Episodic Thoughts: “Triumph in the Skies 2” Episode 7

Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>
TVB Series 2013

Cast: Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Elena Kong, Him Law, Nancy Wu, Rebecca Zhu, Eliza Sam, and Kelly Fu.

Disclaimer: This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologize if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.


“Zoe was cute, perky and cheerful. Holiday is hyperactive. I can’t handle her, not at my age”

An episode where there are some major developments in terms of story and casting. For one, did you know Ron Ng appears in every episode or almost every episode and he has more scenes, wittier lines and funnier moments than sayyyyy Kenneth? I was surprised at how much role he has.

Anyway, I will say this much; I really enjoy Ron as Isaac in today’s episode, not major acting but adequate with some witty lines, Chilam’s Jayden has the most development as we shall see why Summer hates him so much and Francis’ Sam has some development too as well as some funny moment. And oh, Fala as Holiday returns and surprisingly, she is perkier and more natural in HK than in London/Paris. Maybe it is the weather.

Anyway, a long recap today because almost every scene is worth a detailed recap.


Sam and Isaac having food and basically Isaac was worried about Sam and Sam basically confirmed he was ok and he said; “I have heard about Ha Sun looking like Zoe but I never thought they really look alike” and Isaac was worried as he said “Is that ok with you? Ha Sun looking like Zoe? I mean they really do look alike” and Sam said “Yes they do look alike but yet different. Like a pair of twins, looking alike but different. Ha Sun is different from Zoe, they’re not the same and will never be the same” and Isaac asked “So.. you are ok?” and Sam said “Of course, what do you expect? Just because they look alike doesn’t mean they’re the same. I am ok, but quite amazing”.


A very significant moment. Sam has heard of Ha Sun before and how alike she was with Zoe but never seen her. Airport is big, so it is almost possible.


Later Isaac met with Coco and Roy and told them Sam’s reaction and they were all assured Sam was actually ok, not very affected and all and Isaac said “I was worried for no reason at all!!” Roy was going to fly to Taiwan, I didn’t catch the word but I think Taipei? Kaiteng? Anyway he will be there to see his girlfriend and Coco asked Roy to buy her some masks and she got teased by Isaac that she was misusing Roy.

Next scene is sorta out of sync with the series, like came out of nowhere. We see a girl, big breasted, nice body, in bikini, at the beach and we have Roy, kissing her cheek eagerly. She was the girlfriend. Then he got a call and it was some air stewardess, also his girlfriend. Not wanting them to bump into each other, he told her he was at some museum, left that hot bod girlfriend, took a taxi and basically paid the taxi more money to rush to the museum, cutting even his stewardess girlfriend’s taxi. He wasn’t found out about the two timing.


You gotta hand it to Jayden. He openly sleeps around, he openly dates many women at one go and yet those women willingly chase after him in a very open sort of relationship. Here, Roy is big fail. I was surprised Isaac had no life and Roy had 2 girlfriends. Anyway this scene was just out of sync with the entire episode but kinda funny even if a waste of time. I feel Roy so far is like the filler sort of guy, even Isaac had more purpose.


Him Law as .. JIM JIM! Anyway returned from his swimming event I think, won and broke HK records or something, was some kind of sportsman celebrity but in economy class. Coco was the head air stewardess or the correct term is Flight Purser. Anyway poor Jim Jim was mobbed by fans and he was obliging but fans took advantage of him by hugging him, touching him and he felt so uncomfortable he ran into the toilet and stayed in it. Coco knocked on the door and he was scared to come out because the fans were waiting and he was very very very shy. He probably was a dedicated sportsman controlled by his more demanding older brother and probably had no social life. Anyway earlier he said to his brother “Brother, I think when my career ends, you can rest a bit” and his brother said “You still have some good years left” but Jim Jim said “Actually I should stop when I am at the top of the game. I achieved what I set out to do. Maybe it is time for a career change”. His older brother did not agree or disagree. Anyway back to Coco, she knew what he was going through and so upgraded Jim Jim to Business Class/First Class. Jim Jim was grateful but another air stewardess said Coco will have to write a report about the upgrade to which Jim Jim was apologetic but ever professional Coco said it was nothing and even when the flight landed, arranged for ground crew to take Jim Jim and his brother to escape the attention by taking another route to the car park. Jim Jim was grateful and as he walked he passed a poster for the PPP thing and he looked at the poster very very hard.

The more interesting stuff coming up.

Jayden was drinking coffee or something when he was being eyed by and was eyeing a woman sitting opposite him. As he sent electricity to her so to speak, Isaac appeared and blocked him and looked at her and Jayden and said “I see…”. Jayden wasn’t pleased as Isaac chased him to sign some documents which Sam asked him to do and I think it is some documents about the PPP where some minutes from the meetings about PPP that Jayden never attended and he asked Isaac “Your brother attends the meeting?” and Isaac said “Each and every one of them” and Jayden said “Don’t your brother have a social life at all?” and Isaac said “You can say that, or you can say he is dead serious about everything he does. Oh also you need to make yourself free on November the 10th” and suddenly Jayden looked up and said “November the 10th?” and he quickly rushed off despite that lady earlier bought his a cake. He said to Isaac “You have theb cake” before he rushed off. Isaac looked at that lady and sorta smiled but she felt creep out, made a face and looked away which prompted Isaac to funnily mutter to himself “What has Jayden got that I don’t?”.


You know Isaac, maybe because he is Captain. Notice how women rush after Jayden, buy him things, instead of the other way around. Anyway when Jayden rushed off, I knew it was for Summer. Only Summer will have him make that sort of effort.


He walked into the technician’s resting room to look for Summer but she wasn’t there, he held up a small gift card and in it I think he wrote like “November 10th is your special day, your birthday, a day most important to me” and tried to find a place to put it and found Summer’s tool box. He opened it, put the card there and then saw a watch where the time stopped at 2 and he smiled as he said to himself “Trying to be cool but actually you miss me a lot” and he took the watch, the card and left.

Later he was with Isaac and he was looking at the watch, commenting about wanting to fix the watch and Isaac said “That’s a very old watch, will be hard to find the parts but my brother Sam knew a watch maker who can fix anything” and Jayden looked at him and said “Well, you can help me then. Take the watch and get it fixed” and Isaac was looking at Jayden in disbelief as he said “Well I may be Robin to your Batman, but that doesn’t mean your Robin has to do everything for you the Batman” and Jayden said menacingly “Fine, it’s ok if you don’t want to. But I will remember today…” and Isaac sighed and said in a way in his sarcastic tone “You know what? Give me the watch. Since I can DELIBERATELY go to that shop and DELIBERATELY get your watch fixed”.


When he said deliberately, it was not like on his way to do something conveniently and on the way sort of thing but sarcastically, make the effort of going to that shop specifically and get it fixed. I thought this line was so funny. And Ron delivered it in a deadpan manner which was perfect.


Summer walked in, sulkily walked to Jayden and tonelessly asked “Where’s my watch?” and Jayden was like “What watch?” and she said “You know what watch. Everyone saw you hanging around the technician room, so you must have taken it. Give it back to me” and Jayden said “I had my reasons to be there, for work. I honestly did not take whatever watch you were talking about. What watch you said?” and Summer fretted and walked away. Isaac saw everything and understood and said “This watch was hers?” and Jayden said “Her birthday is coming up. I intend to get it fixed and give it to her as her birthday gift, like a surprise. She kept the watch all these years, a very important watch to me, she still cares but pretend not to.” and Jayden was sorta smiling to himself as Isaac understood the importance of the watch.

Isaac was in his room when Sam walked in and said “I brew some soup, a bowl is downstairs for you, remember to drink it before it cooled” and again the best line for Isaac who cheekily asked “Brother, when did you become like a woman?” and Sam pretended to be angry as he said “I made the effort to brew soup for you and you call me a woman?!” and he knocked Isaac’s model plane or something down accidentally as Isaac called out “Careful!”. Sam noticed the watch and said “Eh, why is my watch with you?” and Isaac said “What? Your watch?” and Sam said “Yes, my watch” and later Sam took out a similar watch out and Isaac said “Wow, what a coincidence. Yours and this one is the same!” as Sam said “Zoe bought me this watch” and Isaac said “Strange. This watch is Jayden’s” and Sam said “Jayden? A bit too old fashioned for Jayden’s taste don’t you think?” and Isaac said “It is I suppose his gift for Ha Sun. I do think they must have been lovers. Jayden wants to fix the watch to give it back to Ha Sun as birthday gift” and Sam nods. And when Isaac mentioned Ha Sun or I think Ha Sun’s similar taste with Zoe, something fell down and Isaac got a bit spooked saying “what happened?” and Sam said “You know, never talk about a living person in daylight…” and Isaac was spooked as Sam said to the air “If you’re not happy, blame Isaac” and he walked away smilingly I think and Isaac was like Zoe please leave me alone! as he looked around.


I love Isaac’s scene with Sam. Sam was like mothering him and also sorta fathering him in a way and Isaac was the perpetual cheeky child. There is chemistry here between these 2. And I love how Sam noted the watch not being Jayden’s taste. Even he knows Jayden’s taste is flashier!


Watch fixed and Isaac gave it to Jayden as he said “Apparently it was some loose screws. Easy to fix” and Jayden was smiling happily as Jayden said “I am going to give this to her …” as Isaac said “You know you don’t need to tell me the details” and Jayden continued “.. and I can imagine how happy she will be” and Isaac again reminded “I really don’t need to know..” as Jayden said “Oh I am planning a surprise birthday party for Ha Sun and you’re invited” and Isaac was like “What? I don’t even know her that well” and Jayden said “She is quite a loner, she doesn’t have much friends, I have invited Tracy as well and some others” and Isaac was like “Who is Tracy?” and Jayden looked at him and said “Tracy the air stewardess? Please tell me you know who she is?” and he drew a blank look as Jayden said “You really don’t need to be just like your brother” and Isaac was like what? and Jayden said “Anyway you be there. I checked your duty roster. You’re not working on November the 10th so you’re free” and with that Isaac was invited to a birthday party he didn’t want to go to and for someone he hardly knows except she looks like his dead sister in law.

Party day, that is November the 10th. A very significant date and some exciting scenes ahead.

Jayden and 3 silliest girls and Isaac and some others prepared the house, saw Summer walking in with her guanyin army and 2 others I think (aka her team) and door opened, confetti threw, screams of “SURPRISE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” and there was Jayden, holding a birthday card on one hand and the watch’s box in the other, smiling like a happy boy waiting for approval by his mother for a job well done and Summer looked kinda embarrassed as that guanyin army aka busybody Teddy grabbed the card and read aloud basically the same message as per in the earlier smaller card where Jayden said her birthday was most important day to him and the guy snickered as Jayden coolly said “Anyone ever told you that you’re not suppose to take what is not yours? You’re so rude!” as Teddy laughed as he said “Hey man you missed the date! Today is not Boss’ birthday!” and Jayden, Isaac were shocked as Teddy laughingly said “It was October 11th, already passed!” and Jayden shocked he made such a huge mistake looked at the 3 silliest girls who said “We didn’t want to screw up your party plans, that’s why we didn’t tell you” and Jayden quickly recovered and said to Summer “Here, I fixed the watch” and Summer took the watch, and threw it into a jug filled with drinks. And she left. Jayden shocked for awhile angrily rushed after her and outside he sorta raised his voice to her back “What do you want me to do before you will forgive me? What do you expect me to do?!” and Summer faced him angrily and said “Don’t you get it?” and Jayden said “I fixed the watch! The watch meant something to you! I gave it to you! All these years you have kept it, don’t tell me you feel nothing for me?” and Summer said “Do you know why it stopped at 2 o’clock?” and Jayden flustered as he said “Is.. is that important?” and he tried to remember as Summer said “That day was the day you left to join the military. I held onto you, I had the watch then, and I pleaded with you to stay but you roughly pushed me away and I fell together with the watch and the watch broke. It was exactly 2pm when you left and I was only 10! I WAS ONLY 10!” and Jayden looked guilty as he tried to remember that day as he said in a small voice “That is why you kept the watch? To remind you the time I abandoned you? To always remember to hate me? No that can’t be it. You kept the watch all these years! It must have meant something good!” but Summer was done talking and she left as Jayden confused, saddened turned and saw Isaac looking at them.


Explosive scene! AND I WAS RIGHT!! Later on an intriguing scene which may explain why Jayden abandoned Summer to pursue a career in the military. I suppose their parents were dead, Summer was 10 and Jayden probably around 18? 20? Which meant they depended on one another. She must have worshipped him but he must have left her for his career and then she must have stayed with relatives or even foster homes which made her a loner and lonely. Could be! Could be! And the fact he forgot her birthday meant for many years he must have not made much contact with her. I can understand Summer’s anger.


Somewhere in a scene I can’t remember when it was shown Isaac told Coco and I think Roy about Jayden and Summer. Then gossip began flying about Jayden’s past, who was he? And we see Jayden in compromising positions with different women in different scenes (at least 3, one in bed, one in hot tub, etc) and each scene he told the girl his “past”; rich man’s son, some son of some politician, some ranch owner’s son in Australia, etc etc etc. All very different and exotic and mysterious and some major interesting background. Silliest girls said they heard different stories. So frankly no one knew Jayden’s past and he was lying everywhere. I suspect his past was a very simple modest background, he had no money nor connection and so joined the army which funded his education to become a pilot and he worked hard, was dedicated and street smart and then worked his way up to where he is. He told different stories now for more glamorous past and probably ashamed of his own past. Sam probably had a better upbringing than him. We shall see!

Anyway what amazed me in this series of scene is this last scene where he was in bed with a scantily clad girl and the negligee was very low and guess what? ASTRO AOD BLURRED THE CLEAVAGE!!!!!!! Well, at least they didn’t cut that scene so I was kinda happy.

However the more significant scene is with Sam.

Isaac felt guilty. He somehow felt if he didn’t get the watch fixed, none of this would happened. He told Sam everything and said he tried to get the watch fixed again but the soda water destroyed the insides of the watch and he looked and looked but could find no spare parts because the watch was too old. Isaac was hoping he could get it fixed and give it to Summer so to fix her relationship with Jayden her brother. Sam listened quietly and suddenly took out the watch Zoe gave him and said “Here, take the spare parts from this watch to fix the other one” and Isaac shocked said “No I can’t. This was from Zoe!” and Sam said “You know, Zoe was the most vibrant, cheerful perky and nosy girl I have ever known and if she had listened to what you said, I have no doubt she would have given you this watch to fix the other. The watch is just an object, but people are alive with feelings. If the fixed watch can fix the rift between Ha Sun and Jayden, I think even Zoe would have approved wholeheartedly. It would be a fitting tribute to the memory of Zoe. Take it and use it well” and he gave the watch to Isaac and Isaac took it, fretting.

Summer at home having hotpot with that annoying Guanyin army and her other brothers. She looked sad and they tried everything to cheer her up and she ended up laughing. Frankly I hated this scene. Everyone, absolutely everyone on her team seems to prioritise her happiness first. Like they do nothing but to stand by and cheer her up and I find such a scene annoying and unnecessary.

2 cars drove to some fields and out was Isaac in Rayban and Summer. And I was thinking why are they meeting at some god forsaken fields? Did he call her and like hey girl let’s meet OUTSIDE? I thought it would be more logical if he finds her at the technician room or the cafe they always hangout in. So I deduce this was to promote the 2 cars? To give Ron an excuse to wear sunglasses?

Anyway Summer asked him what he wanted to see her for and Isaac showed her a fixed watch and Summer looked hard and said “This… is not my watch” and Isaac said “No it isn’t. Yours is broken, irreparable. This one, the same one is my brother’s. It was given to him by Zoe, his dead wife, the one you looked like” and Summer was like “Why are you telling me this?” and Isaac said “Because my brother was right. Object is dead, people are living, and whilst you still have a chance, it is times to make amends. Jayden may have been wrong, he may have abandoned you but what is important is he got the watch fixed, he is trying to mend the relationship. Whilst you still have a chance, maybe you should heed this advice by my brother; people who are alive and well, when they are still alive and well, there is still a chance. I am not here to tell you what to do. My brother loved his wife, he loves this watch but he was willing to give me this watch to take the spare parts to fix your watch. It was a big sacrifice but my brother was willing to do so. I have no intention of doing what he let me do. I feel you can learn from his example. I don’t believe you kept the broken watch all these years to remind yourself of your hatred for your brother. I think you still care. When there’s still a chance, take it and mend the relationship. Here, I return your watch to you. What you do is up to you” and he left as Summer took the watch and fretted, considering the wise words of Isaac.

And Isaac was wise. In fact what he said had logic and it was touching as well.

I think Isaac gave the watch back to a surprised Sam as Sam asked “You didn’t fix the watch?” as Isaac wisely said “The watch wasn’t the one needed fixing, it was just an excuse. The condition of the watch was just an excuse” and Sam understood.

Later we have a weird scene which I can’t remember was when where we see Apple that is Toby Leung being interviewed about her job as customer service or ground crew or airport staff (like Zoe was) and she revealed she was abandoned as a baby at the airport, never knowing her parents and a Stefan Wong (yes the actor) grew nervous and stuttered and all that when he heard her story. My point is, this series does not need an Apple in it. I find her unnecessary and breaks the momentum built by Jayden and gang. And I don’t care she was abandoned wherever. She broke the momentum and it was terrible.

Sam meets with Isaac and Coco for dinner in the streets when suddenly a girl in black shouted “SAM! HI!!!!!!!!!” and yes, it was … drum roll….. HOLIDAY!!!!!! She rushed to Sam and hugged him hard and to his shock at seeing her in HK, she grabbed his head and shook it and said happily “I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! DID YOU MISS ME?! DID YOU?!” and she laughed hard and Isaac and Coco shocked, stared at her.

Back at home (which is a very nice place by the way and befitting the salary of 2 pilots and an air stewardess), Holly was telling Isaac and Coco “When I first met Sam, I disliked him. He was always so very serious and I thought perhaps Botox destroyed his face muscle or something” and Isaac laughingly said “You are so right! See! You put words into what I can never express!” and Holly was very cheerful as Sam gave her tea and stared at Isaac and basically welcomed Holly to stay. Sam said “Holiday, you can stay here but please try not to disturb Isaac who is studying” and Holly confused asked Isaac “You’re still a student?” and Isaac said “In my brother’s mind, I am always a kid. No I am not a student” and Holly politely asked What was his job and Isaac said “A pilot” and she looked at Coco who said “Air stewardess” and Sam said “He is studying to be a captain” and Coco said “And he could probably break your record and become the fastest rising Captain” and Sam smiled and said “If he can past through the preliminary and then through 6 more staged” and Holly asked what about the term Sam used which I can’t remember and Sam explained as Isaac said “You know brother, you can help me by giving me the text books and notes you have” and Sam said “I don’t have notes. As for textbooks, you’re studying to become a pilot, shouldn’t you get those books yourself?” as Holly walked to Sam and marveled “I always thought you just get some license to be a pilot. And I didn’t even know you were a pilot. I mean in London you always dressed and looked like a hobo!” as Sam stared at her like in a incredulous expression and Isaac continued to argue “You can give them to me!” and Sam as he lifted Holly’s luggage up the stairs said busily “No way!” as Isaac pestered Sam who was unconcerned as he carried the luggage upstairs. Holly interestingly asked Coco “Did you see his textbooks?” and Coco said “I don’t have to take any exams” which pretty answered the entire debate!

In the spare room Coco was being very hospitable to Holly and told her Sam may be stern but he is a great guy and brother and Holly agreed as she said “Which is why I am here”.

Next during dinner I think, or breakfast, not sure, Holly wasn’t there but Roy was there. Coco, Isaac and Sam and they were all teasing Sam and Roy asked about Holly “Is she pretty?” and I think Isaac or Coco said she was and Isaac asked Sam “Don’t you think it is time for you to date again?” which Coco agreed as Roy says “Brother Sam is such a desirable guy, he doesn’t need to rush it” as Sam said “Yes, I know it is perhaps time for me to date again” as I can’t remember whether it was Coco or Isaac who suggested why not consider Holly ; “I mean Holiday is pretty, she is perky and very cute, like how Zoe was” and Sam said “Zoe was cute, perky and cheerful. Holiday is hyperactive. I can’t handle her, not at my age”

And I thought that was a really funny line.

Last scene, emo Holly taking photos of plane taking off and landing and we see a closeup of her bracelet which would fit a small key and then we see Jayden driving past her as he was talking on the phone with some woman and we see closeup of that small key (that one he found in the jacket of Holly’s missing boyfriend, remember?) and he stopped for a long time as Holly taking pictures with a huge closeup to her camera (Nikon if I remember correctly) and he drove off, never seeing Holly who also didn’t see him and finally an excited Holly saw another plane flying happily shouted “SKY!! HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!”.

You know, sponsorship in TVB is now so different than in the past. In the past they hide the signboards and logos and even beer cans and all. Now, closeup of cars lar, close up of cameras lar, everyone in TVB universe uses Sony Ericsson’s lar (I didn’t notice that now but I think still the same), that sort. I am just surprised the actors didn’t have to say “Let me switch on my Sony TV” or “Let me get you guys SIX Heineken beer ok?”.

Story wise, a huge leap and loving the Jayden-Isaac, Sam-Isaac and Jayden-Summer moments. In fact I even was smiling at the extra perky Holly and some funny exchanges with Isaac. I think it is mostly because of Isaac with his deadpan delivery of some rather funny lines.

I am however not impressed with Teddy or Apple or Roy or even Summer alone.

Tonight almost everything revolves around Isaac. Huge part in here.

Performances wise, Chilam as Jayden continues to rule, with some very exposing scenes tonight. He did every scene very well, no complaints. His best scene tonight was when Summer asked what the 2pm meant and he had the look of a man confused, trying to figure out if he could remember and trying to tell himself to remember what’s so significant about the time which he clearly can’t remember and a desperate man, ALL AT ONCE! He is one of the two pillars of this series.

The other pillar is Francis Ng who continues to dominate this series with his consistency and some subtle display of effective emotions. Every time he mentions Zoe, you know he still hurts but he is putting up a brave face. Every time he is with Isaac, you see a concerned brother. With Jayden, a certain lack of confidence. With Coco, a playful older brother. With Holly, a certain helplessness. I love the smaller gestures like how he was carrying up the luggage as Isaac tried to argue with him, the way he carried the teacup to Holly, as if he was unsure what to do with Holly, the way he delivers his lines in a many varied ways but yet consistently Sam-like. Francis Ng is an amazing actor and his performances thus far proves that. Yes he still mumbles, I in fact had to rewind to listen to the first 5 minutes but I was also amazed at how eagerly he was eating his plate of pasta like it was the most delicious food ever. I notice if the lesser actor is with a better actor, the lesser one performs either so terribly that he fails miserable or in Ron’s case, held his own. Francis in a way shared his scenes with Ron, Nancy and even Kenneth very generously, never really trying to upstage them with big movements etc, but in fact in supporting mode. That is a mark of a generous actor who leads and shares. They all share amazing chemistry. I am not usually Francis’ fan but when I saw this Sam Tong, I kept admiring how consistent he was like the previous Sam Tong. Amazing work here.

Ron Ng may not be the best actor, he may also be wooden but that man can do deadpan. And he is best with Francis Ng. Tonight he has several great scenes and some great lines which he delivered competently and with perfect comic timing. Love the way he is opposite Chilam as well, always wanting to please and all and with Francis, always ready to be scolded and all.

Him Law has appeared with more scenes and so far so good. I won’t deny he can act. So we shall see what he has in store for us.

Nancy Wu is also funny when she has to be. She is a great supporting player but frankly I don’t see her being the lead. But then she is in any given scene next to Francis Ng. I thought she held her own pretty well. She didn’t have that arrogant look like she usually has on other series which is great.

Myolie Wu is good next to Chilam. I look forward to her next to Francis. However when alone or with the other guys, I find her too sulky, like she should be sulky next to Chilam’s Jayden but what’s her problem with her guys? Is she a loner who doesn’t know how to socialise? And yet she has many friends who are friendly with her. I find her Summer confusing and perhaps the most illogical character in here. She is still one note in her performance. I expected so much more, more emotions, more something, like how Francis is, however subtle he was but her eyes is the same, her face is the same, she was like Holly said, her face so serious and emotionless like injected with Botox. Like she can’t emote. What is wrong with Myolie?

Fala Chen is back as Holly and here is happier, more smiles and way hyper. I like the reintroduction of her character tonight due mostly to the expressions of those around her. Everybody else was great in a scene with her but Fala a bit too OTT tonight. But I like this better than the emo Holly in London. She is better as smiling than crying. So frankly I enjoyed her performance tonight. I did find myself questioning why can’t I say the same about Myolie? I think it is a matter of choice; an emotionless performance or too much in a performance?

I am not saying Myolie is terrible. I know her Summer was severely disappointed and we may know more later. She was unhappy, bitter, angry, hurt too much, numbed. So with others she wore a mask, she hid behind her emotionless facade, unable to commit emotionally. That all I understand. But when she was confronted with Jayden where she angrily explained the significance of her anger and how again Jayden disappointed, that moment should have been more explosive. I don’t expect tears but I expect more firepower, more venom, more anger, like a moment where she lost control of her emotions and let her brother have her hairdryer moment but that never came. She was too cool and calm in her anger, too refrained. So why Jayden was so shocked to his core, which was rare since this man was cool as a cucumber was a great moment by Chilam but unjustified because Myolie did not give out that vibe. I felt that scene was unbalanced or rather not proper. I will say Myolie did badly in that sense in that scene.

But she wasn’t as emotionless or improperly emotion full like the always super serious looking Toby Leung whose presence in this series just throws off the momentum of this episode. I was very annoyed with her. I am not her fan. I never thought she was attractive but that is not a huge issue. My issue with her is her acting is terrible and she is always in huge roles and that is due to connections. If she is talented, I don’t mind the connections but she is not. She is monotone, she is inadequate as an actress and an eyesore. Less prettier actresses have been more effective in certain performances but I find her contributing zero to any character she plays which are rendered unmemorable. I hope I am wrong about her in here because I will have to recap her scenes as well but for this episode, her presence contributed nothing to this episode except to add on another character, another role, another name into an already overpopulated and potentially more bloated series.

But there is one I hated more so far and it is Adrian Chau as Teddy that Guanyin army. Is he always THAT annoying in all his performances? He is really really annoying in here and he is not even remotely a good actor. I hope he gets his big death scene in here, like runover by a plane which hit some pigeons and had to land somewhere and he was on the runway at that time. At least there is some merit to the character he plays. Right now I so wish Jayden will punch Teddy.


This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://p2e-tits2.blogspot.com/.

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  1. Is it just me or Him look different?. Did he fix his teeth?. He look very young here.

    1. Fix his TEETH to look young?!
      I’m glad if he does.
      Teeth is very important. U smile or talk, it shows.
      Btw, HimHim is still darn young!

    2. Ita,
      Maybe the athletic clothes made Him look younger, along with his shy and uncertain demeanor. He did well in the few minutes on the plane, capturing interest to learn more about his character.

      On the contrary, Ron is quite expressionless in his scenes, seemingly reciting most lines. His Isaac was more lively in the first series.

  2. To be honest, I really miss the old silly, cute, oblivious and food-loving Roy from the first series. His two-timing scenes in this episode took me by surprise since his “playboy” attitude isn’t really aligned with the personality from the first series. If this is his personality in this series, then Chilam’s Jayden is definitely the better playboy.

    On the other note, I agree with most of the comments you said about Ron. It’s been awhile since I enjoyed Ron’s roles in a long time. Hopefully he’ll have more significant scenes later on in the drama!

    1. I remember the awkward, shy, flustered Roy from the first series and comparing with Roy in this one, he’s “grown up” and matured a lot – esp with his relationships with women.

  3. @Funn: Thanks for another interesting recap!

    You don’t like Apple (Toby) either, huh? Hmmm….I have a feeling you will get pissed off then when you find out who she is ‘connected’ to in the series. (One thing about the series I don’t like so far is TVB recycling their typical ‘one person is connected to another’ story concept…it’s almost like strangers are never strangers in their series – everyone has to know someone who is connected to someone who is connected to someone else…or they do the ‘chance encounter’ thing and just like that, there ends up being a ‘past connection’….aiye..

    Anyway, enough about Apple/Toby….

    I will say this…totally agree with you about Ron! I have never liked Ron as an actor – never have and probably never will…BUT I am absolutely enjoying all of his scenes with Francis (and even some of his scenes with Chilam and others as well). In fact, I actually feel that Ron is doing pretty well in this series so far. I’m guessing this is a classic example of how getting the chance to work with ‘top notch’ actors can bring out the best in a mediocre actor – in this case, Ron is definitely benefitting from working with Francis and Chilam, as his acting seems to be a lot better in this series versus other ones that I’ve seen him in.

    And yes, both Francis and Chilam are definitely the ‘pillars’ of this series. I actually decided to watch Triumph2 because of Francis (as he was the main reason why I sat through most of Triumph 1, though I skipped through majority of that series) and he definitely has not disappointed – love his performance so far and definitely looking forward to more from him. I think once they present more of the ‘backstory’ about Sam and Zoe in subsequent episodes, it will become more apparent why Francis is such a great actor (I’m also not a fan of Francis, but have always enjoyed his acting).

    I also agree with you about Adrian Chau – he was a turnoff from the start (not just in this series but in other ones as well) because he always comes across as looking ‘pissed off’…he has that ‘perpetual pissed off’ look that annoys the hell out of me because he has that same look even in scenes when he’s supposed to be happy….

    1. Who is she connected to????? Let me guess. Zoe??????

      1. @Sophia: Close…..the answer is SAM. Apple is Sam’s “adopted daughter”…..

      2. Thanks for the answer!!!! I would have never guessed. I dont like Toby Leung haha.

      3. @ llwy12

        Eww. Can we exchange her for the cute British girl?

        You can always recognise a Tommy Leung series because no matter how shoehorned, you’ll find Toby in a prominent role.

  4. Anyone know the name of the girl in the bikini at the beginning with Roy?

  5. Francis, the driving force behind triumph in the skies 1&2 he absolutely nails it!! Brilliant!

  6. anyone know what the name of the song that plays at the end of Episode 7?

  7. It is actually a Nikon and not a Canon. Haha. Too big a*se advertisement that I couldn’t avoid noticing.

    1. A Nikon? Sure? I want to get the camera name right. Do confirm so I can change the name. I still see Canon but frankly I really can’t remember.

      1. It is a nikon, and it was liverpool. The next time you get confused, just think of its competitor, and you would prob get the right answer.

      2. Yeah asked Jayne to amend that. Football clubs a bit too wide. If I see competitor I see Man United.

  8. Thanks for recap! Cant wait to watch it tonigh!

  9. Kenneth and Toby just drag down the episode. Roy wasn’t even a player in the first series and now… sigh.
    Ron is actually very enojoyable to watch. He isn’t awkward anymore 🙂

    Francis is abssolutely amazing. Without him, this series wouldn’t work.

  10. I enjoy most scenes with Jayden/ Isaac/ Sam/ Summer in it but gets irritated when Fala appears.

    1. And maybe it’s too preliminary to judge now but the scene about Apple being interviewed and abundant just DOES NOT gel. Like you mentioned, spoils the momentum.

  11. Francis Ng is still the best actor!!!!!! though somehow overshadowed by Julian Cheung

  12. I agree with this episode recap. I maybe one of the few, but I enjoy watching Fala a lot more than Myolie, do not like that one expression face.

    1. Summer was so cold and mean to her brother, Jayden, just because he neglected and left her for air force some 20 years ago. I hope her cold and mean expressions (with hatred) would mean more than this. Otherwise, it does not make sense to me.

      1. Actually it made very good sense. Except I thought for that one scene she should have been angrier.

      2. Personally I don’t think it was such a big deal. Jayden was pursuing his career and not fooling around, and he was young that he did not expect it would hurt his sister that much. But I think that there could be other hidden reasons.

      3. It probably festered for years. Ichilam didnt try hard enough to win back his sister, you know, just buying her gifts on the wrong birthday, she probably had years of resentment.

      4. At first, I did not think it was a big deal either that he had “adandoned” her to pursue a career. However, when it was revealed that they have a complicated family background – beside their fallout – I’m thinking that they might have been orphans or similar and in that case, it’s quite differently. Jayden might have been the only family Summer has, and then it is very cruel to leave your 10 year old sister behind. Even if he does have a good reason.

      5. Their mother was a mistress who died/left them and their father never visited. Jayden promised to look after Summer but he also left her.

  13. I enjoy watching the sibling scenes with Ron/Francis and Chilam/Myolie. I also like how Chilam and Ron are Batman and Robin. haha

  14. Funn, i think that you are forgetting that summer probably spent 20 years hiding her feelings, shes a pro at that, so she’s not going to do the whole overwhleming breakdown of feelings in the 3rd episode Summer appeared in. Normally tvb series has like 25 episodes? This has almost double, so everything would be dragged out.

    1. That scene alone deserves an emotional breakdown to compliment the shock in Jayden’s face. She was too controlled because later on when Isaac advised her she seems.. I suppose she registered shock? surprise? That in a way Isaac was chastising her for her anger at Jayden which means Isaac witnessed something very awful. Myolie was too controlled for that one scene. That scene deserved a more uncontrolled moment.

      1. Summer isnt going to do anything to keep in sync with jayden. You shocked? I dont care. This is the fact, and i still gonna pretend i dont give a crap about you.

        That was the feeling i was getting.

      2. I agree with Nicole. I think it was ok Myolie controlled her feelings in that scene because I think she didn’t want her brother to see how much it actually affected her when he left her when she was only 10years old. I think she was trying to act like she was angry with him, but not letting him see how angry. Everyone reactions to hatred and anger is different. Jayden reacted that way because he didn’t realize he had hurt his sister so much until that moment, hence he showed more feeling. Anyway is only my views. no right or wrong

  15. LOL I find the hatred toward Teddy funny… well yea I sorta agree that his character is annoying too (: This was a very sexy episode and I am looking forward to more episodes ^______^

    1. I never liked Adrian Chow in his acting. I watched him in “SSSS”, and he was acting a similar hatred role, but I think his Cantonese has improved a bit in “TITS 2”.

  16. So far,
    I like:
    Francis,Fala, Ron, Chilam, Nancy and those cute stewardesses especially Elisa. Wish Elisa/Eliza had Toby’s role instead. Kinda surprised that Elisa has a small role in this series.


    Toby, Teddy.

  17. I think Myolie deserves more credit. She has obviously studied her character’s life experiences and decided to portray her in this way. Myolie depicts Summer as someone who is a combination of hardness and softness. Her softness is seen as she looks after her friends and colleague. Her softness is seen when she behaves professionally and respectfully to her fellow colleagues at the airport. I am referring to the scene when her team was called-in to help locate the lightning burn mark. Members from the first crew got all huffy because they felt like their inspection was being questioned. She calmly said safety is most important, much more important than their pride and any possible delays. I think she has learnt to be harder and tougher by her brother, Captain Cool. The exact circumstances of their family background is unknown, however, it is obvious that Summer feels that her brother abandoned her when he left to join the military. After the hurt and betrayal, Summer learnt to shield her soft heart with an exterior of hardness and toughness so she will not be vulnerable again. She withdrew into herself. If you look at life through Summer’s eyes, you will understand her better. If you have been abandoned my a beloved brother, whose basically your closest family, who can you trust? She learnt to be independent. She learnt to look after herself instead of relying on others. She actually goes one step further and tries to look after the people around her too. Myolie’s acting is admirable. Her acting is elegant and subtle as she shows you the conflict between the soft and hard sides of Summer. She tries to hide her inner softer self but her male friends (Teddy B & co. ) tries to bring her out of her shell with their silly singing. The close up scenes of her trying to suppress her smiles represents her trying to suppress her inner softer self inside. I don’t think she sulks in front of her male friends (Teddy B & co). She withdraws and becomes quiet.

    I sympathise with Summer’s character. Young Summer obviously loved, idolised and relied on her brother. However, he forcefully pushed her away and broke her heart. To make matters worse, he sent presents to her for her birthday instead of accompanying her. Captain Cool probably thought he was being such a great brother, buying all these fancy expensive gifts that could only be bought overseas. He neglected the finer details, such as the exact date of her birthday (as seen in episode 7) and what she truly wanted – she simply wanted her brother next to her. Myolie’s acting is subtle but it still leaves a lasting impression. I would like to refer to Summer and Captain Cool’s first scene together. (episode 5) Captain Cool is trying really hard to be all cool while Summer, who doesn’t say a single word, is seething with anger and feigned disinterest. She uses her eyes to express the turmoil of emotions evoked by seeing her brother for the first time after a long separation. Myolie’s acting is commendable. She delivers her line smoothly, and acts subtly but beautifully. I especially like her scene with her brother. There is so much anger and deep rooted hurt. Her brother has suddenly come back and wants – no, he demands to be part of her life. She’s angry from his abandonment in the past and his arrogance in the present. I love the scene when Captain Cool dressed in a beige T-shirt and black shorts yells “I am your brother. You can’t change that truth. From now on, I will do what I should do as your brother. I won’t let you be alone anymore” And Summer coolly replies, “ I think the person afraid of being alone is you.”

    I respect everyone’s right to their own opinion -that’s why I like to read the episode reviews. I would just like to ask that everyone take a step back and tries to understand Summer’s character and watch how Myolie portrays her. I think we all love and remember the sassy, fun and smart-mouthed Myolie in War of the In Laws, and we don’t see a trace of that character in this Summer character. That’s a good thing because they are different characters with different stories. Also, there are so many newcomers in this series – some are acting better than others. There are a few new actresses who are overacting or just delivering their lines very unnaturally and badly. Compared to these actresses, Myolie might seem like she’s under-acting. But I truly believe that a seasoned actress has more appreciation for the elegance in being subtle and refined.


    1. Well put but it doesn’t take away that feeling that she has only 1 expression and her voice 1 tone. I still feel she is too refrained in her performances. Like something is holding her back and I don’t feel the diversity. It is not under acting but rather one note acting.

      1. I’m not sure I agree. Look at the scenes when Summer meets Issac and Samuel for the first time. Her initial facial expression is soft, slightly unsure, then she gathers herself and speaks in a vary strong voice.

        Look at her scenes with her brother, Captain Cool. She shows a wide spectrum of emotions. Sometimes she is trying to suppress an overflow of anger, hurt and bitterness behind a straight expressionless face. She’s quiet but she’s almost vibrating with emotions. Other times, she is overtly pissed off at her brother. He just comes back and wants her to welcome him back as though he never abandoned her. She’s snappy and irritated with him and it shows.

        Sometimes Summer does have a this tough expression and tight tone and voice. But I interpret that as her trying to suppress her emotions. Firstly, it’s her way to hide her true emotions to protect them. Secondly, it’s her way of preventing excessive emotion from erupting. If she allows herself to shows her inner emotions, then what’s to prevent her from breaking down and crying in sadness and grief? Thirdly, she’s trying to be independent. She doesn’t want to be easily influenced by her surroundings or form any attachments to people around her. She learnt that harsh lesson from her brother.

        Basically, I know what you are referring to, but I feel like it’s part of Myolie’s portrayal of Summer. The expression is neutral because Summer wants to be her own island.

      2. I get what you mean, I do. But again I feel like I’ve seen this before and then I remember Ghetto Justice, you can superimpose and there you have, same expression, same everything. This can’t be her trademark acting. I have seen Myolie better and this is not that. But seriously though, She was worse in Ghetto Justice II so this is an improvement of some sort.

        If you’re talking subtlely, Francis is the epitome of subtlety here. And yet effectively.. different? Is that the right word?

        And before anyone here goes Funn hates Myolie, well.. less so than Toby. I still love her but I am liking her less and less as an actress. I still feel she has stopped improving and any greatness as some fans see in here or anywhere else is the bygone Myolie we all once knew.

      3. But Funn, you have to agree that Myolie acting is much better than Fala. I don’t know why, but I find Fala acting over the top. Is so fake. Even her happiness in the episode 7 seemed very forceful and pretentious.

  18. Does anybody knows the brand or where to get that key bracelet that chen fala was wearing in the show? thx

    1. Its custom made by luk fook, and cost about 45000hkd.

  19. Omg !!! I just finished read all the 7 episodes recap. I don’t how to express how much I love this drama. It was part of my childhood and thank you for this. I’m not Hongkonger and even not understand Cantanonese. I really love the part I series , I don’t know if I should give it a try for this part II . Zoe death is breaking my heart , and I don’t really like Fala Chen , I watched several of her drama and she wasn’t a good actress for me. But I’d be interest to watch Summer and Ron relationship. Anyway do u know how to watch Triumps in the skies II online? Thank again dear for this recap , it’s made my day.

  20. just out of curiosity, out of the 5 fadans who were you choose for the roles of summer and holly. do you all agree with tvb’s choice? personally i find that it will be interesting if myolie takes the role of holly and kate as summer

    1. Holly – Natalie tong
      Summer – Myolie wu

      Natalie can still play the role of the immature girl after so many years in the industry, refer to her role in the Thai boxing series. Her acting has also improved. Fala looks rather old in that heavy make up.

  21. Is Fala’s Holiday suppose to be on drugs all the time? Because she sure seems high all too often. When Fala’s Holiday was shaking Sam’s head, I was worried that his head might fall off or his neck might break. And, who would get so high/happy at an airport all by herself? Unbelievable!!! Way too much screen time for Fala, who is far from leading lady material.

  22. Funn, you watch astro in HK or Malaysia? Astro is a Malaysian company.

    1. ASTRO AOD Malaysia. Hence the blurred scenes. Same thing in Games Of Thrones, no blurring.

      Why? I don’t know.

  23. Did Stefan Wong come out often in the series?

    Just a trivia. Stefan has actually worked in an airport before. It was when he was still in France. I remember in an old interview, he said he wanted to be a pilot, but, because of racial discrimination or something, he can own work as ground crew.

    1. Wow a very serious allegation. Is he certain?

      No he doesn’t come out much, but he has more scenes than Toby since he is a steward so you get to see him sometimes on Skylette. But he gets his most scene when there’s Toby Leung.

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