Eric Tsang Advises Male Actors in Nude Photo Case: “Just Say No!”

By on May 21, 2012 in NEWS


The rape of a 23-year-old TVB actress and the exposure of 35 male actors and policemen posing partially or fully nude for wealthy businessman, Lau Ding Sing (劉定成), were two ugly scandals that marred the Hong Kong entertainment industry in recent days. As the Chairman of the Hong Kong Performing Artists Guild, Eric Tsang (曾志伟) was asked to comment on the scandals, in which he advised artists to “Just say no!” when thrust with temptation.

The identity of the 23-year-old TVB actress remained known only among a few key TVB executives. The victim of the rape crime did not approach the Hong Kong Performing Artists Guild, thus Eric Tsang said helplessly that the association did not know how to assist the victim. Eric felt that the rape incident was magnified because it involved celebrities, but it was a pressing situation that young people–especially women–should reflect upon. Since the internet made it increasingly easy for people of different backgrounds to meet, Eric urged caution that the meetings be conducted with personal safety in mind.

“Just Say No!”

The court case of 62-year-old gay businessman, Lau Ding Sing, in which he was being sued for indecent assault and intimidation of 3 male actors and 1 fitness actor, has caused a public uproar. Due to the current court hearing of the case, it was revealed that Mr. Lau possessed 100,000 partially nude or fully nude photos. Mr. Lau said that Him Law (羅仲謙) and William Chan (陳偉霆) had willingly modeled for him years ago, stating that the involved men were all greedy for money!

Asked what advice Eric Tsang wished to offer to raise the alertness level of male actors faced with such compromising situations, he said, “First, do not be curious. Second, do not be tempted. The greatest weakness in life is not knowing how to ‘say no’! ” Asked whether he was lured in the past, Eric said, “With a face like this, such incidents would not involve me! I had to rely on myself since I was young!”

Eric has been following the nude photo case closely, remarking that the photos may implicate more men outside of the entertainment industry. Due to their curiosity and eagerness for fame and fortune, young people were especially easily lured to pose in suggestive photos, without being clear on what they may be setting themselves up for.

Rumored to have posed for photos for Lau Ding Sing in the past, TVB actor, Stanley Cheung (张景淳) from When Heaven Burns <天與地> said, “He did seek me out through an intermediate party. I did go to his house, but immediately left when I felt that the situation was not right. Afterward, I assisted the police with their investigation. Since the case has now entered the judicial phase, it is not convenient to comment further.”

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Jayne: Saying no is a lot easier said then done, especially when certain situations are considered to be advantageous in helping a model/ rising star get ahead in the entertainment industry. Bodies become commonly the bartering chips for both men and women.

14 comments to Eric Tsang Advises Male Actors in Nude Photo Case: “Just Say No!”

  1. Funn Lim says:

    Jayne, exactly! Easier said than done. Anyway I don’t think the state has a case against the dirty old man. They were all adults, they posed willingly. The so called threats? They were advantage rather than threats. Intimidation? None. I don’t see a case.

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    • jayne replied:

      For Mr. Lau’s case, 4 men (3 actors and 1 fitness trainer) claimed that there was indecent assault (undesired touching of genitals) and intimidation, in which Mr. Lau’s godson, Lo Yan Kit, threatened to post these mens’ photos on gay websites. These are the charges being pressed against Mr. Lau. Although Mr. Lau may have given the men money to pose for photos, the undesired touching and intimidation was unexpected. They might have a case against Mr. Lau, although money or other promises may have been made.

      The other 35 men (Him Law, Benjamin Yuen) apparently willingly posed for the photos. Their photos and the conditions under which they posed for the photos are not part of the current hearing. However, the media focused on these 35 men more because they are more famous.

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    • Canto replied:

      Yes, the problem is not with the men whom posed willingly for him and received money.

      He must have gone too far with some of them, thinking they wanted it like him. But they felt offended/ harassed/ violated, hence the police involvement.

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  2. exoidus says:

    LOL, that so-called advice has zero value at all. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that you should say no.

    What’s the big deal about these pics anyway? Models poses for money here same deal.

    Obviously it will be very easy for Mr Tsang to say no since there aren’t any offers, haha. I might be wrong here since people do have different taste, LOL.

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  3. elin says:

    lol well thy were consenting adults… dont c a case stlll

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    • lychii04 replied:

      The issue isn’t about those guys taking the photos or the nature of the photos themselves but the four guys that were sexually harassed and intimidated. The media is focusing on those guys because they’re more famous and sell tabloids.

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      • lychii04 replied:

        Basically, Him,Benjamin are merely called upon as witnesses because they’ve taken the photos and can help shed light on whether Lau usually intimidates or goes beyond taking photos/their experiences etc in the trial. Theyre not the ‘victims’ from what I gather. They’re just helping with the investigation.

        Media is focusing on them because they are more famous.

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  4. Hannahh says:

    Those guys want fame and money and it’s the fast n easy to go

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  5. iawnaek says:

    Wanna be famous? Dun pose for nude pictures, have sex with those rich and powerful sexual predators instead. Or, make a sex tape if you’re desperate.

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  6. Veejay says:

    Eric Tsang isn’t someone who has good background to begin with..why seek for his advise? its absolutely has no value in it at all….

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    • Critics replied:

      Veejay is right.

      Why ask Eric.

      To be successful, be controversial and have more scandal to get the exposure in order to be more relevant in showbiz industry.

      Showbiz celebrities are similar to politicians who constantly seek exposure.

      Look around there are so many celebrities male and female who can’t act as long as they can flirt during the movie promotion to get the exposure.

      Money = Exposure + Scandal

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  7. rees says:

    most of these tvb actors are ugly anyways, plus i find it perfectly fine if they were willing to do so, hong kong media are always so crazy.

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    • Tikianna replied:

      Haha you’re funny n I do agree that they’re not good looking. Him looks like a little anime boy in a muscular body. Never find him attractive to begin with n Matthew or whatever looks like a giraffe.

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  8. elin says:

    its up to individual…

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