Episodic Thoughts: “Triumph in the Skies 2” Episode 12

Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>
TVB Series 2013

Cast: Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Elena Kong, Him Law, Nancy Wu, Rebecca Zhu, Eliza Sam, and Kelly Fu.

Disclaimer: This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologize if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.


“Good. Then you can leave the PPP program”

I WAS RIGHT!! This episode is mostly about Holiday with quite a bit on Summer and the rest is basically Sam’s favourite expression; bewildered moment but I am sure fans of Coco will like that scene even if that is a momentum killer, yet again.

Anyway before I start, I am still writing notes hoping for that one face-palm-less moment. This time, my mother was the one who asked why am I writing notes whilst watching this episode. The first time was 1 page. Episode 11 was 2 pages. Episode 12 is 3 pages but this is a dialogue driven episode with some major revelations in terms of Summer and Brother Chiu. Problem is I find the revelation such a forced thing just so we sympathise with Brother Chiu and understand why Summer took on full responsibility. Those scenes do not explain why Brother Chiu was such a jerk in previous episodes. But it shows the maturity of Isaac and fans of Ron Ng will appreciate it also shows the beginnings of a long slow road towards the maturity of Ron as an actor. However do not despair; at least he is moving on a steady pace.

By the way this episode makes me dislike Holiday, again for good reasons. If you’ve watched this episode, tell me, do you agree with me?

Oh and I still call Holiday Holly but usually she is known as either Holiday or Ho Nin Hei. Much like Summer is known as Boss or Ha Sun. And 4th Adele song in this episode. I am now convinced; TVB paid a lot for the rights to use her songs in one album. 19 I believe?


PPP! London!

Holiday, Jim Jim and that bookworm guy form a study group. Very kind of bookworm guy for helping these 2 because remember what Jayden said? No pass, no fly. Anyway Holly goes out to get some drinks after cramming her head with facts and overhears a gwailo instructor say something like Jayden does not allow students to fly yet, so he just goes out. Holly runs back and tells them she intends to sneak into the hangar to look at some planes. Both guys refuse since Jayden apparently said they can’t even look or touch a plane or even walk into the hangar until they pass. Holly being Holly goes anyway and the other 2 guys dutifully follows. So they go in and sees the 2 seater planes and touch them and ooh and ahhh and what nots when they could see a plane flying above and all 3 are so entranced by what they see that they just stand there, totally absorbed and all that.

Plane lands and it is our 2 pillars. This time, Jayden does the flying. Interesting how they’re always paired together. Jim Jim I think is the one who wakes up from his plane-trance and says “It is Mr Tong! Run!” and he and bookworm guy run but Holly? She sees the back of Jayden and she sees her boyfriend’s back and as Jayden turns, she sees her boyfriend’s face (and frankly how she can have this mix up when Jayden doesn’t even look like her missing-probably dead boyfriend) and she cries emotionally “DANIEL!” and she runs towards him when Jayden snaps her out of her trance when he says “What are you doing here? You are still being punished! The other 2 guys, COME OUT!” and they do as commanded. Holly wakes up from her boyfriend-trance and realises she makes a huge mistake but looks very disappointed and then realises “Oh shit! I am in such big trouble”.


When I am writing this, I am giving much more emotional context to how Holly reacted rather than what Fala actually presented. At this point you can say Holly is a love sick girl. She wants to fly because she wants to understand what her boyfriend loves about the sky, and in that she hopes to be closer to him, spiritually and understand where the hell he is. In between, she loves this boyfriend so much everything she does right now revolves around this boyfriend. Which is exactly why Fala Chen did a terrible job. I can’t see any love sickness. I see a script which describes a love sick girl. I mean if you’re not love sick, you won’t go running around looking at a guy’s back and crying DANIEL! Her earlier breakdown in front of Sam is to me not done well. It should be total breakdown. But I suppose the ABSOLUTE total breakdown will be when she finds out what we all already know; unknown actor as the boyfriend means that boyfriend is dead.

This series works a lot on the basis of what we already know.


In class, Jayden and Sam look scary. Tony the happy grinning guy is missing I think. Can’t recall. Sam sternly tells the class some students openly defy a direct instruction not to enter the hangar. Jayden of course reminds them why they’re not allowed into the hangar and in the end tells the whole class that these 3 students will be judged by their fellow peers; if they all feel these 3 should be expelled, then they will be. Holly protests that such a huge decision should not be exercised by fellow students but her room mate says these 3 are doing things that will hurt the entire class. So the discussion ensues, some says expel, some scolds them for being reckless and selfish and some says shouldn’t they be given a second chance. Sam stops the heated discussion and says “Let me tell you a story before you all decide. There was once a young man who defied his instructor when he was punished in a similar story. The young man did not understand the instructor’s well meaning action. The instructor however did not expel this young cadet. The young cadet can never understand why this instructor who taught him was ever only a 2nd officer at the end of the day. But he understood later on. You all don’t know how lucky you are. You’re here, all fees fully sponsored. You get to live your dream. If your results is good, you can even start as a junior pilot in the airlines. But the instructors? They do not have such luxuries. They work as instructors to help pay for their school fees. They fly whilst teaching just so they can earn the hours to become at the end of day just 2nd officer despite putting in so much effort, time and energy. They have to do so much and achieve so little” and Jayden looking at the students who seem still a bit blur sternly reminds the students what Sam means. I think Holly or one of the 3 stands up and apologise. Everyone stands and apologise. Roommate of Holly stands up and says if she has a choice, she will expel them all but then who is she to crush dreams. I think it is Jayden or could be Sam who asks if everyone agrees with this sentiment and to raise their hands. All raise their hands. The 3 musketeers are saved.


I did not make a mistake in my previous recaps about what Sam said about PPP and I did not make a mistake here. There is a huge discrepancy. I remember he said in previous episodes that if a student passes PPP, he will get a recommendation letter to enter an academy to train as cadet. Now he says they get a job at Skylette or other airlines as junior pilot. I did not hear pilot but I did hear junior. I do believe there is a difference between cadet and junior pilot? Since I will assume junior pilot means that person passed the exams as a cadet in an aviation academy. So I suppose these bunch of misfits will join the airline later as junior pilots and with their quality and sense of responsibility, I fear for the passengers.


Sam goes to see Holly at Manna’s and Holly thinks he is there to see Manna but he says “No, I am here to see you”. She rushes into her room and takes out the tri-angel, I think she wants to return the doll to him. In the garden, Holly says thanks to Sam for helping her. She is about to take out the tri-angel when Sam seriously says “I don’t think you are suitable to be a pilot” and wham! Holly is like WHAT?! and she leaves the tri-angel in her back pocket as Sam continues “You are too emotional, you lack the dedication and let’s not waste everyone’s time. Consider what I said” and he leaves. Holly of course isn’t too happy to be told she sucks, yet again.

Back in HK, Isaac is with Teddy, in a car, for reasons I can’t remember. I think Isaac specifically goes to see Teddy for reasons that will be revealed after this sentence. Isaac asks Teddy how is Summer, and Summer is fine. By the way Summer is suspended from work. Anyway Isaac then asks directly why Summer is protecting this Brother Chiu, does Teddy know the full story. Teddy says he knows most of it but not all and he feels he can’t tell Isaac. But Isaac persists, he can’t understand why Summer is so foolish to take the blame for a guy who obviously has no intention ever to treat her likewise. Teddy says to Isaac “Let me take you somewhere, you will understand after you have seen what I will show you”


I feel like strangling Teddy every time he sings songs to express how he feels. I still don’t like Teddy but on paper, he is not a bad person.


Isaac is taken by Teddy to some harbour or next to a harbour? Anyway, there sits Chiu, all drunk and Teddy explains “Brother Chiu wasn’t always so mean and calculative. When we all first started, he was a good boss. He took care of us, he cared about us, and he mentored us earnestly. Then his wife died in a car crash. He was left to care for his son alone. And he loved his son very much, he nurtured his son, he taught his son and he raised his son. His son went on to make a lot of money, he became a top stockbroker. Remember that rich guy on the plane, that Kam Tin Yau? That’s his son. The thing is when his son got very very rich, he began to belittle his own father, he began to feel his father’s job as an engineer as something shameful. The father and son relationship collapsed and Brother Chiu got drunk, a lot. He also got very very angry and he changed” and they see Chiu drunk, and all as Teddy continues; “He becomes very disappointed. Boss (Summer) knows the full story, she understands what he is going through, after all she is his first student (first student as in eldest meaning 1st in terms of joining Chiu). That is why she protects him”

Chiu falls down and they rush to help him when Chiu cries for his son; Yau chai (Little Yau)! he cries again and again. Very drunk. He even thinks Isaac is someone called San Chai Ming and he thinks Teddy is his son. When Teddy speaks a bit rudely to Isaac, Chiu knocks his head and tells him to be respectful since San Chai Ming is a year older. Teddy’s expression becomes very gentle as he pretends to be Chiu’s son and apologises. Chiu, still very drunk cries “Ahhhh… you think I am dirty, oiled splattered technician only! That’s what you said!! You think you’re so great just because you’re some top stockbroker! You have no respect for me, you belittle me!!”. Teddy apologises for his son’s behaviour and Isaac gently says “Your son, he knows he is wrong, that is why he is a changed man now” and Chiu cried hard as he says with full of regret “He’s sorry? If not because of what he said on the plane, I wouldn’t have made those mistakes! I wouldn’t have pushed my crew so hard and got them into trouble! And…” and he cries even harder as he says “… and.. I wouldn’t have let my good first student (Ha Sun) be punished and had to be suspended from work!!!”. The 2 men look at him with I suppose a different sort of look like we have misunderstood you, and he goes on to say “You know, there is a technician who looks just like you (he thinks Teddy is his son)” and he goes on to say Teddy is a good technician but needs more discipline and he talks about Teddy affectionately. But in the end, he cries “I am just a technician! Forever that mud, that no one will look at us” but Teddy disagrees and says without them, planes won’t fly safely but Chiu says quite truly “We do all the work! But the pilots, they get the glamour!” and with that he falls asleep. Isaac looks at him thoughtfully.


This is a baffling scene. He seems full of regret, even talks about Teddy affectionately but it does not explain why before the encounter on the plane with his son he was so mean to Summer, he was very rude to Teddy and everyone even says he won’t protect them. It doesn’t make sense with this sudden change of direction. I know this is to make us sympathise with Chiu but I feel it is unconvincing due to his extreme behaviour prior to that. But it is also a scene to explain to us why Isaac does what he will do later.


Teddy goes home, there’s Summer with someone else. Anyway Teddy’s parents are there and again basically repeats what Chiu said earlier and they insist that Teddy go for the pilot test and all that. Teddy refuses and says he likes being a technician. His father thinks that when he agreed to let Teddy become a technician Teddy will quit since it is hard work. He never thought Teddy will be so dedicated. All these whilst Summer stands there with this pained expression, very quiet that I wish she just stop looking so much in pain. She does open her golden mouth and politely defends Teddy and says perhaps they should let him make his own decision. Teddy insists he is happy at doing the job he loves, surrounded by his crew who are his friends and no amount of objection from his parents will change his mind.


Apparently he will change his mind because a fellow reader said he will join PPP when I said I hoped a tyre will roll over him and thus killing him. I suppose he will pair with Apple? You know, leftover pairs with leftover sort of thing?


At night, alone, Isaac worries about something. He keeps thinking about the CT4 test, Chiu’s promise he can fix the plane, Summer’s sacrifice and what he saw at the .. yes! Pier! The word is pier. But I can’t remember if that is really a pier.

Next day, he goes to see the nicest calmest boss in the world, Adrian who is the most unrealistic character, ever. Isaac explains to Adrian he feels he is at fault for what happened that day. He says “When an engineer like Chiu comes personally to check on the plane and fixing it, I should have known the problems must be more serious than let on. I should have been the one to make the final decision, and that is to change planes. I did not insist on that and I feel it is my fault. I take full responsibility for what happened that day” and Adrian is impressed with what Isaac is doing and I think he even compared Isaac to his very responsible brother, Sam which is a compliment. I think. Anyway Adrian then says “By your admission, you do realise this will affect your CT4 scores?” and Isaac glumly says “I know. But I must do what is right”.

Isaac, how you’ve matured!! But I feel the engineer should be punished as well. The captain does depend on the engineer for recommendation as well.

Anyway, Summer and Isaac in a restaurant (FIRST DATE?! NO NO NO, not yet) and Summer says Chiu called her earlier to tell her she is reinstated. She is very happy (or as happy as she can be whilst looking pissed off) but she knows what happened, that Isaac took full responsibility. She is very thankful but she is also worried for his CT4 scores.


I can’t remember if the results are out yet at that point. I will go on as if he doesn’t know yet.


Summer says that if he fails now, he will have to wait 1 year to take the same tests again. Isaac, although fearing the worst says chirpily that he will have 2 more tries so he doesn’t worry as much. Summer says she is very grateful for what he did for her and Isaac teases her that she now owes him lunch and dinner and with a small smile, Summer agrees.


No, Isaac is not in love with her, yet. But she is falling for him.


And the momentum killer is here. After the high with Isaac and Summer and all, crash to earth with a sudden shift to Coco. Coco sees a sick (face covered) patient and so that he will be more comfortable, changes his seat to somewhere lesser people.

At this point my mother loudly says if all airlines is like this as in not full, especially from Taiwan to HK, Skylette will be bankrupt! True.

Anyway the guy suddenly says “Thanks, Coco” and she is like how you know my name and he takes off that cover and he is Victor.


In Ep 10, remember I did not recap what happened in Colby and Coco scene? Colby was crying as she broke up with her boyfriend Victor who was busy in Taiwan thinking he became very cold and uncommunicative because he had another woman. Coco advised her friend to not be rash since Victor like Nick are good guys.


She now knows why Victor is avoiding Colby. He has leukemia and he is coming back to HK after a round of chemotherapy.

Once landed, she quickly calls Coco to tell Coco to come meet her. Coco, still distracted with Victor goes there and see Victor, pale, wearing a beanie, on a wheelchair and she cries. Dramatic moment here. Victor explains he has leukemia and all that and to cut the long story short, he cries, she cries, he proposes, she says yes, and Coco cries.


I know a lot of people love Nancy Wu and Coco but this scene just makes me scratch my head. The relevance is of course Coco realises she should take the plunge and say yes to Nick’s 1000th proposal. But it goes on and on and on and frankly all the tears and all and I feel nothing for Colby and Vincent and see their story as a hindrance to the development of other characters. As it is the main characters are in the danger of being one dimensional already. I also don’t think Coco and Nick’s story is of any impact on the main story. They will probably fade into the background after this.


Coco quickly calls Nick who asks to see her on the roof or somewhere. He proposes yet again and this time she says yes. And all I can think is Nick, you’re doomed because Jim Jim is there. And Jim Jim is there to take over your position. And he can’t leave Coco since he is in love with Coco so the only way is by death. Question is will it be something dramatic like Nick saving an entire plane and dies or got hit by a car and that is of no relevance at all? To complete this scene, Isaac and I think Roy also congratulate Nick when Nick tells them mission accomplished.

At night, Isaac, Roy, Coco and Nick having steamboat. A very weak Victor and Colby arrives and they all chat whilst poor weak Victor has to stand up all the time! Come on! Let the poor sick man sit! Anyway Isaac becomes very nice and tells them to sit down and he will prepare everything. During steamboat session, they ended up singing and all and each pair looks into the eyes of another lovingly as Roy and Isaac look at them, misty eyed and all. Afterwards, Victor, Nick and Colby leaves and Isaac volunteers to clean up. Roy is surprised as he says to Coco “Some spirit possessed him issit? So helpful all of a sudden?” and Coco shakes her head too as Isaac teases “Yeah, a spirit possessed me!!”.

In his room, Isaac is alone. I think deep down he is crying about his CT4 test. The 2 crash into his room and they know Isaac is sad about failing his test. Anyway friends encourage one another and in the end they all challenge one another, by taking off a bit of clothing, like something serious and Coco tells Isaac to come on and Roy tells Isaac to come on and in the end.. they played cards. Isaac wins and dances his silly dance as Coco goes OTT with pain from her loss and Roy as well.


This is what friends are for. No better scene to represent that.


Sam writes an email to Isaac and he writes “Isaac, I am not disappointed you failed your test. You failed not because of skills but because you need more time and earn more experience in judgment call. I am very proud of what you did. Why not drop by to London so that you can meet the students? This trip may cheer you up” and Sam holds a picture of I think family photo of when Isaac became a pilot and looks at the picture with gentleness and love.


In a way I am glad Isaac failed the test. Because if he passed, kinda unrealistic. Also not enough plot to fill the next 31 episodes. I am sure this series will end with Roy, Isaac and those still alive as captains.



Students pass and so get to fly! Before that, Jayden says he will show them how to check the plane and so he explains and checks and guess what Holly is doing? She is not paying attention, at all. She looks at the sky with sadness, until I think Jayden raised his voice at her for not paying attention.

Flying time. Holly hopes to fly with Jayden when she is told she is to fly with Sam. Jayden reminds her that she can’t do that and if she wants to fly with him, it should be after class. She must have a bit of discipline and all. So she is in the plane with Sam who explains the functions of the interior, everything but she looks only outside and not paying attention at all. If this is like the moment we should all go awwwwww because Holly is sad that she is still no closer to her boyfriend, I feel like urghhhhhhhhhhhh because Holly is such a waste of time for Sam. In fact Sam explains and explains about where to look when flying and in a matter of fact way then says “You can’t just keep looking outside when flying, it is very dangerous to fly like that” but she is not listening. I thought that sentence was funny.

Plane lands, sky outside is dark but apparently Sam will be taking another one up. Anyway Sam asks Holly “What do you think of the flight?” and Holly says something about understanding finally the beauty of the sky, or maybe this is not what she said. My notes did not record what she said. Anyway Sam says “So you’ve flown then” and Holly smiles and is about to go find the other student when Sam says “Good. Then you can leave the PPP program” and Holly is shocked and asks “Why should I?” and Sam now scolds her “You wanted to fly, but for your boyfriend. You wanted to see and feel the sky, which you did today. You have achieved what you came here for. You have never paid any attention in classes. Your mind is filled with your boyfriend. You have no desire to be a pilot. You have no dedication. You don’t even want to be here, if not for that boyfriend of yours. Stop wasting the resources when a more deserving student should be here, not you. Leave PPP” and he walks away and Holly cries out “As long as I haven’t learn to fly, I WILL NEVER LEAVE!!!”.

Please Sam, please let her fly the plane alone, let it crash and so ends our torment. Please!

Anyway, Sam is right. Holly is still in her dream world. I suppose when she finds out her boyfriend is dead then finally she may decide to stop living her life around him but start living for herself. And I am surprise how a meteorologist who probably spends his or her time looking and monitoring various devices can be like how Holiday is? That absent minded? That head full of something else, not paying attention, not that attentive to details? How can she ever fly a plane? Imagine if she is in love again, and out of love, die lar! Whole plane gone! So the best way for someone like Holly to be of any use is to continue to be in love because being in a relationship where the boyfriend is there and not missing will make her pay more attention to her surroundings.


Fala did not show as much, how shall I out it? That desperation? I just feel it is not enough. Frankly I am out of words to describe how I feel about her performance. She is not terrible per se, but I feel wholly inadequate as a love sick girl.

Myolie is ok in here, still same look, but at least some tiny smiles.

Two pillars are fantastic as usual, especially Francis in that scene where he scolded Fala’s Holiday. Notice how he always scolds her and I am sure later with Summer, he will be gentle. But then Holiday as compared to Summer is wholly more incompetent.

Ron Ng deserves more respect for his performance of Isaac.

Nancy Wu is ok as Coco, not much comments because so far her role is not heavy so to speak. Maybe she should have played Summer. I feel she does better in those pained tortured with pride-more -important- than-oxygen sort of proud character. Myolie can be Zoe and married and have a family with Sam so that Sam will have to juggle between work and family, that sort.

My problem is with the plot today, and the whole misunderstanding of Chiu is so forced and the whole emotional Colby-Victor scene is merely to facilitate for development of Coco and Nick’s relationship and nothing more. Very very distracting. And yes, this series is turning down the turbo charge and going on a snail pace.

I wish it moves along faster. Time to kill off a character soon, if not it is like watching a daily soap drama where the characters are arguing in the same room for the next few months.


This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://p2e-tits2.blogspot.com/.

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  1. The pace of the series is slow. Honestly, you can cut out a lot of mini plots. It’s just too darn draggy!

    Issac is growing on me. His development makes sense thus far. Sam and Jayden are saving the series for me.

    As for Holly, wtheck? She’s annoying me. Please give the girl closure from her ex. That’s the only way for Holly to move on. Also, Holly doesn’t strike me as a love sick girl. Idk. She comes across as someone who is lost in her life. Perhaps that is why she’s holding onto her ex.

    I thought Coco took Nick for granted. But, I’m happy his proposal was successful. He’s such a nice guy. I wonder what will happen to him though.

    1. Also, Teddy will probably end up with one of the 3 silly girls. Eliza?

  2. Thanks, Funn!
    Fala: can’t act!!!
    Is she the one ruined this drama? Yes, she is.

  3. Myolie can be Zoe and married and have a family with Sam so that Sam will have to juggle between work and family, that sort.

    Yes this should have been the way! With Zoe working at the airport, no need for Apple to appear.

  4. This series works a lot on the basis of what we already know.

    Well, that’s what TVB gets for leaking info out early thinking they can “attract” more viewers. This is strategic stuff and we all know TVB sucks at smart strategies.

    I’m extremely annoyed by Holly’s character too, but I keep telling myself this is the writers’ way of building up the scene when she finally grows up and becomes an admirable pilot (like Isaac).

    As for Fala’s acting, it’s always difficult to play a role that is opposite of your true self.

    1. “As for Fala’s acting, it’s always difficult to play a role that is opposite of your true self.”


      Well, if that’s truly the case, then Fala isn’t a good actress then…because the mark of a good actor/actress is being able to convince audiences that they ARE the character they are playing even though the character is completely opposite from how they are in real life.

      This is one reason why I say that Francis Ng is such a brilliant actor. His Sam Tong character is COMPLETELY OPPOSITE from how he is in real life (very very opposite), yet look at how convincing Francis portrays the character (I’ll bet that people who have no clue who Francis Ng is and have only seen his performance as Sam Tong will likely think that’s how he is in real life). This is why I value watching actors like Francis Ng and am willing to sit through Triumph 1 and 2 despite getting annoyed by some of the other characters as well as certain story arcs….

      1. I don’t think Francis is like Sam Tong in real life, but I definitely think there are some Sam Tong qualities in Francis in real life.

      2. @llwy12 Agree! Giving a convincing performance in a role that is opposite of your true self is a great way to prove one’s acting skills.

  5. Thanks for another great recap Funn 🙂

    I liked ‘Die lar! Whole plane gone!” Lol.

    I hope they don’t pull a Pearl Harbour on Daniel, like everyone’s thinks he is dead and then later, he actually comes back alive then Holly leaves both Jayden and Sam in limbo and flies into the horizon with resurrected Daniel.

    1. Actually I was thinking about Pearl Harbour. But since the actor is not famous, he won’t return.

    2. @Siying I actually like that idea! Holly can run off with Daniel. Closing scene will be Jayden and Sam, sitting there talking about being dumped.

      1. …and then look at each others’ eyes and wonder why they haven’t thought of that idea before and real closing scene, they run off together hand in hand and knew, tomorrow will be better when there’s no women in their lives.

        THE END.

        TITS 3 : Jayden dies, Sam now has to find new love.

      2. i like the idea. 😉 and then Myolie can come back as Autumn to have a new love relationship with Sam. 🙂 i like it!!! 😳

      3. Then Francis will be challenged with a character who questions his sexual orientation and has a breakdown about that. Wonderful!

    3. hi Shrimpboat and Funn 🙂

      Lol now that Funn has confirmed that its not a famous actor and since Hello Kitty’s Daniel is more famous than Holiday’s Daniel, guess our speculated endings will never see the daylight. That’s sad. We may have done better than the original TVB ending. Like that Tavia ‘s Stupid Cupid or Cupid Stupid, I cannot remember but it was her and Michael Tse and Steven Ma. I wished she just left both of them to just make it fair for everyone.

      I’m wondering if Zoe died right after she gave her ticket to Holly, because she said something like between the two of us, you can make the trip. Maybe she dies right there, in the airport, the place she loved best and unfortunately without her husband so that Holly could go and look for Daniel.

      If Sam found out that his wife died alone and ‘sacrificed’ her ticket so that Holly could go celebrate Daniel’s birthday, how will he ever accept Holly? I mean, I think I won’t be able to accept her. Like, my wife died alone because you had no initiative to prebook your own ticket to celebrate your boyfriend’s birthday and she gave you hers because of your lack of proper planning in advance. I don’t think I would be able to find love with this person.

      1. @Siying: Haha…I was actually thinking the same thing about the Sam/Zoe/Holly thing. And we know that moment is coming soon because as soon as Holly presents the Triangel doll to Sam (which it sounds like may happen at the end of episode 15), he will instantly know that Zoe gave it to her (by the way, the summary for the end of episode 15 says that Holiday will talk to Sam about Zoe and Sam will get angry…).

        To be honest though, up until this point, I don’t see how Sam could fall for Holiday PERIOD (regardless of her connection to Zoe or whatnot). Sure, Holiday will probably ‘mature’ a bit as the series goes on, but still — personality-wise, I just don’t see a match between her and Sam….

      2. Hi llwy12 🙂

        Thanks so much for sharing the episode summary, wow, so he will get angry…this is starting to get even more interesting. I wonder how long he will stay angry, maybe until that turbulent flight where they both work together.

        Maybe then he will realise that Zoe being so kind would have given the ticket to anyone else as well and Holly just happened to be the fated one.

        Yea I too cannot imagine how Holly and Sam would pair up.

      3. LOL, it’s Holiday’s fault that Zoe decided to give her ticket to her? Talk about reaching.

      4. Siying, I can’t recognise the actor. Could be a siusang in the making? But compared to Chilam and Francis, I think Daniel is dead. Unless suddenly Sammul appears, maybe got chance.

      5. I think in one interview, the producer said she looked for some taiwan actor/model who looks like chilam to act as daniel. So hes dead100%

      6. hi llwy12, advo, Funn and Nicole, 🙂

        advo- Lol nah not Holly’s fault since it was Zoe’s choice to give it to her but Holly’s fault for not having her own ticket to a birthday party, then creating a scene at the airport which makes poor kind dying Zoe feel compelled to offer it to her. But to actually take the ticket from a seemingly frail sickly woman…ya Holly’s fault. Lol. Yea I have a soft spot for dying Zoe.

        Funn and Nicole – wow a Chilam lookalike, yea, you both are right. Definitely a Dead Daniel. Sigh. This dead Daniel, what a hope dasher. First dashing Holly’s hopes. Now mine. Lol.

      7. @ Siying

        Well good lord, that’s some of the stupidest crap I’ve ever heard. Holiday making a fuss in the airport in her own for fault for sure, but no one told “poor sickly” Zoe to stick her nose into other people’s business. Nor did anyone “compell” her to give her ticket away so she couldn’t see her husband one last time.

        “LOL”, I don’t have a soft spot for dying Zoe because I have very little empathy for stupid people.

      8. hi advo 🙂

        lol yea you are right, so its not Holly’s fault that Zoe was nosey posey but then, was it Holly’s fault for accepting the ticket? I mean, if I saw a sickly person trying to give me a ticket because I didn’t have one, I wouldn’t accept it because that person might need it more than me, like for treatment or in this case, to see her husband. I would insist for her to keep the ticket.

        Oh well, but guess they had to write it this way, else Sam wouldn’t be able to get angry and stay angry with Holly when she tells him about the triangel doll and her meeting with Zoe.

    4. I hope that will happen, just to spare us for a Sam/Holiday ending. And actually, I didn’t think of Pearl Harbor but of Detective Investigation Files IV where Louis Koo’s character goes back to his ex out of pity. Maybe Daniel can be handicapped or something and Holiday goes back to him out of guilt too.

      1. hi Advo 🙂

        That would make an interesting ending and partly she would still have love for Daniel despite his handicap because she loves him so much now.

  6. oh Funn oh Funn….. you have better punch lines than the scriptwriters at TVB. 😉

    quite a bit of unnecessary scenes…wu liao ones. testing our patience to get to the meaty parts.

    when teddy appeared, i thought of you, yes, you, Funn….about your tyres story with teddy. muahahaha

    draggy….haiz….really draggy….oh when oh when……

    1. I am still hoping… but you know, Teddy for all his annoying traits is a good guy. I like him better when he not running after Summer. Give him a bit of individualism and I may even learn to appreciate him. But there are too many guys with attitude in this series already.

      1. I thought teddy’s scene with ron was quite good, and didnt seem too annoying.

  7. Thanks Funn, well-done by the way.
    I think I’ll just wait and read your episodic thoughts and don’t have to watch the series itself… so slow 🙂

  8. Thanks Funn for all the episode thoughts. This few episodes are slow and uninteresting. And I really really dislike the scenes where Summer’s “brothers” singing and cheering her… and to top that with Fala’s acting… dreadful…

  9. Most the time I really feel it is more fun and enjoyable reading Funn episode thoughts than watching the drama itself!

  10. I think the actor who played Nick is cute especially when he smiled a little.

    Wonder if he will get more chances now as TVB is lacking in actors. He mostly only played minor characters in series.

    1. Kidd,
      The actor that played Nick was a former Mr. HK participant, although I forgot his name.

      1. Really? I have no recollection of him being in Mr.HK competition at all. Must check out wiki.

        If he’s really from Mr.HK, then, he’s one of the better actors among them. His acting is very natural.

      2. Jayne,

        I check wiki liao. Nick is not from Mr.HK. He joined TVB’s Acting Class in year 2000 at the age of 17.

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