friend, maybe a no strings attached one-night-stand, yet before you know it you have become reliant on their know-how, happy to be an audience for their dry humour and pithy comments, and, well, used to them. To be honest, Mr Virgo can be tricky: he’s emotionally very self-contained and not open to intimacy – a stark contrast to his passion and his performance under the sheets, or anywhere come to that – he’s quite the dark horse. This man is drawn to highly-sexed and colourful, spontaneous women of the fire and air variety, yet when it comes to marriage (usually late and sometimes never) he’ll go for a safe bet.

      1. Virgos are quite loyal and and they are not commitment phobic. If a virgo man has found the one, he will marry her despite family and friends’ disapproval.

        I am a Sagittarius female, and I myself are not very fond of Sagittarian men…many of them are commitment phobic and can drop you the next day. Brad Pitt is also a sagittarius and he dropped Jennifer quite easily.

      2. @Fiona

        You will also have to look at the moon sign. The sun sign represents how you appear to others, it is like your mask. The moon sign represents your inner world, or your inner feelings and thoughts…it’s the personality that no one knows except for a few close family members and friends.

      3. I use the Moon sign calculator. I don’t know Ron’s time of birth. But, I tried several different time and all the result came out with Capricorn. So, Ron’s moon sign is most probably Capricorn.

      4. @cloud: Sagittarius girls and guys wont go for eqch other for love. Chances for them are lower than 10%.

        Best for Sagittarius girls are Leo guys.

    3. I’ve never been one to read up much on horoscopes, but..
      Bosco and Myolie
      Sagittarius and Scorpio love compatibility
      Scorpio is dominant by nature, but he/she will have trouble keeping their Sagittarius partner under control. Scorpio loves his/her house while the Sagittarius’ suitcase is always ready to be taken to a journey. The freedom is necessary for Sagittarius . Sagittarlus’s far-roaming interests constantly make Scorpio jealous. Romantically, this is a volatile combination. Sagittarius is playful about sex and finds Scorpio’s intense, dominating passions too much to cope with. Soon Sagittarius’s inclination is to fly. Their mutual attraction is explained by sex and can not last for a long time. A one night’s affair – yes; a marriage -NO.

      And I actually find what they wrote about Sagittaurus very true!

    4. @ Kidd…

      A virgo sheep? Virgo are usually not the sort to cheat ‘cos they are more prim and proper and want to have a gentlemanly image, and a sheep loves devotedly and doesn’t seem to cheat too.


      @ TVBFanantic

      Thanks. Wonder if you speaking as a Sagittaurus or Aries, ‘cos I think while Aries may be more possible to be faithful and Sagittaurus more restless and not want to settle down in their youth

    5. Our of curiosity, I check out the compatibility match of Viann and Ron.

      Viann – 28 March 1987 – Aries
      Ron – 2 September 1979 – Virgo

      Aries and Virgo love compatibility

      The bravery of the Aries will probably intrigue the imagination of shy, reserved Virgo for a time. However, their sexualities are so different, that they will have to be very patient in order to succeed. Aires’s passions are impulsive and direct. Virgo’s sexuality is more enigmatic and takes time to be revealed. In other areas Aries is full of exciting new plans and ideas, and insists on being boss. Virgo is critical and fussy, and likes things to be done the way Virgo wants. In case the charts are well aspected for these two it could work, but it will take a lot of effort on both sides. Otherwise the relationships will not be very pleasant and chances for a successful marriage are fifty / fifty.

    6. Cant hold a Sagittarius because s/he is a wild horse. Lolz, after a breakup, how long will a Sagittarius forget a person? 1 second only :p.

      But Sagittarius dun like to play around. They are players by natural but not intentionally. Gemini are the one who like to play around and intentionally cheat. Sagittarius are free, dont think much, happy-go-lucky, dont mind the eyes of outsiders but they are also smart. Their characters make them attractive but players.

    7. Ella and Viann already. Who’s next? Joyce is surrounding by reporters?

      1. Joyce seems more graceful than Ella and Viann though…

    8. As stated above… horoscopes are all just fun. They are vague enough that you can find truth in almost anything. I’m a Sagittarius and I never “played the field” and was looking forward to marriage and a family. 😛

  9. Ron’s crazy to cheat on Ella. He lost a great one. Ron, Ray, and Bosco are all the same — womanizers and liars. Although we finally know the true color of Ron, I can’t sympathize with Viann because she is just as bad or worse.

  10. Ron disappoint me. He’s the same other cheaters Raymond and Bosco

    1. Ron has not disappointed me. I never expected him to be better than Raymond and Bosco. I thought he would be a lot worse.

    2. Wow… Ppl are making like Ella’s news is so new and Ron just has the first day of trouble. He had headaches days before Ella’s messages :P.

    3. Now I wonder about Ron and Charmaine. Both are players. Charmaine even get rumoured with Michael Miu LOL

      1. I don’t remember any rumor w/ Michael miu. Only him being too close to Toby during DOL.

        I think the 10 were:
        1. Sunny
        2. Gordon lam
        3. Chilam
        4. Roger
        5. Benny
        6. Joe
        7. Ron
        8. LF
        9. Kevin
        10. Moses

        Basicly, every heterosexual male costar except bobby! 😛
        But I only believe benny and Kevin to be true.

      2. Whattt??? Sunny too?? I always thought he’s a homer..

      3. I thought it was michael miu, when they went to film drive of life in china, something about charmaine visiting michael’s room?

      4. Wahhhhh so many. Let’s see…

        1. Sunny
        Doubt it
        2. Gordon lam
        Doubt it
        3. Chilam
        No but I think she was crazy in love with him
        4. Roger
        No. She was too old. He does like younger looking girls
        5. Benny
        Confirmed isn’t it?
        6. Joe
        I hope not
        7. Ron
        Oh please no. And she doesn’t fit into his likes
        8. LF
        Definitely not unless she was the reason that made him change taste in women
        9. Kevin
        I believe still currently on
        10. Moses
        Not her type.

      5. I think sunny just in the sense that he was her first partner so he had to teach her how to detach from the character.

        I think Gordon may have liked her.
        For chilam, I think there was mutual attraction.

        Funn, when charm first worked w/ roger in “herbalist affair”, she was still young. But I doubt their rumor too.

        I think they just rumor Joe b/c they had a lot of kissing scenes in “maidens vow”. Besides, he’s benny’s bff. Yuck.

        If there was rumor w/ Michael miu too, then she must be very busy during DOL. That was when she was rumored w/ Ron. Maybe LF too!

        I’m glad she’s not Moses’ type either. Throw the coffee back in his face!

        That leaves Kevin… come back, Kev! Those mainland barbies are too much trouble.

  11. I don’t know why they attempt to delete their messages. There will always be someone to screencap it!

    1. They post while excited at a news they just know. When they think back and ponder the consequences they delete it quickly, but there’s always faster netizens who screencap it. I saw many versions too LOL that means now whenever something controversial got posted people quickly screencap it!

  12. LOL at the pic.

    Ella: I lost the battle, but won the war. Yay the victory is finally mine…

    1. LOL.

      Ella: Don’t worry Ron, I deleted it! Peace! 🙂

  13. lol.. i find it highly amusing.. seriously i think deep down we know thy r players.. thugh maybe whn thy meet the rght one thy wll chnge n settle down

    1. LOL or maybe not settle at all when find one just like Aaron Kwok.

  14. I think Ella is lucky, now she has everything, a better boyfriend, a better recognition and a better career, couldn’t ask for more, just forget the past, Ron doesn’t deserve her.

  15. woah ella did a good thing by deleting her comment immediately. she already got into trouble previously for shooting her mouth off! i think it was regarding the salty pork hand incident?

  16. Sorry but I do not excuse Ron for is actions at all, however, I don’t think Ella should have done what she did. First of all, the past is the past so why doesn’t she let bygones be bygones?? What is the point of her digging up the past to try to hurt Ron even more? He is already in deep water so why push him down even more?? What does she get from it??

    By doing this, it shows that she is someone petty and revengeful so it doesn’t make her any better than Ron. Even though what Ron did was stupid and not good, but what she is doing makes her just as bad…

      1. If that is the case, then she is doing just what Viann is doing which is using others’ misfortunes just to gain publicity for themselves. That shows that they are not any better than Ron or anyone…

      2. If Ron cheated them, he is bad at this.

        If they used him to get public stunt, they are bad at that.

        Different type of bad :P.

      3. I don’t think ella meant it as a publicity stunt. I think she’s actually a nice girl but couldn’t help still feeling resentment towards Ron. She’s obviously not the smartest girl so she didn’t think it through. U can tell how frank she was during the salty pig hand incident. She didn’t know she’d get in so much trouble.

    1. No, I think she deserved to have the chance to tell the truth to the public (she was taken as a liar in the past).

      1. Agreed. When she tried to tell her story, Ron’s fans just ignored her because Ron is a saint and can do no wrong. So I don’t blame her if she suddenly wanted to jump up and say “SEE! HE ISN’T PERFECT!” 😛

      2. Who knows if everything she said is the truth or not?? If so, then why delete everything? that just makes her words less credible. If she is brave, then why make all of these posts and then delete it?? What is the point of that?? Also, there is no point in saying whatever she said… The only thing is to gain some publicity for herself, but that’s pretty much it…

      3. I also want to say that I am not really a fan of Ron and never expected him or anyone to be perfect or a saint. I do not think ANYONE from the e world is clean and innocent at all because if they were, they would NOT be able to last long. I just don’t get what the point of her saying anything now and then deleting it…

      4. LOL, can we be sure that’s Ron she is talking abt for sure?

        Even if it is she what she has the right to tell her story. What makes her look bad is that she deleted it implies seeking attention, lies or afraid to tell the truth.

        Suppose she isn’t the brightest celeb out there, LOL

      5. Everyone has the evil side and Ella had some intentions for the entries. But she has the right to do this and in fact, she did. Her action was wrong or right, not really a matter.

      6. She can do whatever, but I just think it is a bit stupid to gloat over others misfortunes and to declare this and that, but just to delete it… I just feel it is pointless, that’s all..

      7. She needs to beat up the dog while it’s in the water and harmless, LOL

      8. Oh yea, she is trying to milk it just like Viann so that they can get as much out of it as possible…

      9. Think their motives are different. She wants to clear her name as she was wronged before while Viann you know 😀

      10. Yup, she dun milk it but use it as a chance. And it isn’t a stupid idea at all. Harmless to her, harm the one who hurt her and cause her to be wronged, if she said the truth.

        The first message ended with “I feel you sister”, means she supports Viann.

      11. She didn’t delete it because it was lies… you people are looking for any excuse to save Ron. 😛

        My guess is that she deleted it because of the backlash that started to appear on her Weibo, and she suddenly realized that she didn’t want to be a part of it.

        Or, maybe she is smarter than you all give her credit for.. and after posting she suddenly realized that if she posted it she would have to face people dredging up the past and accusing her to trying to gain media attention again.

      12. And HTS – no.. if you were telling the truth in the past, and no one believed you and called you a liar.. when it is finally exposed that you were probably telling the truth because someone finally caught him in the act, of course you’ll want to stand up and say “SEE! I TOLD YOU ALL SO!” – I think it’s natural.

      13. Agreed different.

        Ella – use chance to clear her past rumours
        Viann – use to milk for her own publicity

      14. Save wooden Ron? Hah I want to see him freezing in cold palace with KLFs 😛

        Lesson here must be that women will never forget that you have done her wrong, LOL

      15. LOL until now people still think Ella lies? Poor Ella

      16. @tvbfanatic,
        I still do not think it is a good idea for her to rub it in everyone’s face but oh well, if she wants to do whatever then she can..

      17. I am not saying that she lying, but I do not think it does get that much good. It can but then it can be bad too because it shows that she is petty, holds on to grudges, and cannot let bygones be bygones.

      18. Ella is 110% better than plastic Viann. Viann lied about her fake tattoo and even posted a picture of it on her weibo, and the next day she intentionally wore a low cut jean just to show that she really had that tattoo; she bragged that Ron proposed to her (don’t know if it’s true or not) but she pridefully turned it down. When people stop paying attention to her, she writes cryptic messages about her relationship to gain attention.
        She’s overall a fake — from her entire face and body to her personality. I think her parents did not give her enough attention when she was a child and now she’s craving for attention.

  17. Certainly lose respect on Ron who juggling mutiple women even during dating..

    1. I am disappointed in Ron too, but hopefully he has learned a lot of lessons from all this and will be a better person when it comes to love and relationships in the future. There are times that you have to learn the hard way since that is the only way to learn.

      1. However, I don’t see Ron will ever learn.. I bet there are many reports that were not reported by his exs’ since many have agreed with “ron” to hide the reaosn of their breakup. Ron gives me a feeling that he thinks he’s sooo handsome until he can juggles women around. I dont think he will learn after this.. He’ll probably learn to be more careful in not responding to “stranger” sms.. etc. He def won’t stop partying and having many sleep partners.

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