Eric Tsang Embroiled in Attack of Suki Chui’s Husband

Suki Chui’s (徐淑敏) husband, Kenny Wee (黃浩), is definitely not a celebrity favorite at the moment.

Two weeks ago, Kenny reported to police authorities regarding a drug scandal that took place in his restaurant in October 2011. The scandal involved five Hong Kong celebrities that allegedly included Sam Lee (李璨琛) and Eason Chan’s (陳奕迅) wife, Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈).

Hilary and Sam’s wife, Pae Leung (梁志瑩), verbally mocked Kenny on their private Instagrams, further fueling the possibility that Hilary and Sam may be two of the five celebrities involved in the drug scandal.

Kenny refused to publicly disclose the names of the five drug-taking celebrities, but was very furious with Hilary and Pae’s cyber bullying, and said that he would contact the police if their disgusting behavior continues.

Attacked by Eric Tsang?

On December 6, Suki and Kenny attended the star-studded wedding banquet of their good friend, Karmen Cheng (鄭嘉雯), at the JW Marriott Hotel. Around 11 PM, a drunken male artist approached Kenny and slapped him, threatening Kenny to not turn in the videotape of the celebrity drug incident to the police. The drunk male artist was held back by security guards when he was about to attack Kenny again for a second time.

Kenny and Suki immediately called the police. Afterwards, Kenny was sent to the Queen Mary Hospital for his injuries. Kenny and Suki were released from the hospital around 1 AM and returned home.

Reports claim that it was Eric Tsang (曾志偉) who attacked Kenny. Eric looked noticeably drunk when he left the banquet, and he had to be supported by Jaime Chik (戚美珍) and a friend to get into his vehicle.

Eric and a few other celebrities who attended the wedding banquet that night were sent to the police station to assist in the investigation.

Eric, however, did not seem to be too dampened by that night’s events, and went back to work the following day to film for his new Lunar New Year film. When asked by reporters to comment on Kenny’s slapping incident, Eric refused to comment, “Right now is really not a good time to respond; I have no comment.”

Eye Witnesses Did Not See Any Slapping

Guests at the wedding, Carlo Ng (吳家樂), Janet Chow (周家蔚), and Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) stated that they did not witness any slapping confrontation and hinted that Kenny Wee may be lying.

Janet Chow said, “I saw the news video clip online and laughed. I did not see Kenny Wee drink that much and do not know why he would be vomiting. I felt the entire incident is very fake. I sat there the entire night and did not see any conflicts erupt. The reported news is very exaggerated and unbelievable.”

Oscar Leung said, “Maybe Mr. Wee is too stressed; he may have persecutory delusions. After I sang my song at the wedding, I left for filming. I absolutely do not believe that anyone hit [him]. I only know that he is Suki’s husband and that he likes to create gossip, perhaps to make himself more newsworthy. I’m very surprised he is a businessman; why did he make it as if he works in the entertainment industry?”

Eason Chan’s Idea Backfired?

The drug scandal took a great toll on Eason and Hilary’s relationship. Eason was reportedly very upset with Hilary, and also threatened divorce. Hilary left for Tokyo in a rage, and spent over $500,000 HKD shopping. According to various tabloids, Eason is extremely heartbroken with Hilary’s behavior, and asked help from Kenny Wee’s friend so the two parties can come together for dinner to solve the issue in a private and peaceful manner.

Other tabloids claimed that Eason asked help from Eric Tsang, who convinced celebrities Michael Miu (苗僑偉), Edmond Leung(梁漢文), and Josie Ho (何超儀) to join a “counter-strike” movement. The reports further claimed that Eric advised Eason to release a statement to denounce Kenny’s actions, and then have their lawyers to handle the matter.

Video News Coverage

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Source:, Sing Tao

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  1. If he’s got a video, hand it over to police. Otherwise, it really does look like he’s trying to seek publicity.

  2. From Oscar’s words Kenny seem to lie and love to create publicity. Janet also imply the same.

      1. Suki got pregnant shortly after they started dating so they had to get married. Not sure if she really knew his personality yet. Even if he’s a jerk, can’t change things now.

      2. 5 times in 2 years ain’t that bad. Anyway, even if he has been convicted of assault once, doesnt mean that everything he says is a lie.

      3. I guess he can,t say a word who’s the 5 PERSON is otherwise his a dead meat cos celeb underground will do staff to him ,So Very disappointed with this Eric, we thought his a great men but turn out to be a piece of crap and by the way who dare to weakness Eric slap Kenny if is happen, come on who dare …..

    1. i like oscar as an actor, but i don’t think he should be so vocal about someone he doesn’t really know just to cover up for his boss. Think about it Kenny can’t be that stupid to make such claim & everyone knows Eric Tsang has a drinking problem. I don’t understand why people are attacking Kenny, I don’t know him but I can tell you that I would have done the same if a bunch of people come to my business and cause trouble…and doing drugs on the premise of my business…for sure anyone would of/ should of done the same.

      1. completely agree, if he owes a business and does not wish to cause harm to his business and environment why is it NOT right for him to call the authorities even thou the known suspects are celebrities? so what if they are celebs, break the law live w/it if someone reports them esp if they are doing it in public.

      2. First off, it’s would have, not “would of.” Otherwise, really great comment!

  3. What bunch of bullies!

    I hope the police arrest the Midget and his sidekicks Oscar and Edmond, and toss them into the cellar.

    1. Oh, well said…….I never really liked that overweight midget who thinks he’s the king of the whole entertainment industry…..hope he gets charged with assault so that the whole industry knows what an a-hole he really is…..If I was Kenny, would have slapped him right back.

      1. Kenny shouldn’t. If he did, he also committed a crime, and he would not be able to sue Eric Tsang for slapping him. Kenny Wee was very sensible for not fighting back.

      2. Exactly, he always assume he’s the Tai-Loh of the Showbiz Industry.

      3. Quite agree with you. He always try to portray himself to be the good man but I bet he has a few skeletons in the closet.If the drug incident in the restaurant is true then Kenny is absolutely right to report to police. So dont know why other stars are meddling, just let the police do the work. However do feel that Kenny and Suki will ousted by the entertainment world as its a small world

    2. agreed! seems like everyone is trying to cover-up for those involved just because the others are their buddies or have gave them opportunities in the industry. Seriously, if they value those ppl who are involved as friends, the wise thing to do is to advise them to check into a drug rehab to combat their drug addiction

      1. i agree with you totally, trying to cover up for these young celeb is not really helping…unless someone is profiting from them for doing drugs…really makes you wonder.

    3. The Midget, Oscar & Edmond?

      That sounds like HK’s version of the Three Stooges. LOL!!

      The HK entertainment circle is such a f^cking cesspool.

  4. I just hope that Hong Kong police will do a thorough investigation. No need to blame any party. If Eric Tsang slapped Kenny Wee, he deserved to be punished by law. I know a lot of celebrities respect him and would cover it up for him, but there is no justice.

      1. Yeah, you are right. I should have quoted “RESPECT”. Many celebrities just want to “kiss” his a$$ so that they will get more work in the entertainment industry.

    1. What kind of punishment can he get for slapping the guy? There’s no injury so is the case really that serious? Do the police have to arrest and charge assault every time someone gets b!tch-slapped?

      1. The law goes by the principle that every individual’s body is inviolate. Not sure bout HK, but in UK, even touching can be constituted as battery. So yeah, Eric can be charged for criminal battery since Kenny never consented to being slapped.

  5. If they had drugs maybe it is wiser to advise them to go or drug rehabilitation rather than pointing fingers. Eric can do with some alcohol rehabilitation.

    1. i agree with you. these spoil young celebs with too much money and no proper guidance is recipe for disaster. i hope they get help.

  6. First of all, if the various reports about hilary are true, then Eason should jus divorce her before any further damage is done..I can’t accept de fact tat she can still spend so much in japan even though she may be in deep s..t! Clearly she is not remorseful at all, more like taking it out on Eason, as if he is at fault…

    1. Well this shows that their marriage is on the rocks, that is if the report is true!

  7. of course they didn’t seen e.t. troll slapping, afraid of losing their jobs after reveal the true.

  8. if i was oscar in the same position, i would have done the same thing. both guys were drunk, what could would it be for oscar to say he saw eric slap kenny? it’s a very minor assault that will get dismissed in court. i’d stick to eric if i still want a career … eric has gained too much power over the years. now is not the time to be the hero.

    as for the drug incident, a lot of celebrities are upset probably b/c everyone is getting questioned whether they are truly as innocent as their PR manager has portrayed them to be.

  9. I don’t get all the hate for Eric… There isn’t even any concrete backing to prove that Eric slapped Kenny or for that matter, if he even got slapped at all. Oscar and Janet state that they didn’t see anything and they get bashed for trying to cover up their boss. On the other hand, were there even any eyewitness besides Kenny’s wife to prove that he got slapped? Personally, for a guy who called the police 5 times in 2 years, I have my reservations about his credibility.

    1. He owns a restaurant in HK…I’m surprised it not more than five times lol…you know how much crap goes on in restaurants?!?

      1. Maybe so. But what is the evidence of this supposed “assault” case? Any eyewitnesses, recordings? Ok even if he was assaulted, was it definitely by Eric? And he persists that he has the video of the celebrity drug incident. What video? As long as he does not turn in the video, he will just be seen as an attention seeker without any credibility.

      2. @chips
        He already turned in the video to the police. I don’t know why it’s taking so long for the police to arrest those five people.

      3. *corrections
        He’s turned in the cctv but police is still investigating.

  10. does anyone know in those 5 times, why did he called the police? his shop got robbed?

  11. I never like this shortie super trio show host, he thinks he’s all that and i think most ppl SUCK UP on him b/c of his connections to the industry so even if they know hes a piece of s…. they dont dare comment on him. but i just watched a video on utube from sam lee’s. He sounds sincere and flat out denied it ever happened n he said something really interesting, that how come this kenny dude didnt call the police on that particular n had to wait for so long n such n such…which is also quite true but then again this kenny dude, what would be his motive n making this up thou? i mean really for publicity as they all claim??? n then that oscar leung dude is trying to say this Kenny dude has illutions or just paranoid in everything so he’s got issue. this oscar leung, only recently he’s got some exposure n popularity so if he’s not sucking up to the shortie i dont know what he is doing and stating such remarks about someone he does not know. he himself said he only knows the kenny dude as suki’s hubby so that mean he does not know him well, he should have shut up i/o sucking up to the higher ups

  12. I’m really disappointed to hear this of Eric… very. Physically attacking someone doing the right thing? Threatening him? I’d press charges myself.

    As to no witnesses… given Eric’s standing in the movie making industry and the fact that if someone DOES speak against him it likely means damaging their career, why am I not surprised no one saw anything?

    Corruption, thy home is the HK television/movie industry.

    1. At the moment, we can never be too sure whos right or wrong. The article mentioned that Eric and other celebrities were taken for questioning; if there was an assault, did it have to be Eric who was the aggressor? Also, was it an assault or rather a scuffle between 2 parties in that both engaged in physical contact? Other articles seem to describe it as so.

      In fact given that Kenny has a past history of assault as well, to what extent can we trust that he was not getting physical himself?

      Either way, there are just too many possibilities and I just feel that the hate for Eric is unfair. Isn’t it always the case where the defendant is innocent until proven guilty?

      1. Not surprised that Eric Tsang slapped Kenny Wee after the wedding. First he gets drunk all the time. If he was drunk, he could have done anything. Secondly, he is a very emotional guy and he always thinks he is the BIG BIG BROTHER to protect his buddy artistes in the entertainment industry.

  13. Does anyone know what exactly Hilary said about Kenny Wee in that post?

  14. LOL,loving the photo of Eric Tsang, gives this article more relevant haha.

  15. If people like Janet Chow and Oscar Leung are coming out against Kenny when they are not even implicated, it’s pretty clear Kenny is not well liked. At this point he better show some kind of evidence or he really deserves to me slapped by Eric (if it actually happened).

    1. Janet Chow is Timmy Hung’s wife, and Timmy Hung is a big friend of Eric Tsang who is like a godfather of Timmy. Of course Janet Chow has to do something to defend Eric Tsang. Perhaps she missed the slapping scene. Oscar Leung is a smart cookie and he knows he will have more opportunities in the film industries if he defends Eric Tsang.

  16. Given the scenerio that the victim made the police call and landed with sustained injuries in the hospital, reckon that ugly old toad with the shrill mickey mouse voice is the aggressor, acting and showing off like a taiko trying to protect his ball carriers.

  17. Out of topic, but the way Hilary & the other lady look in the above video clip creeps me out…. Looked like hooker ghosts from horror movies trying to reel in victims.

  18. I’m trying to understand exactly how deep and dangerous this thread is – if celebrities were taking drugs – the police will want to know where the drugs came from – and who would be affected by that – also it goes without saying the real person being protected is Stanley Ho’s daughter so that is another bigger can of worms.

    so people are on drugs – they lose their fans, lose their source of income – but the drug dealers would be involved … are the drug dealers putting the squeeze on their most powerful longtime customers to step forward and close this matter – because it’s about the videotape NOT about Kenny Wee – he’s basically a bystander.

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